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  1. I'm CGI artist, but can't joing now because RL, maybe later on game
  2. Hello rich guy !! and welcome to our space and time !!
  3. Man .. its not about me wanting PVP or not..... what i don't want is a game that have the potential to be the best game to be in... become a gankers "theme park" (since you used this term), I want a place where ppl can play and roleplay, a game where you can met ppl and don't need to kill or be killed at sight ! A game where you don't lose everything you spend days mining a cold asteroid dust because a random player found you there and shot on sight besides land his ship and have a beer ...... So thats why i think some kind of Law must exist, and players that have a bad conduct must be punished some way.... thats is
  4. If any one can put bounties on any one, lots of good ppl will be unfair targeted ... Is there is not a PK system, there should some system that make the a player think twice before go out kiling everybody and shoot before talk every one he finds on his way And now i'm talking about game play mechanics... games with PK system use to enforce ppl to talk before shoot. Use to be nicer to play, when you find some one "in the wilds" or some one finds you, the players use to get close, and talk, many times they fight for the resource or spot. but some times they becomes friends. Even when they belong to enemy factions. On Lineage 2, when a player get close to other, and if they are neutral, they use to chat, and most of times get to an agreement about both stay at same place and team up to get the resources of that place. I knew lots of nice players on the fields and made some friends. All "free to kill" approach use to incentive all players shot on sight as powerful as possible, no matter if his a nice person or not, games like this use to becomes a barbarian jungle where everything that moves want you dead and a gankers play yard... On ESO, at PVP zone, ppl jump on you on sight, no matter if you are doing quest of grinding resources.... I'd never talked to no one on the fields, its kill or be killed .. and it sux !! A kill or be killed system works for a full PVP game, Like a battle roialle game, where the Highlander way is the law... Not not for a sandbox or mmo a game where every time you dies you lose everything, you drop all your gear, lose your ship, and re-spawn naked on the other side of the galaxy... the only type of player that loves free to kill are those that loves to kill others and don't care to dye a lot, most of times use lame equipment, and only plays with big ganking groups.... .(and when he logs in alone he never left the safe zones...)
  5. I think you don't got my idea .... I'm not proposing a new system ....I like the Kurock's system.... "This is a broad outline of a system and definitely still needs details filled in" thats where my ideas goes to !! like 1- you got the random bounty from the system (you don't know the name or exactly location) 2- Some sort of compass (maybe on your scanner) points you towards a direction, and once there, it shows you the approximate area where your target is 3- Once in th area, then you and your friends, that doesn't know the target name or appearance, start to scan ppl around, in close range, until fond the target Remember what you said ? Since we don't have any NPCs on DU, how and for who the hunter will ask for clues ? Normal ppl can scan other nearby, not looking for bounties but to see the person status, if hes trustble and gossip (other players comments on that PC) if the scanned PC have a bounty on it, the scan shows a tag "wanted", just that..... so with this information now the 3rd player can sell or tell this information, to the hunter or to a local (spy) guild acting like the "bartender" you spoke about it.. ----------------- and I didn't missed up the morality point.... in RL morality is a 2 side view and complex stuff etc... but luckily this is just a game... \o/ thats why i said about "I like PK system". Inside a MMO morality can be simple with a Player rate system (i think i will open a new topic about that) but for short answer, if you go thr and kill a random peaceful miner or other random PC that was living his life, you got a PK status, if you have PK status enough you are a criminal..... and other ppl (maybe the one you killed or his friends) or any Org can put a prize on your head, using the bounty system. if you have a very high PK score, the system open a bounty on you automatically, thats make the bounty system aways running even if no player goes there pay for no one's head. Thats where i think a tax on the moment you accept the job must be applied, otherwise all players will get to the system and sing as many bounties as possible just for "if i cross with a wanted guy i can get easy(or not) money) Charging a flee to sing in a job will enforce just the guys that make their lives as bounty hunters to get the jobs from the system.... It goes no where, the tax will be used to feed the system.. for its functionality of auto bounty on players with to high PK or criminal stats.... (also at any time any game system charge players with money flees, and can't return that money, a lottery system can be implemented, the money never disappears)
  6. I Love the PK and APK systems, its fun, fearsome and part of MMO culture ... My Ideas are: Any one can have a Scanner (glasses, watch, tablet, saiyajin scouter, etc .. ) Once you scan a random person you can receive some information about him, System generated: Good or bad reputation... and some stats about him Player generated: rates and comments (gossip) about him once his bad reputation reach some level his considered a criminal and can have a bounty assigned by any one, person or corporation. if his bad reputation get high enough, he become considered a most wanted and th system automatically assign a bounty over his head. once a person scans a player that have a bounty on his head, the scanner will alert and show a basic info about his crimes (previously setup by the person who initially put the bounty). So when some one finds a criminal, he can act as the "tavern man" and tell or sell this information to the bounty hunter that is searching his target nearby. Also the Hunter can bring his hole crew to scan as many ppl as possible to ensure the target does not scape... About penalty, after lose one contract, i don't think hunter suppose to lose skills or win a debuff, since when you lose in fact you learn, not the opposit. Bu i think there must be a tax, payed at moment you accept the contract ... Like you choose to accept a contract for $Un 10.000 you must pay 10% of it, as a tax to subscribe on this hunt.... All other hunters that accept this contract must pay the same, (and you must be informed by the system how much hunters are already chasing this target). Once any hunter gets the target, all other hunters automatically receive a message informing that this hunt is over and he loses the 10% he payed before. the same occurs if he pass to long time after the target, when the time is up, consider that the criminal has scaped and the hunters are automatically removed from this contract and he doesn't get refund of that 10% he has payed before. For the criminal, all times he evades from a hunt, he can win some "prize", in this case yes, maybe one month buff for some skill and have his "bad" reputation lowered for a certain amount, that maybe removes him from the bounty list margin.
  7. Not to much but not so few, there has to be some complexity, and certain level of realism, now enough for you to need a bachelor to understand not not like primary scroll clay toys.... Factory setups are a fun part of the game and a kind of PVP, since makers would spend hours trying to achieve the best setup as possible to gain production with a very clean and optimized factory. Also not everybody needs to craft or refine mats, its an MMO game, ppl that don't like to craft or refine mats will be at fields piloting or fighting PVP
  8. Nice, but IC2 is only the base, i hope they research and test a full industial minecraft modepack, Specialy with Applied Energistics, Thermal Expansion, logistic pipes, and so on... Tthere is a lot nice industrial and machinery mods that can be applied to refine steps, processing, transport, plant and crop, it makes minecraft becomes a great game and so can help inspire DU devs
  9. I think if we have the right tools to work with the voxels, and refine the shapes and group things together Allied with a PBR shader where we could have some basic procedural nodes and upload some Photoshop made textures, we could rival with star citzen. I think it could work something like: lets suppose i create a ship made by lots of my own premade blueprinted parts, panels, monitors, engine, scripted doors, etc.. All grouped together with the basic function blocks for energy control etc... On each part i could have a PBR shader (Albedo, Metallic, roughness, normal, AO) that controls how the stuff looks like... this shader can be divides in 2 parts. Server side: I paint stuff with plain colors or use some textures that are built in the game, with this all PPL will see my ship on the same way. Client side: I could have the option of does my personal textures on PS, and move to a game's folder, when i load them, this textures could replace the retail one only for me. All the other player would see the default less detailed textures, but I could see real ons if i sell the ship i'd send the ship's texture pack with it. also if I want some friend to see my ship as it suppose to be, i aways can send the texture pack to him.....
  10. I'd like to see some mix of Industrial craft 2 and Applied Energistics 2 I think DU can learn and improve a lot Minecraft's industial and energy systems
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