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  1. A new point to this that was brought up from a different problem that I would like to add. there was the intriguing idea that to encourage people take territory, add another faucet to the game's economy, and give more uses for higher tier ores we could have TCU's actually generate quanta (or a resource to be sold to a bot for quanta) instead of having a Tax they would become sources of income by burning T2-T5 ores for quanta over time. This makes land valuable for the sake of having land and could be implements alongside or as an alternative to the ideas above. In addition there is the sugg
  2. You would claim territory by taking a TCU, but this way you'd get more than anyone one Hex, but all hexes that TCU controls, thus making it a bad idea to use one TCU to take tons of land. An area without pvp would be a safe zone in itself, as to take a TCU a reinforcement timer of 12-36 hours would be initiated before anything could be contested. When two TCUs fight for claim over one Hex, the one with greater claim strength will take over, which would usually be there closer one. The TCU cost would be the same as it is now or cheaper, as fuel some material
  3. Territory Control And Warfare A vision of how Territory warfare could exist in Dual Universe Preface Territory in Dual Universe can be claimed, but to simply claim territory that can be quickly mined out is not sufficient with how large planets are in Dual Universe and how expensive Territory Control Units could be. In this post I will outline a system that would encourage players to build and maintain territory units in a fair manner without requiring millions of people to be playing the game while being able to scale to millions of people playing the game. Expanding Ter
  4. Cybrex Welcomes you into the Collective fellow human. We are all are one with Cybrex
  5. discordauth:XJlOPUbwCv2Vg5df0cVt-V6VXwL26SO_DuMPnQTx_Hc=

  6. I doubt alioth would ever be depleted entirely, even if it got close they would make minerals regenerate for the new players, not valuable ones, but not useless either
  7. if this is true they are a solid 4-5 years behind DU right now. But it won't be in first person and i kinda doubt the world will be editable
  8. Vote! Vote now! Dual Universe must win poll for reward! http://massivelyop.com/2017/12/22/massively-ops-best-of-2017-awards-best-indie-or-crowdfunded-mmo/
  9. I intend to gauge all my ships on the required crew to fly them. Since I believe that is what is going to effect a buyer's decision the most.
  10. I'm sure the community will come up with something, but this is all further down the line, lets wait until we have more information on economy implementation before we touch any of that.
  11. Well you see, that's where you are wrong, we have a perfectly working community page. In theory, with that you could build an api, but no success yet.
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