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  1. BliitzTheFox

    I am human

    Cybrex Welcomes you into the Collective fellow human. We are all are one with Cybrex
  2. discordauth:XJlOPUbwCv2Vg5df0cVt-V6VXwL26SO_DuMPnQTx_Hc=

  3. BliitzTheFox

    Human effect on planets

    I doubt alioth would ever be depleted entirely, even if it got close they would make minerals regenerate for the new players, not valuable ones, but not useless either
  4. BliitzTheFox

    Competition announces itself.. "EVE 2" is coming

    if this is true they are a solid 4-5 years behind DU right now. But it won't be in first person and i kinda doubt the world will be editable
  5. BliitzTheFox

    Second Place is not good enough!

    Yessss, ED cannot win
  6. BliitzTheFox

    Second Place is not good enough!

    Damn it ended already, spam their comments!
  7. Vote! Vote now! Dual Universe must win poll for reward! http://massivelyop.com/2017/12/22/massively-ops-best-of-2017-awards-best-indie-or-crowdfunded-mmo/
  8. BliitzTheFox

    DU Discover DU

  9. BliitzTheFox

    Ship Class naming standards?

    I intend to gauge all my ships on the required crew to fly them. Since I believe that is what is going to effect a buyer's decision the most.
  10. BliitzTheFox

    Data send outside the game

    I'm sure the community will come up with something, but this is all further down the line, lets wait until we have more information on economy implementation before we touch any of that.
  11. BliitzTheFox

    Data send outside the game

    Well you see, that's where you are wrong, we have a perfectly working community page. In theory, with that you could build an api, but no success yet.
  12. BliitzTheFox

    Data send outside the game

    Wait you haven't made your api yet? I thought all the orgs would.. nevermind.
  13. BliitzTheFox

    Space is Hard?

    Don't forget you can always buy the parts off the market. Or perhaps steal them... We will see.
  14. 7700k would be very fine for the game and all other games, dont get me wrong