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  1. Sky Asa

    The Outpost called Zebra

    Well done in this one. I loved it. When is the next release?
  2. Sky Asa

    HI everyone!

    Nice to meet you, CMDR Sociopath42. I'm CMDR Sky Asa from The Fatherhood, currently staying at LHS 197 but from Hajangai.
  3. Sky Asa

    HI everyone!

    o7, Commander. Are you from Elite? XD Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your stay.
  4. Sky Asa

    Hallo und Hello

    I heard of half elves before but this, half bot...looks good. Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your stay.
  5. Sky Asa

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome, Jarvis. Hope you enjoy your stay (p.s Mr. Stark is looking for you.)
  6. Sky Asa

    The Story Begins

    Welcome, Divider. Hope you enjoy your stay
  7. Sky Asa

    How Would You Train your Armies and Fleets?

    Thank you, Kuritho. ❤️
  8. OwO also welcome to the forums, Bridget.
  9. Sky Asa

    Hi all

    Welcome to the forums, Akropolis. ^^
  10. Sky Asa

    New guy here!

    Welcome. Get your blaster ready.
  11. Sky Asa

    *Incoming transmission*

    Welcome to the forums, Sir Cat. Happy meowing.
  12. You, I love you. Agreed. If you don't know what you are doing and your organization isn't organized and planned, you are doomed to fail...miserably. ^^
  13. Try crafting an extra resurrection node while soloing. You'll know how fast or slow you are progressing compared to an organization.
  14. Sky Asa

    Survival Mechanics

    Zero Two = Best girl.
  15. Sky Asa

    Survival Mechanics

    *cough* Link *cough* Start?