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  1. Welcome aboard NQ-Naerais, may all our problems be your problems (and if all else fails, blame NQ-Nyzaltar ) Cheers CoreVamore
  2. Stop watching me sleeping! Damn BOO!
  3. Idea has already been suggested over a year ago ?
  4. CoreVamore


    Money is one thing, financial structures another, and government structures another. Im sure DU will provide a wide variety of systems in play, governed by the corps that create them. Pick a corp that works the way you like and go from there. ?
  5. Hate to say it... this idea, and ones like it, pop up every few weeks/months. Farming might be done at some point in the far future. Just dont count on it.
  6. Pretty sure NQ can track any exchange of quanta and resources at their leisure. They built the universe after all
  7. He/she who rules by the gun decides the rules.... now where did i put my gun... ? ?
  8. Injects Lua code into new financial system sending all rounding down proceeds to his personal account. ?
  9. Um... there wont be any weapons of mass destruction in DU. You may have to alter your plans somewhat.
  10. One persons civil core is anothers military core.... so its a pointless option/mechanic.
  11. Who ever rules defines the standard...... thats civilisation building
  12. Im from australia and i find most games are ok even on nternational servers. Generally lag isnt an issue for building type games. Might be an issue with twitch action games but ive played Eve Online, and as DU is meant to take cues from that then i dont see any real issues
  13. You logon to the du main website to download, not the forum
  14. *Runs his finger through Kuros silky hair* "Good girl, you have chosen wisely." *Slides the data crystal down along Kuros neck, shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist and into her hand, as he lowers himself to do so* *Whispers into her right ear* "There is a man who is about to complete the construction of a huge flying city, the cost of which has been the largest seen since the colony ship landed. Much of what he has spent has passed into my industrial company in one way, or the other." *Slides his fingers under Kuros chin, raising her eyes to his iron gaze* "Once this city flies away I will lose a large proportion of business. This is unacceptable!" "The mans name is Cain, Aaron Cain. Injure and hurt him, but do not kill him. His city however must be destroyed, totally, the civilian casualties are immaterial. As I said, who you kill may be friend, or foe........." *Slides an stylish, yet subdued, metallic choker around Kuros neck, clicking it into firmly into position* "This is the tracker, so big that nobody will consider it a micro tracker. Sometimes the easiest way to hide something is to put it in plain sight. It will also remind you who you work for, every second of every day." "Rise Kuros, you have work to do" *CoreVamore smiles knowing that his best customer will become a repeat customer, and Mr Aaron Cain has no idea what is about to be unleashed on him*
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