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  1. @geo you are single handedly turning DU into blade runner neon 80s.
  2. The PRF wants you! Help us design the new verse!
  3. Pantera

    Beware of your Chipset

    thats a sandy bridge, should be fine. https://ark.intel.com/products/52213
  4. Pantera

    Beware of your Chipset

    This. Please make sure that you are checking your hardware before committing.
  5. @Brimor (BiA) don't you know you're not allowed to have a sign in game that's not made by @Geo? Its law now. Others will be dipped in bacon grease and covered in crushed pork rinds.
  6. Don’t give @geo an ego boost. Please. I’ll never hear the end of it.
  7. @Geo make a sign thats a flaming outline of the boat!!
  8. Pantera

    Can we stream it?

  9. Pantera

    Realistic Building Materials

    What pretentious asswadd would make a flying wooden space frigate?? 😜 Yeah it wasn’t easy. The idea that propels the idea of “sci-fi” is that it can an is rightfully different. Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Treasure Planet, 2001, Blackhole, Bab5 the list goes on and on. Build sci-fi as you see fit. This is a game that is building civilizations and if I want my corner of the verse to be space pirates or space hillbillies then I can do that. Build something because you can. Don’t limit yourself. Good news is there is a silly amount of space where the space pirates and the space Romans and the space millinials can all have their own areas.
  10. Pantera

    Can we stream it?

    There’s good points on both sides really. I can’t wait to stream it. Even got me a 2nd PC and an Elgato ready to go but patient I will be:
  11. Pantera

    Can we stream it?

    I'm good with the current community digest. Let players capture the content and DU will distribute.
  12. Pantera

    Can we stream it?

    IMO it’s fine as is. There is no fault in a developer wanting a more refined product to show the mass public. The earlier you show a product the more chance you have of people bashing it in its current state because even with the amount of games offering alpha/beta access it seems to me that the general population has a hard time differentiating between alpha/beta and the final product. Even in its current state I’d love to show what DU can do. I want to stream it. I want to educate people on the mechanics and ... and well I’d like to show it all. However I can’t and that’s ok. Ultimately it’s the decision of the devs when I can stream it. The biggest issue I have is that people will “loose interest” because DU isn’t letting the public see what’s going on. My reply.. are your serious? Do you really want an alpha build to be the benchmark of the game and be anywhere near the final product? If so you are delusional. The current state of pre-release games has corrupted many players. Pantera
  13. Pantera

    Can we stream it?

    There's a valid argument for both sides. I'd LOVE to stream it now to show current people what I know and to show prospective people how nifty it can be. Ultimately I respect and understand the decision from Nova Quark to not lift the NDA. The Community Digest program is a good compromise allowing players to submit images and videos that NQ can then distribute.