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  1. Curves like these

    Oh the things I wish I could share
  2. Curves like these

    Oh Spider.. we defiantly are trying ol buddy ol pal.
  3. Virtual Reality Support?

    Only excites me if we can then use our virtual hands to mold voxels into pots
  4. Ahhh there’s the one that matters.
  5. Handmade DU Sign with LEDs

    Well done! <3
  6. You can be in more then one org. What was your Landmark name.
  7. We’re doing things with voxels! Have managed to confuse some people already.
  8. Is the Game Worth it ?

    I like building. I like building things with friends. I love showing off my constructs to others. I like screaming “for science!” as we try to break the game. I like figuring out what can be done and should different and passing that to Nova Quark. I’m ok with doing this once a week (for now). I like knowing I’m helping make this game better so it’s worth it to me. If you’re not that person. If you want a game that’s almost done then it’s not for you at this point.
  9. Game needs Digfighting

    Like I mentioned a few posts ago this is totally going to be The Expance. Computer targeted combat going 10-20kph. Small ships, I think, will be able to escape faster and are still fine as a personal transport but medium sized and highly maneuverable gunboat with well placed elements will be the most viable option In my opinion. I really like this. I do. Real space combat should be strategy and fore thought not who has the best HOTAS skills. Behold!! The best space combat sim! https://youtu.be/cZfsnA7dAHI
  10. Game needs Digfighting

    I picture space combat more like The Expance. Guided torpedos for range and tracking turretets for closer range. Maybe some flak style cannons.
  11. I’ve seen a slew of new people posting about their old Landmark days. There’s and org just for you. Also new org twitters @ProphetRocket
  12. Curves like these

    Don’t see any Fredelas circles. What kind of shop is that?!? Lol. We’re trying to get back into the voxel swing of things. Hit up / join the Prophet Rocket Foundry (full of ex-landmarians) and we can see about getting it done. We’ve got some stuff going on. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/prophet-rocket-foundry#tab-description