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  1. discordauth:g9uYmapWvy9dD3KCcSW5ONZ351P5iAqPNOGlzeVdN3s=

  2. Would be quite cool, but as Mucus said, there are aspects that need looking at, and I doubt NQ feel this is a priority atm. Maybe when we get closer to launch or soon thereafter. I still like the idea and would love to be able to!
  3. As said before: good work, Darksy
  4. I dropkick you and then destroy your book. King of the hill
  5. I sneak up behind you and push you down the hill. I brought my own book so I toss your book down the hill as well.
  6. TheEmpress

    Rogue AI

    I wouldn't be too surprised if a future expansion included Aphelia going "evil" on us. 10k years is a long time to be alone and the lore has hinted at some odd behavior from her, so perhaps that'll be a thing later on.
  7. Instinctively I'd say that the condensation will take place on the inside, but I'm not sure how the hole at the bottom will affect it. It might cause the temperature to be too equal on the in- and outside to cause any condensation to take place at all.
  8. Ah, I see. I've never edited a Wikipage before, but are you aware of a way this can be easily fixed? The text itself seem alright.
  9. I think the Wikipage might have been created a bit too early. Since the game's still in pre-alpha we don't (as I've understood it, at this point in time I haven't done any personal research on the subject) have enough external credible sources to fulfil Wikipedia's current terms of use (which aspire to a certain level of neutrality). As it stands it's more of "s/he said this and this, and claims that this will be in the game and/or will work this way" than actual facts, which is what I believe Wikipedia is taking issue with. When we have more tangible sources I don't think this will be a problem. I wouldn't mind helping out but quite frankly I don't know enough about games and their mechanics to feel comfortable taking on the responsibility, but I'm more than happy to help with proofreading.
  10. I'd imagine that "our" generation (the ones who were alive during the launching of the ships) would have lived in a society fairly similar to the one we're going to establish at the beginning of the game. More or less identical technology (unless some of it has been created by Aphelia during the journey), and factions doing their best to solve the various issues at hand. Probably some widespread panic and chaos from those who won't be able to get on the ships. Other than that most of it is pretty open for discussion it seems.
  11. I'd like to have one too Sounds like it could really help with bigger organizations', well, organizing
  12. Greetings! I'm the Empress, the Director of Crafting and Science in BMC. If you by any chance has the honour of being obliterated by one of our ships, guns, or otherwise destructive elements, I was the one to approve their creation. It'll be pleasure to get to know you all.
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