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  1. This is great! Thanks for all you've done for the community Yamamushi and good luck.
  2. Dual's going through Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes! So go on and turn the channel to Ark Central, it's time for your monthly recap.
  3. In regards to the concerns over the Odal (Othala) rune, I did base the original logo design off the rune, and elongated it, adding pointed tips to the wings to give it some distinctive features. At the time, I didn’t know that the rune had been associated with neo-nazi groups. I’ve more recently become aware of this and anticipated that it could become an issue. Clearly, our intention is not to promote these groups or their ideologies in any way. In the end, we went with the logo because of the aesthetics and thought it evoked the shape of a starship as @Shockeray pointed out. The logo has already become a recognizable symbol of our corp to many within the community, so our hope is that we can fully associate this symbol with our contribution to the world as a ship-building corporation in Dual Universe. We acknowledge the similarities, and ultimately it is at the discretion of NovaQuark whether we should be allowed to use the emblem. As much as the logo has become an important part of our identity, we respect any issues the others may find with it and are open to opinions on the topic.
  4. Some new forum signatures for ODY members to represent the corp. I had forgotten that signatures aren't currently available on the forum so we will have to wait a little before using these.
  5. The real purpose of Dual Universe. We wouldn't want lord JC's spaceship to lose power.
  6. discordauth:hWz-jw7zN_h4WgeAEPSYiDgfO50nBVR-CiRtksu4IKY=

  7. When your org is still in the Cinderfall Syndicate
  8. We are excited to announce that our new and improved website has gone public ahead of pre-alpha. http://www.objectivedriveyards.com/ You can read about the organization, apply, or simply stay up to date with projects. We plan to add more features in the future, so stay tuned.
  9. The Alioth Aerospace Expo now has its own webpage. There isn't much in the way of content yet, but it's a start. http://www.objectivedriveyards.com/aae/ If you would like your organization listed as a supporter (participant), join the Discord server and I'll make it happen!
  10. Kind of hard to explain why, but it still looks like something I would get into heavily for a few hours and then just never play again. I'm glad the people who did buy it are still getting new features to play with though.
  11. I've obtained a live feed from NovaQuark HQ.
  12. There are some guidelines for fan fiction here. I believe this should have [Non-Cannon] in the title.
  13. That's really beautiful. The neutron star shape is a nice touch. Would love a version without the logos on the bottom as well.
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