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  1. Any good free MMORPG?

    Agree, mostly when it comes to ground fight. The intensity and the size of battles is epic. If DU somehow get near to that point, we'll see great action, considering however that life in DU is something to really take care, not having the oportunity of reborn uncountless times as if nothing had happenned.
  2. Space music

  3. The Holy Space Empire

    hahaha all these subtleties make this game very attractive. As, for instance, another way to see, recognize and deal our limits and contradictions -and to show or develope our virtues aswell- in a safe enviroment.
  4. INA-CONAMI: Welcome to the neutral side in Dual Universe.
  5. hi

    Can't help it, you know
  6. hi

    Guess some people here ate the red pill...
  7. hi

    real like one feels himself to be, in a dream, before waking up?
  8. Hi mates!

    Hello Elobo - Hola y bienvenido - Welcome.
  9. Neutrality Signs?

    Yeah, just making them understand that harming neutrals is like having "Abby Normal" inside the head, because of the predictable consequences.
  10. Neutrality Signs?

    Even so, because the most comfortable and rested would be the politically correct speech. So thanks, for a little more of fresh air.
  11. Neutrality Signs?

    You're brave to talk like that. I take my hat off to that honesty.
  12. This looks interesting

  13. Another New Guy

    Well, this warm welcome actually costs 100 quanta (ingame money). Nooo, just kidding! Welcome!
  14. A half-man, half-bird can enter?
  15. They told me there are resorts for parrots, parakeets, agapornis, cockatoos and so on. So I'm packing.