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  1. discordauth:ZpkHzNJkcgc6z40M8V8ghSQjMJYsHjgiSM3hzAOr7Vs=
  2. CATS update: two new organisations joined Greetings fellow members of the DU Community. In the past few months two new organizations have joined the Confederation of Allied Territorial Sovereignties (C.A.T.S), comprised currently by a total of 24 member organisations (check our page description). Thus, now officialy, the two new member organizations are as follows: Stoa Galactia and Oracle. We look forward to help both valuable organizations reach their goals as new C.A.T.S members. With these organization
  3. as if nothing really matters ....
  4. Anti-gravity toilets onboard, please ... Otherwise it is a bitch.
  5. Because I'm easy come, easy go A little high, little low Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me, to me
  6. No escape from reality Open your eyyyyyyyes Look up to the skies and seeeeeee
  7. 1. Sovereignty Integral of Tilo (SIT) can be defined as a non-state socio-community, cooperative, associative, assambleary and self-managed micronation, within the normative frame of the Foundation Charter of Tilo. Article 1, Foundation Charter of Tilo. Community page: https://community.dualthegame.com/org... Discord server: https://discord.gg/Pj779nj See you in TILO For it's natural to share and grow together
  8. Celebrating the INA's First Year with 2 New Orgs on Board In these past few days the INA celebrates one year of life. We do it being the main, larger, neutral organization in DU, being also the first in its class to establish a clear definition and approach to neutrality. So thank you to each and every one of you, organizations and members, for sharing with us this constructive, peaceful and special approach to the game. Additionally, two new organizations signed the Convention of Neutrality and Mutual
  9. In my view, I couldn't have been more practical. And I mean every word I say. Because (lets consider only the possibility), if one would start from arbitrary or distorted assumptions about oneself, then the subsequent judgments would be neccesarily arbitrary and distorted. And those wouldn't lead precisely to calm and harmony. But, please, don't missunderstand me, it's only my view, that is such relative and partial as yours, like when you said -for instance- that my coment was "philosophical mumbo jumbo"... Which, apart from being your own subjetive view on it, is indeed a disqualifying com
  10. Hi Zephos, interesting all what you said. Now, we all know that we are. But, Do we REALLY know what we are? Then, the question is, for me, Do you know who are YOU, ACTUALLY? I mean, not the things you may believe or that you have been programmed to believe or the things you interpretate as real through your senses. Do you know actually who are you? And if you don't, then how true or reliable your impresions or interpretations about everything else will be? Having that said, i wish you good luck with your endevours here. Welcome to DU.
  11. The INA's MUTUAL DEFENSE PACT (MDP) A wide part of the organizations belonging to the Inter-neutral Assembly is also part of the Mutual Defense Pact (MDP), thus reinforcing the security, independence and military capacity of the main neutral interorganizational network in DU. This pact also constitutes a serious deterrence before any possible threat. Through the MDP points are established officially the details about the way in how the members would give support (militarily, material, economic, etc) to each one in case of attack. In this system are also planned regular traini
  12. The Convention of Neutrality and Mutual Improvement (CONAMI) was originally created and signed on May 19th, 2018, by 4 neutral organizations of Dual Universe. It is also the foundational charter of the Inter-neutral Assembly (INA), a supra-organization based in the CONAMI principles and articles. The INA is composed currently by 22 active organizations (more are in a process to join). The CONAMI is unique in Dual Universe, as it is the first convention and document of its kind, formulating clearly a notion of neutrality in the field of Dual Universe organizations, offering aswel the frame
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