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  1. Tilo's partners community expansion: Tilans, Tilkoop and Coi The micronation presents new social and bussiness features, options intended to boost the benefits, empowerment and enjoyment of its partners. TILANS Tilans are -properly- people from Tilo, meaning partners-members who are aswell part of Tilkoop (Tilo's cooperative), thus having the permission to reside in a territory or enclave belonging to the micronation, completely free of taxes. So, anytime they want, there they can build and own their dwelling, room, workshop or industrial warehouse. A tilan is also eligible by the Assembly to perform any position within the normative framework of the Tilo Foundation Charter. Being a tilan resident in Tilo is something compatible with being resident in the territories of other neutral organizations. TILKOOP and COI Every partner-member of the micronation can enter Tilkoop. Being associated to the cooperative, allows any member to be recognized as a tilan and a verified and reliable partner for commercial, industrial and business activities of all kinds, inside and outside Tilo. In the scope of Tilkoop, tilans can freely establish the agreements they deem appropriate among themselves. Within Tilkoop, tilans who wish may also be part of the COI (acronym term from cell-organ-individual), Tilo's own economic model, where in general terms, people freely and officialy agree on being mutual and preferential providers and clients regarding all kinds of materials or goods they may dispose or/and need at any given moment, at standard (or cheaper) market prices for each product. This is compatible with other simile agreements involving other individuals or organizations. Introduction to the COI Tilo's Biokoop or simply Coi is an inherent part of the micronational culture and idiosyncrasy; it's the tilans bio-cooperative, which they can use to boost their trade and increase their income -individually and collectively-, all in accordance with the common good, based on trust, mutual help and reciprocity. Conceived as a living systems system, where each part works -at the same time- as cell, organ and individual, Coi resembles the functioning of living beings or systems, both internally and externally, in interaction with other beings of their environment (of the same species, although not necessarily). In this way, Coi also reflects its efficiency, adaptation, optimization of resources, coordination, simplification of actions and, ultimately, efficiency and effiective results. If you're already a partner, contact Alsan Teamaro, or join Tilo to enjoy being tilian! 1. Sovereignty Integral of Tilo (SIT) can be defined as a non-state socio-community, cooperative, associative, assambleary and self-managed micronation, within the normative frame of the Foundation Charter of Tilo. Article 1, Foundation Charter of Tilo. Community page: https://community.dualthegame.com/org... Discord server: https://discord.gg/Pj779njļ»æ See you in TILO For it's natural to share and grow together
  2. Alsan Teamaro

    I now exist and did not before.

    Hey, Welcome Aptare, with that brilliant sense of humor, i couldn't help passing to say hi! Have a great time in the game. šŸ‘Œ
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    Nano/Viral Weapons

    And what about mutant weapons, biological lethal weapons? Just an excess of a rare substance in the blood of a pet in DU, and there you got it, gosh! The Mutant Spider Dog. Oh, let me get the f...ck out of here!! šŸ˜±
  4. Different attitudes here... I personally rely more in the constructive (and healthy) ones, anyway. Regardless what will actually happen with the projects. No one knows. But you can walk the way with the affine people you can find. Then, your possibilities to achieve things (individually or colectively) will grow up. That's my view. By the way, did you hear what the cowboy says?
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    A new era begins

    Hello bramse, just let the sunshine in, you know
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    Dropping in

    Welcome Geddon, only one question, were you human or cylon in Galactica (and what class of ship)?
  7. A little bit of common sense and, thus, fun... that would be much, more than enough.
  8. INA organizations signed a Mutual Defence Pact (MDP) A wide part of the organizations belonging to the Inte-neutral Assembly, have signed a Mutual Defence Pact (MDP), thus reinforcing the security, independence and military capacity of the main neutral interorganizational network in DU. This pact also constitutes a serious deterrence before any possible threat. Through the MDP points are established officially the details about the way in how the members would give support (militarily, material, economic, etc) to each one in case of attack. In this system are also planned regular training exercises and maneuvers to ensure an optimum operative capacity of the -official already- INA combined force, as a result of this MDP. The Inter-neutral Assembly (INA) is a common place and assembly for leaders of neutral organizations (each member, one vote), providing the proper, equalty and friendly enviroment to meet and colaborate together for common goals. Any type of neutral organization can become member through its leader, once signed the Convention of Neutrality and Mutual Improvement (CONAMI), which is also the charter of the INA.The INA has a clear vocation to promote, ease and coordinate actions, ideas and initiatives for the common goal of improvement, growing and development, in all areas (diplomatic, trading, industrial, building, tech, military, media, etc) between affine people. Twenty organizations currently are members of the INA. Website: https://discord.gg/a7Sypra Community page: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/inter-neutral-assembly INA-CONAMI: Welcome to the neutral side in Dual Universe. Current member organizations: Aion The Foundation of the Ancestral Flame The City Tranquility Tabula Rasa Sovereignty Integral of Tilo Nature Ace Tech Intergalactic Trade Federation Hilts Independent Contracting Eyes & Ears - Search and Rescue The Evergreen Republic Evergreen Industries The New Horizon The Order of Meru The Eden Republic Penumbra Free Racing Community DualCity Didact Development Group Dinamyc Aerospace Industries Diplomat: Aaron Cain INA staff server: Aaron, Al, Delo, Ninja, Ever
  9. Yeah, it makes all sense to keep sensible data out of non-friendy eyes, mostly in non-safe zones. Otherwise, it would be not enjoyable (nor realistic) for pvp gameplay. In the other hand, keeping hidden those data out of the screen will encourage people to design and fabricate tech to discover "mice" in their fields (and guns to remove them silently, too, haha).
  10. Alsan Teamaro

    The farewell song - Tilo lore

    šŸ™‚ Neither dope nor Hakoona. Anyway, I appreciate your interest. Thank you!