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    Haunty reacted to sHuRuLuNi in Love all the ship designs, but it's getting a little crowded   
    This is why I don't spam ads like that with my ships. If you want to buy my ships check my youtube videos and come to my territory - there you will find my ships - on MY tile, where they should be.
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    Haunty reacted to Kaly08 in DEVBLOG: DOCKING AND BOARDING REVAMP - Discussion Thread   
    Some week before, i said me "I hope one day i can dock my ship while im in piloting seat" and they du it! 
    Again à good improvement making the game going better.
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    Haunty got a reaction from Elias Villd in DEVBLOG: DOCKING AND BOARDING REVAMP - Discussion Thread   
    I think this makes sense now. Boarding parties aren't feasible without AvA and the speeds and rubberbanding involved in combat, will probably need a whole new boarding game mechanic to get around that
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    Haunty got a reaction from Shaman in DU Memes   
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    Haunty reacted to Lethys in Please Respawn ores   
    that's why there are safezones and tbh IDC how big they are. For all I care there can be a whole safe system with 20 planets to explore, build, casually do whatever you want.
    As long as 20 other systems are for territory warfare, pvp, juicy high tier ore and all that jazz
    Don't see the problem really
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    Haunty reacted to Squidrew_ in Why I think the nebula should be removed   
    I believe that the nebula skybox should be replaced with a realistic, dark and starry skybox, akin to the old one prior to Alpha 3. Here are my arguments,
    The nebula was originally introduced as an immersive way to increase ambient lighting in Dual Universe, making it easier to see at night. This is mentioned in NQ's Dev Diary on YouTube. However, this was nullified in 0.24 with the reduction of ambient light brightness.
    This is personal preference however I believe many will agree; the ambient light level does not have to match the skybox's brightness. For example, take this image of Pre-Alpha Thades. Its dark side is heavily illuminated, as I'm sure it would look on the surface as well. You'd be able to see. Compared to current Thades, I think most of us can agree that it still looks far better, and it could be taken down a notch if it's too bright. Additionally, with the introduction of the nebula, the atmospheres were changed to the same blue color we're all used to. I'm guessing this was done as a result of a technical limitation relating to the new skybox. So, think; If I'm right about this, we could have a Thades that looks like this, for example:

    Current Thades, for comparison:

    You see where I'm coming from?
    The way I see it, removing the nebula would provide so much in the way of fidelity, immersion and polish. It wouldn't affect gameplay either. Furthermore, I believe this change would solve many, many of DU's lighting glitches and "rough spots," at the very least making them look far better, and would provide much more polished lighting, both on ground and on a planetary scale. I simply don't see what the nebula adds other than style, but it sacrifices fidelity in a lot of key areas. Unfortunately I don't have any screenshots to back up that claim, so you're gonna have to take my word for it as an Alpha 1 player who knows how lighting used to interact with the old skybox.
    The nebula may be beautiful to some, but honestly, changing it would add so much in the way of polish — which I believe is far more important and is what this game needs right now. Not to mention, many people were dismayed at the release of this nebula, and I'm taking a wild guess by saying that most players would like this change. I know my friends and I would.
    Please consider this, Novaquark.
    Similar post by Mjrlun
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    Haunty reacted to joaocordeiro in Why I think the nebula should be removed   
    Could this be an option on the options menu?
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    Haunty got a reaction from NQ-Naerais in How can I change the DU cache location?   
    The cache path is actually set in the registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Novaquark\DualUniverse. I can't remember if I've ever changed it, but it might work.
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    Haunty got a reaction from ADCOne in How can I change the DU cache location?   
    The cache path is actually set in the registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Novaquark\DualUniverse. I can't remember if I've ever changed it, but it might work.
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    Haunty reacted to NQ-Naerais in THE FUTURE OF DU: COMMUNITY FEEDBACK Q&A   
    We’ve seen a lot of positive feedback following the release of our devblog series on the future of DU. We’re  thankful to our community for the great feedback and encouragement. We’ve collected what seem to be the most burning questions following the publication of the blogs and wanted to do a follow-up to address them the best we can. Not all questions have an answer at this point, and we’ll try to fill in the gaps as we’re able in future communications. 
    Are you going to launch the game in 2021? 
    Realistically speaking, we have too much to do with the time that’s left  this year to get to a state where we feel the game is ready for launch. Our current plan is “at some point in 2022”, and we’re targeting mid-year. That projection is tentative, depending largely on our progress and  the feedback we get from our community, so please don’t hold this as a commitment. It could be sooner, it could be a bit later. The state of the game will dictate the date.
    Why is the game not working on Shadow (cloud gaming platform) and do you plan to support it?
    We believe cloud gaming platforms are a great way to enjoy DU if you want to play the game but don’t meet the proper PC specs or want to benefit from the latest hardware improvements without investing in upgrades for your gaming rig; however, we need to clarify that we are not yet officially supporting cloud gaming platforms, including Shadow. Our releases are not tested on these platforms or Windows emulations on Mac and Linux, and we can’t guarantee compatibility at this point. The game is still in beta, and we are focusing our efforts on native Windows PC support.
    We plan to officially support these platforms at some point, and would like to ensure that when we do we are able to offer ongoing compatibility with adequate testing and collaboration with the platform holders to make a long-term commitment. 
    We recently started working with a cloud gaming platform in an official manner, and we are hopeful to announce our official support of that platform soon. In the meantime, compatibility with cloud gaming platforms can’t be guaranteed. We log bugs and look at potential quick wins, but we can’t commit to a timeframe for fixing them. Please also note that there is a waiting list of one year to have access to one of the machines of Shadow, which makes debugging all the more difficult.
    Will there be an updated roadmap?
    At the moment, there is no plan to release an official roadmap with dates. We tried to explain why in the three devblogs. We’re changing many things in the way we develop DU, and it’s hard right now to have a clear idea of our future velocity. We don’t want to give you dates that we might not hold. We think it’s more important to have the freedom to adapt to your feedback rather than trying to hit the dates on a public roadmap. We hope you will see this as a sign that things are changing for the better and that we’re being more realistic in our approach.
    Why don’t we have more frequent releases?
    Dual Universe is an extremely complex game to develop. Many of the systems we have already in place are interdependent, and changing or adding a feature has ripple effects on other features and systems both in terms of code and in terms of feature design. For example, RDMS has to be carefully considered in many things we do, as does  the role of organizations in the introduction of new features, etc. Most of the tech we use is custom and not off-the-shelf. It’s one of the secret sauces of the game, and it also makes features much more difficult to work on because we develop the tech AND the features at the same time.
    Now, with the introduction of the PTS, we hope to make more frequent releases, including releases of prototypes, such as the Lua technology for screen units. How frequently will depend on what goes in these releases and how much work needs to be done after we receive feedback from the PTS. We estimate that you can expect three to four additional major releases in 2021, and smaller releases in-between, but that’s only a ballpark estimate for now.
    What’s going on with long-standing beta bugs? Are you going to fix them?
    Yes we will fix them as quickly as possible although we aren’t able to pinpoint an exact date. Some bugs are easier to squash than others, and some even require a rework of an entire complete backend system to resolve. These processes need to be scheduled accordingly, also taking into account that we want to avoid reworking the same thing multiple times if we suspect that the development of an upcoming feature will force us to rework the same system again. The more critical the bug, the higher the priority. When we’re focused on fixing bugs,  that means we’re not working on the plan we presented to you, so it’s a balancing act. We wish we could give you a list of bugs and a timeframe for each one, but that would be highly unrealistic. These bugs are not being forgotten, that’s the best we can tell you right now.
    Can we expect a more frequent communication from Novaquark?
    We’d love to, just understand that the frequency of our communications really depends on the cadence of the game releases. The way it works is that as soon as the content of a new release is established (at least a content draft), we sit down and make a plan for how and when we’re going to talk about these features/this content. Often we have to wait until a feature is stable enough in terms of game design and/or coding to be able to talk about it or show it, as a feature can evolve a lot along the development process and the unfolding of our sprints. We simply want to ensure that the information we give you isn't misleading, as early communication means the end result may differ significantly once development is complete and the feature is released.
    So between releases, there is indeed a communication gap. 
    There are different general topics we could discuss between releases, but they wouldn’t really bring anything concrete to the table and that communication could be seen as shallow and vague. It’s actually an interesting topic we’d like to explore with you: what is it exactly that you expect in terms of communication? How can we balance having meaningful content to present with what seems to be the need of our players to see ongoing communication? Based on reactions we’ve seen in the past, we  believe that communicating simply for the sake of it when we have nothing really new to talk about is never well-received.
    What about PvE? Are you planning to add PvE features to make the game more varied?
    Our current focus is on enabling emergent content between players. PvE is not one of our priorities at the moment. This doesn’t mean that it won’t ever come to the game, but it is not going to be added before the official release of the game. That said, one could potentially consider the challenges that we’re currently working on as some form of PvE, though not in the sense that you’ll be shooting NPCs or wildlife.
    Will we see a return of NQ employee Interviews and AMAs?
    We would love to do things like livestreams and AMAs again when the time is right. We feel like these formats are better suited when there is a clearly defined topic to focus the discussion, such as a major release for instance. It is duly noted that these interactions with the community are appreciated, and we will include them whenever possible.
    You mentioned the changes in the industry gameplay, but it wasn’t clear if schematics will stay or go?
    The honest answer is that we don’t know yet. When we introduced schematics, it was a major disturbance in the forc… in the economy of the game.  We don’t want to rush into more changes after that, especially given that players invested a lot of hard-earned quanta in buying them. Removing schematics is ONE of the options we’re looking at, as well as changing their prices or adding more recipes. Reverting to the way it was before the introduction of schematics is also on the table. We know we want to do something with the current state of the industry to add back some of the fun that was taken away with 0.23, but how exactly we’ll do it is yet to be decided.  
    Is there going to be a wipe?
    We see that the debate on the topic has been pretty hot in the community for a while, and it’s about the same at Novaquark. We’re uncertain if the changes we are planning to introduce will require a wipe or not, and we’ve started (intense) internal discussions on the topic. Our priority is to try to preserve the time and effort that our players have put in the game since the beta started. Once we’ve got a better idea of how much the changes we discussed in the third  “Future of DU” devblog will impact the game’s economy, we’ll make a decision. If there is a wipe (and it’s a big IF), it may be a partial one only affecting certain aspects of the universe. Our  priority will be to mitigate the impact for long-time players.

    Join us in our feedback thread here!
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    Haunty got a reaction from Lethys in No NPCs = No Game; A question for the Devs   
    I think it is inevitable that they add more NPC/PVE content, they never ruled it out, but they still need to add the fundamental mechanics first, I don't see them putting any priority on it any time soon.
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    Haunty reacted to Shaman in Counter-arguments for NPC enemies in space.   
    A lot of you guys have been asking for NPC enemies in space to fight against. I see why you would want that added, but in my opinion they won't be worth the dev time. Here are some counter arguments:
    Novaquarks intentions with the game is to have a "common, shared virtual world, controlled by the players." Adding a second party of aliens / other humans breaks this rule. Unlike in EvE, movement is (relatively) much slower, which means that escaping danger is a lot harder, especially if you don't have much thrust. That may be good for PvP lovers, but could be an unescapable death sentence for unlucky haulers, which brings me to my next point: Having enemies scattered in space further encourages players to warp to their destination, making pirating (and counter-pirating) even harder since there will be nobody to fight. Even if NPC's are restricted to certain areas like asteroids will be, most haulers would rather warp than risk bumping into one and dying. With the way that PvP works, NPC's would have to match the damage of L cores if they want to have a chance against them, meaning that <L cores will have a hard time fighting , if they don't just simply die in one shot. The cost of running, fueling, and repairing L core constructs can cost in the millions, and so unless every NPC is carrying 10kl of gold nuggets or something it will be a net loss trying to fight them, not to mention the 50-100 million paywall to get a good L core in the first place. Unless you are in a specialised org, you will be mining for many hours to get a good PvE ship in the first place, so what's the point?  
    Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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    Haunty reacted to blazemonger in Farewell DU..When the VC takes control the end is nigh   
    Before making wild assumptions, please learn the concept of Venture Capital, especially vs Private Equity.
    PE is the kind of investment that will take control to split up and sell off parts of a company if it fails (or not, if the parts of the company are a better ROI than keeping it in one piece)
    VC is the kind of investment that supports and drives growth for (new) companies with eth goal of making them a success or walk away if that does not happen.
    Currently the only thing that is know to be true is that JC resigned and NQ is the new CEO of Novaquark. Anything else is purely speculative. The one thing that should not happen is for us to start writing off NQ and with it DU based on this speculation. That is a self fulfilling prophecy waiting to happen.
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    Haunty got a reaction from DiamondDog25 in Break the mega factory meta   
    Too grindy, that is a survival game thing not mmorpg. It would be better if we could upgrade industry units instead of deleting them, re-placing the new unit, re-linking it, etc. Also making adjustments to them like more efficiency at the cost of speed, more speed at the cost of efficiency, more of both at the cost of power when we have power mechanics.
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    Haunty got a reaction from NQ-Naerais in Break the mega factory meta   
    Too grindy, that is a survival game thing not mmorpg. It would be better if we could upgrade industry units instead of deleting them, re-placing the new unit, re-linking it, etc. Also making adjustments to them like more efficiency at the cost of speed, more speed at the cost of efficiency, more of both at the cost of power when we have power mechanics.
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    Haunty got a reaction from Holylifton in I'm about ready to uninstall this game...   
    Well if you're not having fun then why wouldn't you stop playing? I regularly take breaks to play other games between patches or just for something different.
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    Haunty reacted to LouHodo in naunet stepping down, my fairwells to a great CM   
    Just because a CM leaves doesn't mean the game is dying.  How many CMs has  CCP been through for EVE?  How many CMs has WOW been through?  How many CMs has Star Citizen been through?   
    It is a position that is very volatile and people come and go in it and move on to other jobs.
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    Haunty reacted to fiddlybits in Serious question. Did NQ give up on the community?   
    I try not to speculate on reasons or intentions behind changes, but yes interaction on the forums has gone down over the last few months. Social media posts on twitter/facebook are still fairly active. There has been a wreck event and share the love contest this year as well. It seems that the more interactive forms of communication (forums, discord/support, and interviews) have gone down while the less interactive more curated content (social media posts, events, devblogs, tutorial page) has stayed the same.
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    Haunty got a reaction from Atmosph3rik in Instant warp with 100% safety is bad for DU   
    The current state doesn't matter imo. We already know planet pvp is coming and interdiction at some point, just have to wait.
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    Haunty reacted to Lethys in This is how ...   
    Idk, never played any such game. I like the math and Layout calculations to automate everything. 
    In that regard, every game is just a "click here click there" kind of thing
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    Haunty got a reaction from blazemonger in Instant warp with 100% safety is bad for DU   
    The current state doesn't matter imo. We already know planet pvp is coming and interdiction at some point, just have to wait.
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    Haunty reacted to blazemonger in This is how ...   
    Dealing with exploits 101 .. NQPlease take notes here.. 
    Exploit Notification – Abyssal Siege Module | EVE Online
    1. Clearly state you know
    2. Clearly declare an exploit
    3. Clearly instruct to not use the exploit
    4. Clearly suggest pre-emptive owning up to using the exploit to soften/prevent punitive action being taken
    CCP posts such notes on forums and Twitter as their main two communication channels they are rather clear about expecting players to follow to be aware of announcements like this
    The keywords here being _clear_ and _communication_
    Now I _know_ CCP has data that shows them everything that happens in detail, upto when a player presses a button so they know precisely who uses the exploit and when. I do not expect NQ to have such deep telemetry (yet) but they will need to get there eventually.
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    Haunty reacted to Heartbeat1 in There are Still ways to Hijack Ships from Territorys   
    Hello Everyone,
    so one of our Members got a Problem two days ago.
    He was on Madis to Mine a bit, at the end oft the Day he leave his Ship on an Claimed Territory from him. At the next Morning his Ship was 30su away from Madis and was shot down. They looted an Warp Drive and three Territory Scanner. We dont know at the moment how they get the ship into Space. The Ship was shot by an Player Called Zelight who is member oft he org „THE GUILD OF CALAMITOUS INTENT“. At the next Day our Member and a few friends are back on Madis to mine.
    They were mining in an unclaimed Territory, after a few hours of mining he wanted to go Back to his Ship and markt hem via his core list. The Ship was 70km away, after an Force Respawn two of his Ships are parked in the middle oft he L Core called Reclination. This Ship was only Build to hijack ships and shoot them down in the PVP zone. The Ship got 6 Lasers and all are directed to the middle Plattform where the ships were parked. But there were no other Player on the Construct, so we think that the Owner of the Ship (Zelight) docked all the Cores fly it up in tot he Space, but in the Safe zone and logged out. After our Member got back to the Ship it was speeding up to 4000km/h. So we decided to let hiss hip fly into the PVP Zone and shot it Down.
    The Ship was originaly Build by an Corp called „Kori Design Studios“ which Superlegate is member of the SilverLight Industries. It takes around an hour to destroy his both Cores, but we beat one „Scammer“ boy and thats worth it.
    But NQ should fix these actions ….

    The Ship:
    The destroyed Ship:

     The Designer of the Ship:
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    Haunty got a reaction from Sabretooth in Community Wargames   
    I think these kind of events would work better if NQ put in an RDMS permission to allow actors to fire on a ship in the safe zone.
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    Haunty got a reaction from admsve in Community Wargames   
    I think these kind of events would work better if NQ put in an RDMS permission to allow actors to fire on a ship in the safe zone.
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