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  1. Knowing more about how the game mechanics are turning out I think this can all be done with an augmentation to TCUs. Why not have a TCU be a player bound incorporeal object. This would be their one and only TCU. Once put down it can claim adjacent tiles overtime either through UI or with a smaller TCU extender item (that can only be placed adjacent to TCUs). Each additional tile would get exponentially harder to claim and maintain. This TCU's territory could be committed to an org or the player. The main TCU can be destroyed but after a cool down period it can be placed on an unclaimed territory. I think this encourages orgs to control zones rather than a patchwork of individual tiles. It allows for more territory (zone) based game mechanics. Also, this would allow individuals to have atleast one TCU that they will have throughout therir entire DU career. Just throwing it out there.
  2. Scope creep. This game's focus is much more on the Civilization aspect of space. If you want survival there are about a 100 options for this. If you want it in space go to Space Engineers.
  3. Honor system among gamers. Nothing could go wrong
  4. For sure. I think simple tools can go a long way with our input and colaberation. It would be interesting of some LUA be used to augment city management.
  5. discordauth:yRnwUJ-IZ04Jv7dMBynGbw0rjsdXtZe2P5fWKNlLp6k=

  6. The TU is essentially a "city core unit" anyway, I am just suggesting a modified version of it or even just adding functionality to it to make city specific decisions. I think the only real implimentation I'm looking for is to give you sub-territory control via zoning and linking to choose how your city functions beyond territory wide rights and obligations. I would like there to be "good cities" and "bad cities" depending on the skill progression and strategy of the player/org.
  7. As far as physical objects goes it would just be a means to an end of creating a need for banks and bankers. I would say stocks could work in trade markets where sales, revenue and profits are already tracked. Whoever owned stocks in an org would get a very small percentage of the profits as long as they held shares in that org. It would look like a very small hidden additional fee on a sale or it is just taken out of the profit on each sale. This could also extend to "banks". Orgs could take out loans at a certain percent of interest and people could buy bonds based on that? When the org pays back the loan people get par of that interest. Bonds would get into a whole thing... What would stop them from defaulting. Debt collector org incoming...
  8. Thanks! As far as the difficulty of implementing zones... I would suggest using something based off of the "Line Tool" to create geometric area within the influence of a TU, STU or a large City core unit. Having these zones would allow for so much meaningful interaction on a city/nation level. Honestly it could also be done with a core unit ex. a "Trade Zone core unit" (trade centers, sales tax) or a "Mining Zone core unit" (mining rights, industry taxation) Each would give actionable options for the one running the city and for the one who owns the plot. The biggest unknown is the skill system and how diverse it will be. If there is a branch for trading, city buliding, industry etc... this should be possible but if it is just one tree that has linear tech unlocks maybe not. Let me know what you think.
  9. The only time you would need or want roads and bridges would be where poeple are in smaller vehicles or walking, most likely in a city. Otherwise poeple would only be walking in the game when mining/scanning. As far as making them within a city I would hope there is a "city core" that would allow you to build and link constructs that are within its sphere of influence. You would have bridge constructs, road constructs and building constructs etc... As far as flattening it you can do it by hand or maybe that "city core" slowly flattens area over a day or so? From my understanding the purpose or cores is mostly an interactive limiter. You just need a larger limiter that doesn't require physical contact for a city/public works.
  10. I was also expecting this is how large scale builds would work. Modular building pieces you could merg via linking new cubes to a central cube. I was expecting to blueprint a room and then duplicate it and repeat it throughout a larger building. This is especially useful in city scale construction.
  11. Hey All, I think DU is a game that could do justice to a system based around municipalities and governing. This may sound like an overreach of the free play nature of the game but I think the extremely capable playerbase will be hamstrung without these type of options. I will break it down some suggestions tier by tier: -Cities- (Mayorship) Facilities: city core unit, power, lights and respawn hub Commerce: unlinked market terminals and sales tax Zoning: city blocks, streets and zone based taxes, mining rights Policing: street level defensive structures for preventing violence in the city -Territories- (Governorship) Facilities: banks (terminals), warehouses (large vault style containers), trade hub (planetary terminals), planetary transportation Commerce: Import tax, city trade deals, industrial incentives Zoning: ability to claim adjacent territories with city progression instead of a physical territory units Policing: Major ground defenses to prevent outside aggresion -Planetary- (Lordship) Facilities: One specialized core unit chosen from a list (Large Scale Shield, Trade Center, Senate, Industrial Center), Spaceport (interplanetary transport) Commerce: Trade Center (interplanetary terminals), Org trade deals Zoning: Sanctuary zones, Conflict zones (within your influence and population) Policing: Planetary defense (Large Scale shields), Large anti-air defenses I know this is not all necessarily easy especially when you get to the Planetary tier. I believe some of the things in the first two tiers are very beneficial to having a meaningful player city experience. I would like to clarify a few things that may seem vague or odd. I know the idea of transportation hubs is odd when you have vehicles and spaceships but the idea is it to be a very fast way to travel from point A to B (at a steep cost) rather than physically traveling all that way. With such a large map this would incentive players to at the least pass through cities and traveling via personal ship would still have a place as you would only be able to travel with your character with this system. This would also generate a need for spacport adjacent ship storage. In my experience as a mayor in SWG this created a more interactive player population. Another thing that may seem odd is giving seemingly military facilities and roles to a municipal power but I tried to keep it to policing and defense as that is something a city does in real life. Lastly, I know some may see this and think this would take away the ability to build custom facilities and everything would become to uniform but most things in this list would be implemented into the game world via a core unit that could be supported by terminals and other types of units that would be linked to the core unit. Two examples of this would be a "city core unit" would be where you manage all of the linked city facilities including power, lights taxes etc... another example would be a "Trade Center" would have a core unit that would be required but then you can also attach additional terminals. From this you can physically make a voxel based building to fit whatever form you would like.This is just some ideas so please feel free to add or take away anything. The main goal is to keep it simple as I know designing and implementing systems like this is very difficult. Happy to discuss in the comments.
  12. Hey Guys, I am an old mayor/architect from Star Wars Galaxies. Some things that I saw player cities being popular for in that game were as follows: 1. A physical representation of Player Associations (guilds) aligning. Many PA Halls would be in a city together and usually those players would congregate in that area and place there homes nearby. 2. City facilities and recources inaccessible or inconvenient to access through single player progression and gameplay. As your city leveled up you could get a bank, skill trainers, market access terminals, respawn location and eventually shuttle ports and spaceports. Rapid transportation and respawning was huge. This acted as a tie to the rest of the planet and eventually the rest of the solar system. 3. Faction consolidation was also a big draw. If someone or a group of players were heavily into the Faction/PVP side of the game they could pool their resources and place bases and NPC defenders all around the city. These bases also provided places to get missions and served the dynamic look and feel of the city. 4. Wealth and power consolidation. Once your city had a decent number of residence you could have a actionable amount of money to put towards the progress of your city. it gave your city the ability to jump ahead if used properly. When your city got ahead and you were the first to get a shuttle port in your area this meant that traffic would be going through your city to get to smaller cities in the area. This meant more people buying things in your city and a direct influence on the cities around you. Thus wealth and power. Those are just the basics but the main thing that I hope DU has that SWG had but most games of this nature do not is systems that support non combat roles that are just as dynamic as combat roles. I loved that my only skills were Mayor/architect skills. Also in this game it has so much more potential in the aspect of scale and mass production of intricate objects and structures. Lean on that in my oppion. If I can place facilitiy hubs/cores and organize lots for people to build in I will be happy. I saw a Power grid being suggested. I love that kind of detail from a gameplay dynamics position as long as it isn't unwieldy and tedious. A core unit or a set of linked core units that have a sphere of influence that is upgradable as your city progesses would be enough imo. I would love to discuss any of this further. This is how I want to play this game and I am happy to help make it a great experience. -Skylark
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