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  1. This is all very nice sounding. Progression.. gameloops... these are the things we wanted to hear. Thank you! I hope you guys keep talking to us rather than having an unnecessary veil of secrecy going forward. Transparency goes a long way.
  2. This is going to be a bit of a rant and a apologize in advance but I have spent 100s if not 1000 hours in this game at ths point. You are going to have a very efficient, smooth running game that no one is playing if you do not add features. You are basically telling people to keep paying for a sub while you correct major backend mistakes and take away options that destroy 1000s of hours of player work in HTML. I understand the logic of fixing backend issues but why are you putting out two dev blogs about it? This was basically two devblogs making excuses for why development is so s
  3. I think the game looks and runs better in almost everyway. Sadly the exceptions make the game look horrific. Many metal materials have a weird glazed ceramic looking reflectivity. This has an especially bad looking result on Galvanized and Stained metals as they have a really extreme normal map that causes this glaze to look like metalkc leprosy. It seems to be most noticable during the day when the metals are reflecting the atmosphere. Is this a known issue? Is it going to be fixed?
  4. As it currently works you always warp into the planet safezone even to the outerplanets. If the planet safe zone is closer to the planet atmo or non existent it would help solve my problem with the current state of warp.
  5. For sure. Atmo pvp will change everything but that update is ... very far off based on the pace of NQ patches thus far. My concern is the game is basically at a complete stand still atm. Again, my opinion a big contributor to that is warp nullifying almost all PVP.
  6. 100% agree that just removing planet safe zones in PVP areas of space would likely fix most of the problem with warp in its current state. My list of suggestions could be as simple as just implimenting one of them to help the problems I have with warp's current state.
  7. Warp feels like it is in a good place to you because it is easy and overpowered. Just like the schematics nerf felt to industry. It was nessecary but most people hated it because they were used to doing it the easy way. I have warped heavy loaded ships before because I knew it was 100% sure thing that I would arrive at my distination without ever having the possibility of being shot. Depending on what you are hauling and your margins are it is totally worth warping for hauling. Now I doubt anyone is going to be warping full loads of gold but many other things are viable to warp/haul.
  8. I agree having to fly for five hours also sucks. One interesting thing would be to have different levels of warp. At max warp it instant but at half warp maybe it takes 30 minutes and slowest warp it takes an hour. Of course warp cell cost would adjust accordingly. My main point is thete had to be some gray zone between instant 100% safe warp and showboating for 5 hours and being vulnerable to pvp.
  9. When was the last time you had to fight off pirates when hauling? Never? Me too! When was the last time you slow boated? Alpha? Me too! Because I always warp everywhere without ever being in danger. Not good for the game.
  10. We know what the features are.. they are on the PTS right now. Unless hauling missions can only be made in pvp zones it won't help the issue I'm talking about very much.
  11. Agree this could be a solution. Just rying to push NQ to do something with the balance that can help right now with very little dev effort. All what you said above is cool for when they have time to make it all work. There are many solutions they can do down the road but they take time. Just some clever reblancing can help the game come alive. For now atleast.
  12. I agree with 90% of what you are saying but just blasing NQ I'm trying to propose simple solutions that give the most bang for their buck. Seems like NQs biggest hurdle is development time. Trying to suggest things that could make a big impact with just changing some numbers rather than developing new or better systems. It is obvious the game is half backed atm.
  13. This is a good solve too. Not sure about making slowboating the safe method. Not even sure how that would work.
  14. From what I can see in the current state of the game Warp's current functionality is clogging up the entire game. Here are my thoughts: The element degradation feature was added to the game to permanently lose items from pvp. This would make people need to replace items through crafting or buying them off of the markets. This is what the game needed to get the economy rolling. Unfortunately almost no items are subject to this degradation due to the fact that most people are warping with 0% chance of being in a pvp zone unless they choose to be. Warp in its current form
  15. @Naunet This is what I'm talking about. Nothing to do with God Mode official NQ accounts. Obviously no NQ God Mode account should be in an org. The fact that if someone is part of NQ (designing game mechanics) cannot really play the game as it is actually played by the community there is an inerrant disconnect. You will not get the real DU experience playing it solo. This creates a environment ripe for NQ development to be paper designs instead of taking into account how people are actualy using the game mechanics.
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