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  1. The same people who whined that scan results were going to be kept, will just whine again when the same folks who did the most scanning before, just beat them again. (Plus they kinda missed the point, that so many tiles won't be tied up anymore cos of taxes.) Changing plans a week before the update tho, with very little comms, was a bad idea. [EDIT: Well that moots everything. New scans don't work now anyway.]
  2. I missed this late change on scan results. A bit of a bummer, as I’d done a bunch of scanning recently to be ready for Demeter. Got up at 2:30am to check all my scans and they’re all gone. 😭
  3. That would just allow orgs to tie up resource rich tiles and sit on them till they're ready to mine.
  4. Easy to say if you're not a solo player who also spent months scanning.
  5. Agreed. Worst case, it doesn’t fix the frequent invalid voxels errors on large builds and all our in-progress builds trigger the magical complexity number meaning they’re nerfed, and can’t be finished. Best case: the invalid voxel error is fixed and the magical complexity value has enough headroom to finish the build. It really all depends how high this complexity figure is, does it scale off core size, and how it’s calculated (e.g.: does any irregular vertex add to the complexity ‘score’ meaning the limit can be triggered by any large angled plane?), whether this is going to be brilliant or terrible.
  6. TBF I didn’t do any terraforming, always expecting a terrain reset. But then JC said they wouldn’t wipe terrain and undo players’ hard work. So I thought, okay, I’m safe. Now we know nothing is safe.
  7. If they do respec, I hope they have a better way than last time. Just wiping all talents was a pain - trying to recreate the exact tree you had before so your ships fly the same, the same max core limit, etc. Mess it up and you're stuck. Ideally they could just roll back the one branch.
  8. Sure, they could have made ore shallower, in a single lump. Or moved it to the surface. Or, made super-large longer lasting asteroids. Or, allowed vertical shafts only to lower tunnel poly count. Or, just made old tunnels collapse. But it’s a bit like when there were problems with screens: instead of whacking moles to fix the issue, they chose to throw out 30 yrs of accumulated development by thousands of the smartest people on earth creating HTML5 and make their own API. Hubris? Maybe. Could fail? Sure. Annoying for many? Yes. But even when it hurts - creating rework, mooting practiced skills and systems for beta players - I still hope their ambition, their unorthodox experimentation, the bold strokes, pay off.
  9. Oh, PS: Since the only way to get dirt to recreate the terraforming above is to dig underground, I’m still going to have to dig underground galleries if I have to rebuild this. So maybe if you don’t want people still digging everywhere to get piles of dirt to terraform like this, give us a way to make or mine dirt.
  10. Hey NQ, This would be a great opportunity to finally fix static BP placement! All you need to do is make static BP snap to the construct you're on, the same way new cores do. [EDIT: Maybe also add a way to indicate which direction the BP is facing. Or an ‘undo’/quick demolish for when you place it facing the wrong way.] This will allow anyone who wants to relocate their base due to terrain changes, or to avoid having to redo their terraforming, to save their base as BPs, and relocate a multi-core structure (which is currently an absolute nightmare). I have my tower up on dirt piles, and a ramp. I don't really want to redo it all, but the geometry reset will leave my tower hovering in the air, inaccessible (and you've only built a tool for digging underground?) If you made it possible to snap static BPs to on another I could just drop it all down to ground level. Thanks in advance.
  11. Not sure if anyone has asked this, but can you pay territory tax in advance? Say, I'm going away on holidays and want to pay tax up front so things keep running. Will that be possible?
  12. Dude, I hope you're still playing - despite the fact the game's core players (those who love building stuff, amirite?) are feeling a bit side-lined in the last few patches. DU needs players like you, or the building engine/interactive environment is pretty pointless. What are you doing to stay challenged now? The whole tile management sitch is a pain in the tuckus. See also ex-players keeping their tiles, forever even if they never play again:
  13. A question for everyone: One of the guys next to my tile (I've tried contacting all of them, none are active in-game) is no longer subscribed. I know this, because he's the only one who answered my Discord messages - when he asked me to pay him, to sell me his tile, then pulled out of the negotiation saying he'd changed his mind, that it was too hard because he'd have to subscribe again to come in and hand it over. (Yes, I also offered to gift him game time to do it.) How many of the other tiles in DU are owned by people who are no longer subscribed, and not interested in logging back in ever? And should they be left that way, blocking us from expanding our bases forever and ever and ever? Stopping new players from getting good base locations. And stopping anyone from ever mining those resources till the end of time? Your thoughts?
  14. Certainly player owned markets would help, but I’m not so certain the mechanics aren’t there for the formation of communities - if only multicore structures weren’t made so difficult. The limited range on transmitters is one mechanic incentivising close coordination of multiple cores. Imagine multiple factories producing different components, owned and run by individual players, contributing to each other in close proximity and communicating on a commonly agreed transmission format. Shared libraries of territory scans. Shared fleets of ships for different purposes hangared with scripted access to hangars based on status, points or role - all of which could be governed by centrally transmitted player metadata. Shared access to space elevators, taxi services, market runs, DSAT, rostered tasks, intel, voxel libraries, banks, insurance companies… There are many reasons a co-located collective could run much more efficiently than one that is dispersed. These structures and the embedded infrastructure for communication and coordination, could then be replicated via blueprints and scaled in multiple strategic locations. Nobody is thinking this way yet because the blueprint mechanics dissuade it.
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