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  1. How do you deploy these when they exceed the 2000 char HTML limit?
  2. This is SO annoying. (A) The error message makes absolutely no sense and gives no indication what's really going on. (B) If you click the 'technical support' link it takes you to an article that tells you to go to the server status page that doesn't exist. Just sloppy.
  3. Tried 'Force Respawn' which took me back to the M1 starting pad. Tried again. Empty planet again.
  4. The whole Aphelia tutorial sequence is a headache. If you do something out of sequence (not in the order Aphelia asks) you have to undo/redo it to keep her going. Prime Example: I placed my Sanctuary Territory Unit before she told me to. Now she keeps saying she's waiting for me to do it, there doesn't seem to be a way to get her to realise I've already done it, and there's no way to rinse/repeat. So I just have to ignore her now. My question: Am I missing out on anything by not getting any more of Aphelia's instructions?
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