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  1. The 'reverse dispenser' that has been coming Soon™ for years - and receives goods and returns payment - would have been far more helpful. Not only could you effectively put up a 'buy' order at your own facility and have multiple players come and fill it, but even better, if it also accepted blueprints, we could have used BPs as tokens to make pay-outs for games, competitions, salaries, interest on loans, insurance claims, org dividends, maybe even an in-game share market. Huge missed opportunity.
  2. There are loads of ways NQ could have kept the ‘magic BP’ promise. Make them: - One-time-use with no removal of parts/honeycomb, or deletion on removal - Manual request as above - 1 repair ‘life’ left on elements - Honeycomb only - Static and space only But that’s not the whole problem. It’s the pretending they never promised it that’s even more concerning: Stage-managing us instead of just being honest. And muting those who remind them of it on Discord.
  3. I used to like the Discord, but I just got banned for sharing a NQ forum post - despite it not being about the Alpha, and the NDA having been lifted 2 yrs ago:
  4. Agreed. The reasons for the wipe are so vague: - They want to do another terrain reset, fine, no reason not to give the promised 'magic BPs' or just reset the terrain like last time, and let us decide whether to move/rebuild. - They want to declutter the world of abandoned constructs? As above. Not a reason to stop active players from rebuilding, and not give us 'magic BPs'. (Plus, the clutter only happened because they gave everyone HQ tiles even if they were unsubbed.) - They think new players prefer to start on an empty world? Speculation, and flawed - per your comments above. Also, making it painful for active players to rebuild only costs active players. - They want to fix exploits? NQ-Deckard is on record previously saying exploits were all corrected and a tiny part of the economy. There's no stated reason that goes to the reversal on 'magic BPs'. The only other possible logic is the fear players will stockpile mats/elements in 'magic BPs' which could easily have been addressed by vaporising anything removed from their "one-time-use 'Packaged blueprints'" so it can't be resold. At least explain why they couldn't keep their word, rather than all the obfuscation.
  5. This, despite the NDA being lifted here: And the post I shared is available to anyone on the forum here:
  6. I've said it before... but the decision to favour a hypothetical group of possible new players, over the existing loyal player base, is madness. With no 'sticky' collateral in-game to keep current players committed, the loss of existing players will likely outnumber the tourists who come post-wipe - just like every other game that wiped ever. It's possibly worse for NQ with the compounding factors (A) that they'd previously committed to avoid this, and retain constructs, and (B) they're wiping 2 1/2 yrs of gameplay for some players, which I'm pretty sure is an unprecedented long interval for a wipe in any IP, ever. There will be an initial buzz, the some new players will move on, and many existing players who try again will quickly lose motivation to rebuild everything they'd already built.
  7. 1. I already lost a bunch of friends with previous patches - especially the terrain reset. It makes saying gbye to the last few - if they'll even stay now - easier. And some of us will go play something new together. 2. The 'game knowledge' just means it will only take a year to rebuild what took 2 1/2 yrs the first time. Still not fun. 3. As above.
  8. Even if they were worried folks would stockpile honeycomb/elements in BPs, all they had to do was vaporise anything removed from a 'one time' blueprint so it can't be on-sold. Eezy peezy.
  9. If the reason folks leave, is it's too much work to rebuild their stuff, how are you going to rebuild it in a museum?
  10. Interesting. More folks on the forum saying they'll stay. More on reddit saying they'll leave. Is the forum a bubble?
  11. Just because building something was fun, doesn't mean rebuilding all over again is also fun.
  12. I'm undecided. It depends how much is lost. I'll likely go play something else if the damage is too heavy. Like, if we still don't have static BP alignment, so there's no way to rebuild the bases I've put 1000s of hrs into. If LUA doesn't come across on BPs. (There's no way I'm spending weeks going around copying LUA on dozens of controllers to text files and then manually reinstating them). Or anything else goes sideways. (Demeter was a hell-scape of nasty surprises.) And, if too many other players also leave. I put >3000 hrs into this game on the promise of persistence. I really figured NQ would have a better plan than just wiping everything. What about you?
  13. Yeah, sadly NQ don't have a great track-record keeping promises. (31:58) "Whatever you do after beta starts is going to stay in one way or another... You will get what we call for the moment 'magic blueprints'... blueprints with everything included in it so you will be able to respawn the things as soon as we restart the server. So we don't like to call it 'wipe'... The key thing is the beta is really the start... You can start to invest yourself in the game. We guarantee that you're not going to be losing everything at some point... the universe is blank again, and you have to start from scratch." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syku-NmSg4s&t=1918s "With future wipes, as much of your assets as possible will be kept between before and after the wipe, in particular constructs will always be preserved, if necessary with special one-time-use blueprints ("Packaged Blueprints") that do not require ingredients..." ⬇
  14. I still don’t get how we were promised magic BPs for our constructs if there was ever a wipe, and now we just get nothing. So many questions: 1) Will we now finally get static BP alignment, for when we redeploy our constructs? That we still have that annoying raycast deploy is nuts - far worse after a wipe. 2) Why do we need to backup LUA when it’s saved in BPs? (How do you even back up LUA?) 3) If Sanctuary is being reset do we all start back at the Ark? And have to do the new player experience all over again?
  15. Seriously, how is no no one discussing this? There's literally zero point in composite product schematics (brick/wood/carbon fiber). Because there are no productivity talents for these materials (only the honeycomb they are used to make), factory refiners produce exactly the same amount of brick/wood/carbon fiber product as your nanopack. And it can't be improved. So, you can make the same amount of brick/wood/carbon fiber in your nanopack with no schematics OR spend 12,000 quanta per batch and wait 40 mins each to make schematics you don't need, to make it in a factory.
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