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  1. Nah, they lost it hard in Demeter with the mining bork, last minute scan backflip, and related changes. A bunch of folks went hard on scanning when they said we'd get to keep them - then they stealth-bricked them all. We logged in at release and were like, wait what? Where's all the stuff just spent weeks doing? Then the way they did the terrain wipe was another clue the 'we care about your stuff' bit was just marketing spin. That, and the faffing around with screens and LUA. The landscape recovery tool was a fail. There was nothing for players who'd raised terrain (my base was left floating so high in the air I couldn't get into it.) And where you did ask for excavation you had to ask 3 times, wait wks, watch them butcher it, redo it yourself anyway. There was no genuine care behind it. It was a political decoy, for show. 'See, we did this for you.' Then they did the whole 'we're sorry we love you' Panacea thing, and it looked like everything might be ok... They admitted mistakes were made, seemed to listen. Then, nope. The one possible thing worse than a wipe they could imaginably do? Let the rumour of a wipe fester for 6 mths. Unless they pull off a miracle now, the combo of that long infected wound where we just haemorrhaged players and everyone lost motivation for the front half of 2022, will probably turn out to have killed the franchise. That, and the schizoid mess where the devs really only care about trying to patch up bad PvP and the voxels/player-driven-economy/you-can-build-cities window dressing that attracts most people is just that - window dressing, None of the devs have a clue how to run a player-generated-content platform (e.g.: Instead of constantly borking existing loops/content, add new stuff, allow players to migrate to new locations, new tools, of their own free will because they're better. Folks building advanced factories too fast? Don't brick what everyone just built. Add a new tier that's better/harder. Alioth causing server load? Add the new geometry on a new planet and make that place better so players choose to migrate there.) Instead NQ always goes for the nukes first and tells themselves 'were making tough decisions'. 'Tough' = clumsy. You can't perform surgery with a hammer. More carrot, less stick. No, your builds, your LUA, are all expendable to their minds. They just want you out in space as canon fodder. As such, it's only a matter of time before NQ borks what you've built again.
  2. Favourite thing: Building. Most hated: NQ not caring about what we've built.
  3. Can we get any assurance that NQ won't bork our stuff again, wipe what we've built, or force us to use DRM-free BPs to share/trade voxelmancy then give those BPS away for free to other players again while taking away the money we made selling them?
  4. It was only because of the assurances player IP would be respected during beta that the time was spent:
  5. Wrong. I'm not "back to the same level as the rest of (you)." Several hundred players got the content I created for free on launch, whereas I had to spend hundreds of hours actually creating them.
  6. It's totally doable, if you can trust NQ not to shank you and wreck what you build (questionable). Example: Here's my solo base so far...
  7. I've been trying to stay positive about this but it's getting more difficult: You see, in beta - after NQ said they wouldn't wipe, and with the only way to paste voxels out of a BP was to make it DRM free - I made all my money selling DRM-free BPs. Like, ALL my money. I did a little mining, did a few asteroids, but I never flew a mission. I just sold voxelmancies. A LOT. Like, ~3 billion quanta worth of BPs. When NQ back-flipped on the wipe, it wasn't so bad (losing 2 yrs of earnings). I could always just open shop again, and start selling my BPs from scratch, right? And there would be a bunch of new players to sell to as well. Wrong. On both counts. As predicted, there weren't a bunch of new players sitting out there just waiting for a wipe to begin playing. And barely any marketing for launch. Worse, because my BPs were DRM-free, folks got to keep my creations, even though I lost the money they paid for them. NQ gave 2 yrs of my work away at launch. I can't sell those BPs again now, as they're already out there, folks were 'born' with them at launch, and increasingly they're being pirated and distributed. If NQ had been honest about the potential for a wipe from day 1, and that they didn't really care about the value of players in-game IPs, that they'd just give our stuff away for free, I would never have sold DRM-free BPs during beta. It's harder now to invest the same time and effort again given NQs track record of shanking players - especially those who put serious effort in. Discuss.
  8. Can someone pls let us all know if the new height limit is the top of the bounding box? Or the core itself?
  9. Just double the size so we're not frigging around trying to stand precisely on top of the things... and with better range. I'm so sick of 'elevator not in range' on L cores.
  10. We've been saying this for years: stop releasing stuff, waiting till everyone assumes it's permanent (in this case, even telling people calibration spam isn't an exploit), then stealth-nerfing it (dropping it in a patch with no forewarning), and being surprised players are annoyed/leaving... and NOT adding anything new. Far better to address inflation by giving players more stuff to spend money on than constantly dialling up the grind! It would be super easy. Add some more expensive lumi colours or semi-transparent lumi, some more coloured force fields, ways to earn/buy old collectibles, element skins, XL elevators (that can cross a whole L core)... new money sinks instead of forced poverty equals fun/gameplay. I wish they'd show some imagination. PS: I spent most of my 3 mill bonus loyalty TP on maxing out calibration points that I'll never now be able to use. I refund would have made sense. But hey, we're used to getting stuffed around.
  11. For the love of everything sacred, I hope they at least make the limit 1128m so: (A) We can build 1000m AGG pads that aren't on the roof of a tower, but can have structures and elements on the pad, and (B) We don't have the rounding problem where the base of the tower to get to 1000m has to be an exact multiple of 128m Setting the build upper limit AND AGG lower limit both to 1000m is just mental.
  12. By 'originally' they mean 3 days earlier? (Launch was on the 27th. On the 30th - 3 days later, 38 days ago - they said 'Contributors' would get one as well.)
  13. I’ve had a (pubic) conversation with a NQ dev on Discord where they said server load is the reason we don’t have XLs. And we know the difference on terrain/surface construct load vs space from the cache file size.
  14. I got my ticket closed, saying I have my STU now (40 days later)… but I still don’t have it. 🤪
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