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Dear Noveans,

With the launch behind us, it’s time we give you better insight into our direction of development for Dual Universe.

Before the release, our Creative Director gave an overview of many upcoming game features, and we want to expand on his letter by giving you a more precise look at what we’re working on specifically in our upcoming updates.

We are currently continuing to focus our work on the initial stabilization and resolution of issues following the launch, and we are also working on update 1.1 which we are aiming to release in December.


What’s Coming in Update 1.1?
Kickstarter Rewards: Part Two

We want to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your incredible support and patience. Kickstarter backers are the supporters that helped start Dual Universe. We’re working hard to deliver your rewards.


In update 1.1, you can look forward to the following:

- Two versions of pets, with a total of eight variations.


  • Automata Tier 1: Automata Nora-SP


Follow us on our social media to see the others in the coming days!


  • Automata Tier 2: Automata Nieve
  • Automata Tier 3: Automata Spud-7
  • Automata Tier 4: Automata Max-E 
  • Automata Tier 5: Automata Elite


  • Anicham Tier 1: Anicham Scrap

Follow us on our social media to see the others in the coming days!


  • Anicham Tier 2: Anicham Comp
  • Anicham Tier 3: Anicham Max 

- Avatar skins for both body types:


(Gold/Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald/Diamond/Kyrium Kickstarter and Founder packs)

  • Alpha Team outfit



Follow us on our social media to see the others in the coming days!

(Silver+ / Contributors / Sponsors / Patrons)

  • Arkship Passenger outfit (Bronze)
  • Military outfit

(Gold+ / Sponsors / Patrons)

  • Arkship Passenger outfit (Silver)
  • Earth Legacy outfit (Silver)    

(Ruby+ / Patrons)

  • Arkship Passenger outfit (Black)
  • Earth Legacy outfit (Black)

- New emotes:
(Gold+ / Sponsors / Patrons)

  • Dance


  • Cry


  • Thumbs down



Follow us on our social media to see the others in the coming days!


  • Thumbs up
  • Just DU it


(Ruby+ / Patrons)

  • Victory
  • Threat
  • Facepalm
  • Silly dance
  • Salute


- In-game titles


- Grid Snapping: with this feature, when deploying a blueprint, you can snap to the grid of another already placed core, like when placing a Space Core Unit. This feature will help you to align cores perfectly with one another while deploying blueprints.

- Steam Achievements

- Element recycling : dismantling elements back into a portion of their components.

- Eight new talents linked with schematic creation.
Looking further into the future, What’s in the 1.2 Update?

- Tactical Map: a visual display providing a tactical view of surrounding constructs detected by your active radar.

- New tools for finding wrecks and a minor revamp of the radar system.


- Changes to the Deep Space Asteroid Tracker and the asteroid system.


- Adding the ability for repair units to use scrap.


- New Orbital Delivery Challenge.




We still have a lot of development planned in the longer term which you can read more about in the letter from our Creative Director, and we hope that we’ve given you a clearer picture of our immediate direction for Dual Universe. We will update you should this planning change significantly, and look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback in this forum thread.

It’s been an incredible month since launching Dual Universe. We’ve worked hard to address issues, and though we always want to do better, we hope you’ve enjoyed the game so far. All across Helios, wonders are already taking shape as you bring the game to life. We can’t wait to see what you’ll build in the coming months and years. From all of us here at Novaquark, thank you for being a part of our game.

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