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  1. Another game in Alpha, New World, just gutted thier Sandbox PVP and made it opt in... with scheduled battles...
  2. https://www.eurogamer.net/amp/2020-01-18-player-killing-created-a-toxic-environment-in-amazon-mmo-new-world-so-now-the-developer-has-added-battles-by-appointment DISCUSS
  3. It has become apparent soon we will be able to battle each other in Dual Universe. Our weapons are being forged as we speak, and usher in a new era. This era is filled with mysteries and woes the likes of which DU has never seen. However in the dark mist of the unknown has come a light. The light of the All Father, and his vision to our Master Architect over what is to come. The light shows us what we are to do. When the first days dawn on Alpha 3, the Third age of DU, New Genesis will position itself near the Space that is contested. From there, we will launch our first crusade. The First Crusade This crusade will aim to cleanse the conflicted lands of its dreadful blight... and burn away the non-believers like the cancer that they are. In a vision our Lord has sent to us a sign... to claim the Lands of War as our own. In it we will place a Shrine to his Majesty and we will endeavor to protect it daily... If it falls down we will build it again... if we are defeated like a great Phoenix we will rise from the ashes. The Holy Chosen of the All Father will know NOT the pain of defeat or fatigue of failure. We are charged in keeping his Holy Land Pure, and protected from the filth of the non-believer to which we shall not Fail. Sharpen your swords Brothers... load your rifles... and warm the engines of our behemoths of war. The opening salvo of the First Crusade are upon us, and Non shall survive our Purge!
  4. discordauth:EPFMzcpMu8cbkb_QhmMMtPtXj1ULiH0gGBQ73YqtOxE=

  5. Hopefully not already answered if I upgraded from Bronze to Silver, which I did, will I get my initial 60$ back? Because right now silver is gonna cost me 180$ instead of 120$. And how do I gift the codes?
  6. I played for awhile this Eve game you speak of. Hoping for good pvp here.
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