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  1. I reiterate my last statement again. Watch the roundtable... And give it a chance, give the pvpers a chance. 11/21 @1500 EST on VarietyMMOs on youtube
  2. Actually no the argument has also been that it's boring. 'Waiting in a Pipe', '90s UI'... Yeah no it's not just about the big bad meanie pvpers picking on PVE'ers. No one is saying that DU's sole purpose is a pvp game. DU is a game of mining, building, trading and pvping. There are many pillars... Pvp is one of them. Community is plural. Not singular. It's playing with like minded people.... Civilization is plural... Not singular... Thank you for proving my point. Actually several times NQ has, and JC has said the game is meant to be played as a community... So
  3. Argument summary-- PVP Them: Pvp is terrible... Pvp is boring... Us - how much have you pvp'd? Them: Once... Well maybe. Us - get out. Solo Play Them: I have nothing to do as a solo player... Us - isn't it supposed to be a team base group based game? Them: I should be able to play the game anyway I want.. this game is terrible. Us - Get out. Industry Them: it takes alot of time and is tedium... Us - omg just go quit already. Look we all g
  4. I dont nessecary think thats true. You would need a larger ship to take on a Larger ship. Granted, without a Anti-Capital ship fighter... it will be almost impossible to kill L cores with XS weapons.
  5. Simple, with the Multiples higher damage per weapon level, like Large-Xs the L core with XS weapons wont have enough points to commit enough weapons to Larger weapons. So A true Anti-Capital ship L core will tear it a new one.
  6. So i have been pushing for weeks-Months for NQ to have a PVP round table with those of us who PVP so we can really try to assist in helping pvp foster and Grow. Mostly ignored, whatever I trust JC/Entropy/NQ are doing the best they can. And I am aware the rules for the IDEA box is one idea per thread but this would take like 8 threads so consider this an IDEA for pvp balancing. After Entropy's Interview with Spreeezy, a GREAT interview I felt more excitement over the coming potential changes to PVP. Changes that make sense, changes that will inspire diversity in pvp.. and punish the 'Build Spa
  7. This is glorious. Let your salt flow. You screwed with things that were obviously not supposed to occur dude. v0v what did you think was gonna happen lol?
  8. It's ok, because even Daphne Muses in her own discord about getting into a pvp ship and 'griefing NG logistics's.... Good luck
  9. I mean its fine really, we enjoy pvping and fun things cost things. However we would PREFER to fight fighters... not kill defenseless ships. Thats like much less fun..
  10. Its not really lucrative to hunt ships. We spend more in Fuel and ammunition than the majority of ships are worth
  11. Thats not accurate especially in the context you have supplied. Lets say I played a game like Star-craft and was destroying my buddies base. By your assertion if I kill all of his units he continues to spawn I am a griefer. If I played a full loot MMO, which we do... and the target I have selected to fight has armored their core, as they should it will take me time to kill it. If you say that me killing the same guy 10 times to get to his core is griefing, then what you are saying is... Once i shoot his ship and he dies, thats it I should disengage and move on. Not kill the ship, not be re
  12. That's because we mostly do our own ammunition. But if you wanna work something out maybe my people will talk to your people and see if we can work something out
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