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  1. I need to remember to add this link to the GitHub page lol.
  2. That is pretty funny, heh. Not the intention in my phrasing, as if I can overlord the forums or something. Just a colloquialism I use too often
  3. All fair points honestly. And I never demanded responses, why/how would I even? I'm asking for people's opinions The reason I'm asking for direct messages and not conversational threads is several reasons actually. 1) Some people may want their answers to be private and not discussed. 2) Some people enjoy being lurkers and don't want to have a conversation. 3) I could use a 3rd party website to conduct a survey, but I'd likely get less traction that route. 4) In a forum thread, it can be derailed because someone decides to troll the responses of people just answering their thoughts. Thanks for being the case in point DMs solve all of the above.
  4. Hey Noveans I'm working on a video, and I'd like to put forth a short survey. I want to know your honest most favorite thing and most hated thing about Dual Universe. Pick only one thing for each side. And I'm doing this in an odd way, I'm requesting for anyone who wants to share their answer to submit it directly to me by direct message. Your responses will be private, and your name will not be shown in the video nor given to anyone else. I want to encourage completely honest answers, as I try to gauge the state of DU's launch. I'll keep collecting answers until Tuesday the 10th. EDIT: To be clear, feel free to discuss in this thread, but conversational comments from here wouldn't be considered as a part of the survey. Thanks! FYI, I very likely won't respond to these messages.. not sure how many participants I'll get.
  5. First, welcome to the DU community This game can definitely be daunting, and after the intro tutorial there is a lot to unpack and learn. It can certainly seem overwhelming, or you might not be sure what to tackle next. This video guide lays out some of the fundamental things you can do to get started in your first weeks of Dual Universe.
  6. IndyHUD 1.3, now has DE and FR translations (Lua Parameters) thanks to @Ikara2184 and @EliasVilld ### v1.3 - Added DE and FR language translations for menus and machine states - Added a 3rd mode for Containers, "full" shows all names within range (screenshot 1) - Added a corner highlight on machines that are set to "run forever" (screenshot 2) - Improved the foreground highlight of boxes being hovered on - Improved maintain levels when pending - Improved max machine load (no limit found yet) - Minor performance improvements https://github.com/codeinfused/Indy-Hud 3rd mode of SHIFT+G Indicator for machines set to "always run"
  7. This is already included in the HUD... however, that API function doesn't truly work at the moment. It's listed in NQ's "known bugs" updates, so hopefully that means they can resolve it soon. Then this HUD will already be pulling that data.
  8. In theory this script can handle 7000+ units in the construct. There are some scaling caveats of course. Data fetching is slower with more units to read. And depending on how tightly packed the area is, and what you set your config MaxDest option to; the AR render might be laggy. But the largest test I've run on so far was around 2k elements.
  9. That's a cool idea, would users input floor heights for that?
  10. Hi! I've heard you had one, but I haven't found it. I saw on a stream the one at Hadron (is that yours?) and thought this looked like a fun project for me to tackle in my own style. For names, you can hover over the box and it'll expand to the name (perhaps not as convenient as always showing). I'll play around with a setting for "always showing" in the next update.
  11. Language localization for DE and FR is coming next.
  12. https://tinyurl.com/indyhud IndyHUD v1.2 Major Update ## Changelog ## v1.2 - FIXED: initialization load bug for larger factories - Improved position of status box - Improved render performance when maxDist is lower and filters are applied - Reduced hover hitbox of distant units - Increased overall opacity - Added visual distance scaling of mini-boxes - Added recipe data to status detail view (optional) - Added containers to machine list (optional) - Added font size option (in Parameters) - Added opacity distance option (in Parameters) - Added hotkey to reload machines and location data
  13. The magic of Lua You should also check out the AR Damage Report by Koruzarius, similar concept to this (and the inspiration for this project), but shows all the damaged elements on your ship in AR.
  14. Added a new augmented reality HUD for tracking the output and states of your factory's industry machines. This display is free forever, and simple to set up (you just need a programming board element). The display can filter the view by status type, and you can filter with search keywords.. industry unit types or output product names (partial searches work). For more info, demo video here:
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