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  1. Perfect for the current state of the game. Just disable repulsor fields on PvP space and contested territories when they become available. Two thumbs up!
  2. On the issue of a possible wipe, from my point of view as a backer, playing since 2017 and on the beta since August, my only concern is all the time I invested on training talent points. I would like to retain those (even with a respec) and wouldn't mind loosing everything else. If underground mining is going away in order to save on DB I/O I don't see how to do it without wiping all that was terraformed on the planets and moons.
  3. I'm very happy with what I read! You are taking the game in the right direction. But I still would like to know one detail: is NQ financially safe? Can we sleep assured that the game will live to see all of that fulfilled? Thanks.
  4. On the recipe screen I would like to have a button to craft the maximum possible amount next to the batch size counter.
  5. discordauth:Lgg-ltui7OD5kTKU561DcAzJ6C3Dm4tJybAduLGiji4=

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