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Static Construct Altitude Limit


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Hello Noveans,

It has recently come to our attention that a number of static constructs have been deployed at an altitude above what we previously had defined as the vertical limit of around 1000m.  At this time we are unsure why this limit is not being applied as intended, and we are currently investigating this issue in order to resolve this.

As we are revisiting this limit while it is not currently functioning, we will be exploring our options to implement a more adjustable approach in order to have different limits for different planets. If successful we will also eventually be including this value at a later date in the shipped atlas.lua file, allowing Lua control units to also read this value for each planet and use it to fly above static constructs.

Why are you stifling my dream of building a tower that connects a moon to a planet!?
We also want to be clear about the reason for this limit, it is not here to stifle your dreams of building large towers and structures made of multiple static constructs. It is here, so we can ensure a reasonably safe boundary layer for atmospheric flight by all our players without the concern of encountering a random building in your flightpath while flying at high speeds. Chances are, the build limits will likely be slightly more accommodating than the previous system and allow for slightly more building height in the end, this however remains to be seen.

So what about the existing constructs that are not adhering to this restriction?
Well, as we are unsure why this build limit suddenly deactivated and we are refining it anyway. We will allow these constructs to remain for two weeks beyond the implementation of the new height restriction system. Two weeks after the new restrictions are in place, we will begin removing  or moving any static constructs beyond the defined altitude limit of each planet to ensure they are not inside the boundary layer. Keep an eye on the upcoming change logs for a list of the altitudes for each planet.

I hope this clears up any and all confusion on the topic, and thank you all for reading.
- NQ-Deckard

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