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  1. You are right. It had been so long I was thinking of the starting screen.
  2. Actually it is like that because it has always been like that for the last 40 years from back when it was a third person game like DU.
  3. Why did the skill accumulation rate drop? Mine is showing 135 instead of 180 with a full skill que. And it states that the accelerated skill que is meant to occur for all players for 6 months.
  4. Or they could just read the forums and respond to major complaints.
  5. Which is why we are better off pushing for real customer service. We are paying customers and NQ hardly has the money to offend customers.
  6. And all you will get is what EvE did, a CSM controlled by the largest alliances in the game who threaten to quit if they do not get their way. Sounds great.
  7. Except that having them static makes asteroid mining more important and a greater generator of content as well as the current system gives a bonus to those who have been here the longest from the wipe.
  8. Well you are doing such a great job trying to turn the forums as toxic as EvEs I am sure you will drive away a lot of players in your holy quest.
  9. Except I have not given up on this game at all, I have played it every day since its launch, just because people are not telling you what you want to hear does not mean that you are somehow a knight on a noble quest and everyone else is wrong. However I would quit the second this game started a CSM. It was a horrible idea then and its a horrible idea now.
  10. No way in Hell, the CSM was an abomination so that CCP could pretend to be listening to the customer feedback and led to some of the most arrogant customer service on the planet. The voting system was easily manipulated by large corporations and even individuals and all it led to was a loss of a massive number of players and a PvP focus. That is a sure reason to buy KSP2 on release and let this game rot.
  11. That might be it, I have a feeling that for some stupid reason they are going to try and push PvP despite PvP being liked less than PvE as shown by WoW, Elite Dangerous, etc..
  12. Was this ever answered? Also what day does the money occur? it is now 1 month after launch, or will it be the first of the month?
  13. No I think it needs to stay as it is. It means that those who started early and spent days scanning for minerals are rewarded. These people have paid real world money to play the game for a longer period and so should receive the bonus of the ability to gain more. NQ should be very cafeful introducing more ores in new planets and should NOT alter what has already been done. I have had enough of wipes and altering the minerals is a form of mini-wipe.
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