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  1. My apologies if you live in a part of Tokyo where shooting people and stealing are strangely not illegal actions.
  2. My next statements were in relation to profit based on the sale of a business and as to whether that business had increased owners equity by the use of Retained earnings or not. I believe that is the statements you are referring too. Honestly I had a good laugh, so if that wasn't my next two statements, oh well. anyway back to the topic.
  3. Actually a profit is technically your revenue minus your expenses. The choice to re-invest funds into a business (Retained Earnings) is the investment of that profit back into a business. This then increases the owners equity. Retained Earnings is a choice by the owner/board.
  4. Well given the parallels that are being used in relation to EvE Online. The Next logical question is do NQ like CCP games did, class the forums as part of the game or as a normal forum?
  5. Ok on a serious not and not making fun of you. Please ensure that you contact a financial advisor before you make any major financial decisions.
  6. That depends on if your profits (remember that word?) were re-directed into your business or not. Why don't you ask your mummy that when you grow up you can get a Bachelors in Accounting, then maybe you wont be as funny to people who have them.
  7. Oh so a company has to have an external investment to effect profitability. Seriously while I am laughing my butt off, please talk to your mum about money.
  8. I would say how do you know, did you check all of CCP Games financials but we have already discovered you don't know what those are either. I really hope your mummy keeps an eye on your spending.
  9. Oh so if you start a business for $2.6 million, spend another $500 million on it and sell it for $425 million its a profit. Like I said, I hope you are a teenager, that and the fact was I had to describe what a profit was before you seemed to even slightly understand it.
  10. Try re-reading what I wrote. It is the complete opposite of it. Unless pregnancy suddenly became illegal and against a social norm.
  11. So if he had bought CCP games for $2 billion and sold it for $25 million. According to you he made a profit. If a house is valued by profitability and I paid $325,000 for it but want a $200,000 profit, according to you it is valued at $525,000 Like I said. I hope you are some teenager.
  12. And again you show you have no idea what profit means. I really hope you are some teenager.
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