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  1. I would like to know about this as well. I need to set some up and the only ones that are left are far away. Would like to buy a schematic to one (any) of them, but they're not for sale.
  2. There's not enough buyers of the stuff...bottom line. I agree with out decay there probably wouldn't be anyways though. More people = more builds (dynamic and static) = better economy. With that being said, a secondary to make money other than mine would be awesome, too...
  3. I'm actually a fan of giving MORE yield per click. Why does a huge node in the ground only take up less than %1 of my ships inventory? This would fix a lot of issues going forward with demand as well. I'm talking 100t + each smaller node. I will often mine for several hours and only get a couple 100t stacks. It's getting really old. I know they have plans, but increasing the yields significantly would help out A LOT.
  4. It truly is ridiculous what's going on. It just can't continue....
  5. I'm a huge fan of "PvP zones". Maybe down the road they could throw PvE ships into them too where every PvP player descends on them, competing for its cargo and loot. Please create PvP centric areas where people can fight with their ships. Where they know others interested in PvP will be.
  6. PvP definitely needs an overhaul, but one thing to consider...people are making these complex ships with lots of different parts. Income is so incredibly hard right now because of the economy. If these hauler types lose their ships to PvP actions, they won't be able to replace the parts for quite awhile. I know I'm in this boat. Not only that but mining for $$ is tedious. T1 zaps fast sure, but hours and hours of mining will yield you only several million. I agree totally that there's no reason to play PvP right now. But until the economy is better and we have more than one way to gain money, I'm hoping they work on that first. Good ship parts don't get produced in a vacuum, someone is making all those components from the basic level up.
  7. I see what you're saying and don't disagree with it. My balance always hovers between 1 / 3 million. I've spent most of my $$ on schematics and equipment (as a starting industrialist). I've mined my own ore. I'm only at uncommon manufacturing, but will eventually work my way up. I just picked some random things to make and put on the market for test. I stayed away from the "stuff" that I knew others made and were popular. I made M Screens, doors, all the wings I could find (including tips), command seats, hover seats, all adjustor sizes. Am working on the hover engines now. Small items that players would maybe buy because buying a schematic and making them were a pain. I plan on buying some more shems for items like this in the future, but it'll take awhile. The only thing that have sold near my market are the adjustors. A larger corp or other industrialists aren't going to bother buying these items, because they'll just make them themselves. If you had non-industrialist players, my thought is that these things would move. I just feel based on sales, everyone is still making their own stuff, it's just a different iteration.
  8. Non-industrialists. There's too much "stuff" being built, with no one buying it minus warp cells / fuel / cores / basic ship parts.
  9. I literally just left there with a load of Limestone just before they posted this LOL!!!
  10. I know this is a PvP game. But I have no interest in PvP. I can't stand it. I'm a builder / industrialist. I want to be more than just a target, I want you to earn your kill through skill. I hope NQ gives us defenses to level the playing field so I'm not just a point / click / shoot. I hope there's some depth in the end. I see what's on the horizon. With the economy the way it is now, you have to mine a significant amount of time to rebuy ship parts for a ship worthy of hauling ore planet to planet. Keep that in mind going forward. For you who hate to build, the utopia you want killing others for fun may have unintended consequences.
  11. There's a lot of great discussion here, but one thing stands out to me immediately - NQ has the same schematic for sale, 5 times, with different prices. I never understood that. They just need to dedicate some time to cleaning it up. This game needs an infusion of non-industrialists. We're probably awhile from that though.
  12. Warping is so inefficient right now. I hate the whole aspect of it. I think a happy medium would be a Elite Dangerous type mechanic where a supercruise could be obtained. Faster than 30k, but slower than warp. I know it's their game and they can do what they want with the architecture, but I damn well guarantee you that the average player after release is going to hate this "slowboating" travel. There are going to be numerous complaints. Some people won't complain, they just wont resub. Traveling A to B should never take 3 - 7 hours if you can't afford warping.
  13. I don't know what transfer units are. I'll look into them tonight when I log on. I think the eyes from Naunet must mean we're missing something. 😁
  14. This is embarrassing, but my personal issue with the schematics is that sometimes I don't remember all of them I've purchased and end up buying a duplicate. I wish in addition to the OP's idea, there was a list of them somewhere that we have in stock.
  15. Great post. I just want to interject one thing. I've been doing a lot of mining lately and the biggest time sink for me is cleaning the node off. If this process could be expediated a bit, it would help tremendously. Like maybe a cleaning part of the tool? Where I point at an area and it zaps the dirt / ground elements around it in a large area off of it? I don't like the idea of mining bots either, but the fact of the matter is mining is straight up sickening. I agree with you changes should be done there first before bots.
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