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  1. This. There's going to be so much ganking when they release the next version of PvP. It will cause players to travel together more imo. Solo mining will be a thing of the past.
  2. My experience is the same. About 50 scans on Ion, I found one very small node of Cryolite, and there are numerous nodes of T5 Rhodonite, all in the 7k to 40k range. I didn't stumble upon a monster like the OP :-). This is a part of the game that really bothers me - when you want to actually go mine the T3 - T5, it's a crap shoot. It's already mid Beta and a lot of ore has been burned through, or is so sparse it's not sustainable for a growing community. Kind of disconcerting and I hope they address it.
  3. I'd like to see NQ report on what they show for each T3-T5 per planet left to mine (provided they're keeping track..). I bet it's not as abundant as people think.
  4. That's fine. At least it's something...
  5. I just hope they add some additional base defense weapons as a part of it (territory warfare).
  6. I was making a general comment. I don't expect anything...
  7. Agreed. I think someone calculated it out to master all the skills to 5, it's like 27 years? And they'll definitely be adding / tweaking more in the future. I'm not a fan of buying your skill points though - hope they never implement that.
  8. Without going into details, other than I scan a lot for Cobaltite, I also wish that the spawns would be increased just a tad. I know they shouldn't be as abundant as T1 / T2, not saying that, but they need a boost. It's not sustainable long term without a reseed at one point. Unless of course space mining ends up providing way more opportunity....
  9. I get what you're saying, but "slow boating" 2 to 4 hours from point A, to point B, knowing you're probably going to get creamed is not going to encourage missions. This game should not be stacked in the PvP'ers favor, it should be a level playing field.
  10. It would be really awesome if you could incorporate, drone, NPC ships as a part of this mission system. Ships with great rewards. These PvP guys need something of substance and reward to shoot at.
  11. While it's moving, you can leave the seat, get out and move around your ship. Refuel it too. As far as "docking", I haven't been to any space stations per se. Not sure what happens when you land on a space core.
  12. Hello, Teoma resident.
  13. I would like to know about this as well. I need to set some up and the only ones that are left are far away. Would like to buy a schematic to one (any) of them, but they're not for sale.
  14. There's not enough buyers of the stuff...bottom line. I agree with out decay there probably wouldn't be anyways though. More people = more builds (dynamic and static) = better economy. With that being said, a secondary to make money other than mine would be awesome, too...
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