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  1. Wuh? Discord, I could understand. And/or a post on the forum (preferably linked to from this thread). Because those are the things you get to from their own webpage under "community") And something on their own website front page, or at least under "news". But Twitch? As the only medium? I guess I shouldn't really be surprised at NQ's flaky comms strategy.
  2. I forget: how much notice did we have of the "head start" when it went full-time Beta? Was it more than 12 hours? Markeedragon have presented the 13:00UTC time for tomorrow; even if that was "from the horse's mouth" as it were, how much notice would/will we get from NQ that it's not going to happen? I'll see when I get home from work, whether it's live yet...
  3. I agree that's a concern. There had better be some pretty big "This is a taster, representative to a degree, but not completely the same as the persistent server." warnings (popups when you do things* the "easy way" on the demo server, for example, which tell you what the point of difference is) or the tears will be torrential and, on this occasion unlike so many others, justified. * Which of course is not going to happen. Those who essay the demo experience will be lucky to see any disclaimers from NQ at all.
  4. Thanks. I get your meaning now. I believe we get a Small Static Core as part of our starter construct. How do you feel about cannibalising (or just adding on to) that, for your beginning production line(s)?
  5. The trial server has to be different, really, because your experience there is time-limited, and you won't have much, if any, community support. So, I'd expect there to be a lot of time-savings either by flat reductions in time taken for things, or via simplifications.
  6. Starter industries? Do we get industries handed to us at start? Or are you meaning the industries you'll be making within "minutes" of hitting the harvest button first? You're not going to rush through the tutorials for the free Talent Points and Quanta?
  7. ROFL. Should have saved this excellent joke for April 1!
  8. Novean tech has reached the level of matter-energy conversion. Stuff gets teleported, compacted; energy comes out of pretty much nowhere. It's harder to imagine why we'd need to be digging resources out of the ground than it is to justify creating elements out of nothing.
  9. For me, the issue isn't the grinding, it's the missing "pillars" of territory warfare and AvA combat. And a bunch of other stuff I can't be bothered honing into a scathing indictment of game development a la NQ, so I've deleted it. I've three DACs and if it's not worth the money (howevermuch that is) by the time those run out, I'll not be paying the dues. There's enough interesting stuff for a while, but their pace of development doesn't make me optimistic that they'll get any more of my money.
  10. D'oh. Of course. Still. Teeth were definitely gnashed, and wails heard, due to unexpected scheduling,even if I forgot the precise reason why
  11. When you're using shift-drag to split a stack, have <CR> (aka <RETURN> aka <ENTER>) apply the number that's entered into the quantity field of the dialog (if it's a valid value) rather than requiring a mouse-click on the "OK" button. Similarly with Rename Element dialogs. It's pretty much default Windows behaviour, why step away from it to make life harder? There are probably other dialogs where it'd be appropriate, too.
  12. I recall the beta launch (I think it was the beta launch - not long after the free-play weekend that convinced me to contribute...) which got postponed by something like 5 days, enraging some of those who'd booked time off work to spam the servers to death on Day One... There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. I'm glad one of my org-comrades reminded me of that when I mentioned I was thinking of taking time off for launch... NQ has "previous" on this.
  13. Anyone know why the location of a construct has to be known to the nearest 1/10th of a femtometer*? I can't think of a situation where that order of precision would have any effect whatsoever on the game. Even at 120FPS, zoomed in as far as you can on an 8k monitor, you wouldn't be able to detect the difference. Visual resolution comes out to what? 0.25m (a voxblock filling the screen, say) divided by 8k (pixels), so 10^-6m? So the game could drop the last 6 orders of magnitude and still have 4 leftover for catching pesky rounding errors. Maybe I'm mistaken, but doesn't excess precision in calculation cause unnecessary overhead? Perhaps it's part of the "optimisation" process that such operations will get reduced in their precision once the game's general flow of operation is better understood (as it now may be). Surely handling such unnecessarily unwieldy numbers adds size to comms packets and storage requirements, even if it makes no difference (or rounding adds more overhead because of the native methods by which the calculations are performed) to the platforms doing the sums (all the client PCs, AIUI). Insights, anyone? * I'm taking this from the Infinity Corp LUA tutorial vid where you can see the Altitude displayed to 16 d.p. (at the 10:10 mark) The vid is a couple of years out of date, so maybe this has changed**, but it still seems a strange choice to this layman. ** Yes, I can pop the LUA into a control chair and find out; I just haven't yet... Might update if the subject isn't done to death by the time I get around to it
  14. So Eric, the Pirate, gets nothing when they board and take the hauler and its cargo hold of quantum foam. There's no risk whatsoever to the consigner/consignee of loss of the items. Seems a bit cosy. Might work if the hauler is constrained to remain in safespace for the mechanic to continue functioning; if you need lore, you're probably relying on some aspect of Aphelia's capabilities to maintain the connection (could even tax, for more quanta-sink). Having "collateral-not-required" haulage contracts within safespace would still serve the purpose of giving cash-poor haulers a "leg up" by letting them do their work (and having a tax might be an incentive to move out into danger-space where the shipping fees are all yours to keep). There's even scope for privately/Org-owned ("end game" Tier - hideously expensive and hard-to-build) "quantum maintenance" beacons that might allow some consignees to create destinations or routes which can take advantage of the entanglement to remove both the need for collateral and the incentive for pirates to prey on ships travelling between such locations, where the owners of the beacons agree to link them (more tax/cost-imposition opportunities). Such locations in danger-space would then be (additionally) valuable, providing incentive to contest over them and defend them. It ties in with the "built by the players" tagline, too. Which we certainly need more of.
  15. Good point. Terrible drag on the game's processors too, given their lack of utility. Only time I get a hitch in framerate is when all those rocks spawn as I descend below 50m from the surface...
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