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  1. Good point. Terrible drag on the game's processors too, given their lack of utility. Only time I get a hitch in framerate is when all those rocks spawn as I descend below 50m from the surface...
  2. What I meant was, that he didn't flat out say "Oh, there's plenty of stuff in the ground. You lot haven't started scratching at it yet!" or words to that effect, which suggests to me that maybe we are making significant dents in the reserves. He seemed fairly confident they'd have new planets for us before we run out of stuff to dig up, though; it was just interesting he wasn't sure. I also got the clear feeling that if for whatever reason we did run out of stuff to dig before new sources can be made available to us, it was a given that they would respawn the "known" nodes. He seemed pretty sure he wasn't going to leave us with nothing to mine.
  3. Yeah. The Discord. Actually, the DU Discord, echoed in my ORG's Discord server. Don't shoot me, I'm not the one that decided that Discord is the be-all and end-all of a comms strategy.
  4. EvE's PvE is terrible. And is effectively a springboard for the proper game out in 0.0. It's also instanced, for the most part, not open-world.
  5. Except it's not. If "max speed" is actually "light speed" you have to come up with a whole slew of different technologies for sensors. Or you will "never see them coming". Just because F=ma still applies doesn't mean that space engines are any technology we've ever seen. Even setting aside for the moment the issue of maximum speed being "light speed" or not, they're obviously not reaction mass engines because whatever mass they'd be chucking out the back, it would be going faster than max speed, in order to generate the impulse that those engines manage from the mass they consume. So the engines are already a handwave. Adding a "max speed" doesn't noticeably increase the deviation from reality. A "maximum speed" for an exotic, unexplained propulsion tech is as nothing compared to planets that don't move or rotate (but still have days somehow) and all the other things that are put in for gameplay purposes like the maaneuver tool and respawn pads. But making 8000m/s = the speed of light forces a whole heap of other things to be reworked and handwaved. Sensors especially. It also means that when and if the servers get more capable of handling things moving at that speed, the speed of light has to increase to permit it. On this, we can agree.
  6. Do you know what they are? Does anyone? Could be a designation given to someone who pays the cost to attack your Territory in TW, for all I know. Is there a PvE section in the Achievements screen I missed?
  7. Given that it was until 15h00 EST, and it's still only 14:00, that's probably a good guess.
  8. Or they ran a bunch of competitions and contests and got the most competitive people as the winners. Or it was a conspiracy to ship all the sociopaths out to a new world: there was no imminent extinction event and that's how humanity achieved a peaceful society on Earth. The lore behind the game is as holey as my granny's crocheted antimacassars. We have nanotech, but no Internet. We can teleport solid matter, and levitate potentially millions of ton of spaceship with our suit but there are no tractor/pressor beams on spaceships or long distance teleport pads. There exists a scanning and recording mechanism sufficiently precise to be able to send a spec to a fabricator that is capable of printing a new body, its mind, memory and personalities in the space of a few seconds. But it's impossible to get a lock on to a quarter kilometer ship more than 160km away. A territory unit can stop anyone digging the ground for half a click round it, but ships don't have protective shields. Gold makes good armour. Don't lean on the lore. It will fall over.
  9. I think it's a good idea. It's been suggested before. But these things take time.
  10. If it was just now, I'd say it's because they're taking the server down in 15 minutes. Since it's been going on a few days, you probably need to submit a ticket and get it looked at. But it's definitely you, not a general problem, if it's been going on for days.
  11. That is, indeed, possible with the RDMS system. It is, I imagine, widely used.
  12. They're working on this. It's hard, is all. The BP system is in its very early days, I'd say.
  13. Small studio, limited development time. Vastly complicated server architecture to get right as a priority. I'm not at all surprised.
  14. That there is parital functionality (AIUI, the positive side of joystick axes has been mapped, but not the negative) should be a good indication that the HOTAS question has been considered, and is being worked on.
  15. I find it interesting that JC didn't put it this way in his interview. He was musing about the possibility of replenishing ore deposits. You may be right, but I wonder.
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