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  1. When can we play with it? It looks good
  2. I am 110% on board with cameras, they have lots of uses, but they need to be coded in a way they cannot break the game like they do in SE. If you linked the output to a screen and then pointed the camera at the screen, it would create infinite video feedback which would surely crash the client. There just needs to be a simple system in place which negates this affect, because I feel like real life struggles with this phenomenon, let alone a game XD
  3. This is really fantastic. The next step for you will be to incorporate it into an html page to be a little more interactive, with a search bar for example to make it easier for people to find themselves and particular orgs. It is also a bit of cluster in the middle, having it in the third dimension might loosen it up
  4. The game definitely needs an app which can allow you to access your HUD, look at your skills, see what's in your inventory, adjust RDMS etc We wont all be able to play 24/7 even though we might want to haha some of us have jobs. But being able to log onto an app, or the DU profile, that works too, would allow us to have some impact when other players from other countries are playing and you're in the office bathroom haha
  5. Having "moving parts" is something I an definitely against and NQ have also said they will not implement. If you ever played Space Engineers you'll know of the massive issues that arise. Sometimes I'd spend hours building a rig with loads of moving parts like lifts & drills on pistons etc. and as soon as I get in the cockpit there is a nuclear explosion and it's all gone haha However, there are some ideas here which could work. Because we do have a simple form of moving object, such as the landing gears and doors, I don't see why a couple more moving parts could be implemented
  6. DUGS is a scientific organisation aimed at providing in-depth geological and geophysical survey information for the purpose of exploration, mapping & mining. Using state of the art technology to gather data from around the solar system, DUGS aims to collaborate with government, organisations & individuals to build a comprehensive map of the planets including archaeological finds, hazards & mining prospects. DUGS is an open society for those who have a keen interest in geosciences. Data gathered will be open source and available for all to access. Some ambit
  7. At first I didn't think this would work because they could just force respawn at the ark when they realise they've been tricked - but unless you can reset the RN, they'd just keep respawning on the same node LOL
  8. Terraforming a celestial body is a complex scientific feat. With our far advanced technology we have the ability to tarraform the ground, but terraforming by definition includes the manipulation of much more than just the dirt; the atmosphere! Manipulating the ground has harnessed some interesting results, from building a super tall beanstalk all the way up into space, to large flat landing areas covered in snow to aid visuals. There are lots of kinds of non-precious materials you can pick up and redeploy where ever you want. It's been fun (and pointless) to bring grassy soil to a
  9. I'm excited for JC's vision of RNs to become reality It's too easy right now to teleport across the solar system to a remote planet that a team member has flown to, fill up your inventory with precious ores, deactivate the RN and teleport back to the ark.
  10. Sic Itur Ad Astra

  11. So as part of our pledge package we get STU but not any normal territory units? These will have to be crafted or bought. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that 20km radius includes most of the other districts? As I can't image fighting going on right on the doorstep of a market place. Do you think it'll be possible to purchase land outside a district with this model? Or do you think it will no longer be possible to build outside a market place? I have become very comfortable on the doorstep of a market place and would hate to have to relocate further out!
  12. With Alpha 2 around the corner, you're going to need sovereignty.. NovaX has everything you need to allow you to play the game YOU want to play. Whether it's creating an eye catching skyline, building super efficient ships or just being part of a growing community, NovaX can cater to your needs. Based on the doorstep of a market place, you will never need to go far to get the parts you need. Proven team players are trusted with right to access parts bins which allow you to craft whatever you heart desires. We have skilled architects working on massive construction projects, from Sky Base
  13. With the introduction of industry, getting to a position where you can craft everything yourself will, like Lethys said, take months or even years. It's definitely leaning towards an team based play-style where everyone has a role and you rely on your team mates to enable you to have access to everything available. This does pose a question which has been playing on my mind about safe zones on Alioth. I doubt the whole of Alioth will be a safe zone, but surely there cannot be PVP near marketplaces. If there is an area around a market place where PVP is forbidden, does this red
  14. I like the idea of using an alt account as an org bank account. Been looking for an excuse to make an alt and call him Actimed (or do you think we can name pets? lol)
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