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  1. I have played beta long enough and other games for decades. I get it. There is no winning anything in DU. There is no game loop you can win.
  2. I don’t see that as winning or losing. There is no first place.
  3. This exactly. NQ silence = confirmation of wipe and they are delaying any official word so (more) people don’t quit. Personally, I find this disrespectful and unprofessional.
  4. Just one more reason to not use voxels. Yet again, well done NQ.
  5. Makes me sad, but I think you nailed it. I think the slowing forums show others are getting what you said as well.
  6. Wiping beta accounts is bad enough. Wiping paid accounts is another level of bad. Further delays in announcing their bad decision is beyond ridiculous and completely unprofessional. I am curious how many people are still playing. such a missed opportunity for NQ. Absolute fools running this disaster.
  7. I can’t believe NQ is this indecisive. I think they are only delaying the announcement. I will also say the delay announcing is terrible.
  8. The concept of power would be great. Space Engineers model would be simple and effective.
  9. In a way, keeping what the creatives have built provides the infrastructure for which PvP'ers can leverage when PvP comes to bear in game. Wiping it out pushes everything out.
  10. Things are CHEAPER than what they were during the period of ore inflation. Your last paragraph is why people don’t want the wipe.
  11. Do you even play the game? I ask because I have played consistently since beta started. I play solo. I am not rich and I have what I need and it took me a while to get where I am. I have seen no impact from super rich. I see a slow market with reasonable prices (now that the ore inflation is over).
  12. Beats me but I can tell you I see no material advantage to those who are super rich or exploited to get super rich.
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