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  1. Mine remembers my login credentials. Not sure what to say.
  2. Sure, management failure to date. But increasing the size of the team, well managed, will increase throughput and would accelerate delivery of new features.
  3. A little bland. Needs more salt.
  4. And why do you need to catch up? Seriously, what have you accomplished if/when you catch up to that rich guy or org?
  5. LOL... how about you settle down and stop wasting time posting on a forum for game that has clearly hurt your feelings. Forgot to ask.... can I have your stuff?
  6. These changes make sense but we have already been encumbered with the change in place. Additionally, some people have bought constructs from people who have quit playing. What are those players to do? TBH - the critical error with the DRM rollout is that it should only affect new blueprints. Retroactively implementing the RDM change effectively broke every contract between seller and buyer where all transactions were based off the open nature of prior blue prints. Sellers (still playing) must now run around fixing permissions, or buyers are having to tear down their constructs just to update the LUA (as an example). This is why everything should have been left as-is and new DRM rules only affect future blueprints and transactions. The old rules were already factored into cost and every deal because those were the rules by which people were playing. This has been a headache for everyone. I get and totally appreciate the direction of recent changes. The problem is with how the changes have been executed. Effective change management is a real, and critical activity in everything we do - including games.
  7. I am really upset with this sudden change. I would have much preferred the option to reset my talents. I have been okay with the latest patch. I am very much not okay with them resetting my talents and training queue with no notice. This is really frustrating.
  8. I suspect the higher cost is due to demand. I personally look at is a question of buy or build. I used to buy my L containers; I make them now. I am planning to do the same with TU’s. Basically, things I continually need more of and cost more.
  9. Hi all, I hope there is a trick to this I am not figuring out. I am trying to create my own logo for a new corp. Problem is my SVG makes the edit box expand down, blocking the 'OK' button. Any ideas for how I can get the logo I want and still get to that OK button? Thanks in advance.
  10. When I follow these instructions, I get an error saying null value for Telemeter. I renamed the element. I am sure it has something to do with this but can't figure it out.
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