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  1. Favorite: People's creativity and ability to do what I want Most hated thing: Poor execution by NQ
  2. I am frustrated with the perennial mismanagement by NQ and some of the recent changes. That said, I still enjoy DU and hope it survives the stupidity from NQ.
  3. I don’t think they are even listening to that. NQ’s gross arrogance has them deaf, dumb, and blind.
  4. Good post. The concept of DU has so much potential. It is so frustrating with how it has been managed over the years and now. The arrogance of NQ is shocking. I am still enjoying DU and agree the future seems bleak. Little communication and changes that make a challenging game more so for new players, solos, and small orgs. I get that NQ is trying to slow progression. Problem is they are strangling players out, who can’t or can just barely keep up. For now I plan to enjoy DU while it lasts.
  5. Shifting nodes like SWG is a great idea.
  6. People running missions are making billions. People hand calibration mining are not. Charges are limited and throttled. This change only hurts solo players, new players, and small orgs.
  7. Not until NQ very clearly said it was okay and part of the gameplay.
  8. It’s simple. When NQ clearly states calibration mining is valid, then without prior notice change their minds (which is BS), they screw people out of weeks of TP training. Meta or not, there should be at least a partial refund of points.
  9. Epically stupid change. Especially after saying calibration mining was valid.
  10. This exactly. NQ explicitly stated calibration mining was valid - and less efficient long term (so there was a cost to doing so). Not to mention, there are few practical ways to get T2+ ore right now given the extremely low ore rates. NQ should refund talent points invested for calibration mining.
  11. This is just hyperbole. You may not like the direction of DU (and this is your perfectly valid person opinion), but you can't honestly say it is worse than it was two years ago.
  12. I guess my question is if my Patron account will ever get that extra million skill points my Refer a friend accounts have. I find it hard to understand how it makes sense for an original founder account can have a million fewer skill points. The other stuff looks great and looking forward to it coming.
  13. Schematics, as they are now, are tedious, but there needs to be something consumable. The current schematic system is better than what it was.
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