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  1. You don’t have your talents, though. I forgo my talents and just use VR, wishing I didn’t invest in those talents.
  2. I like the idea of detectable ranges for core sizes. It enables some stealth and reason to build smaller core ships.
  3. This is what I ended up doing. I wish there was a consolidated list somewhere.
  4. Right. If DU targeted Minecraft players, it could generate significant growth. Draw 1% of the Minecraft crowed and watch the DU numbers bounce. The challenge is the starting experience is terrible right now. NQ needs to quickly address that, then do some targeted marketing.
  5. Well… a lot of kids who played Minecraft are now adults. Minecraft was released a decade ago.
  6. Completely disagree with your opinion on measure everything. Frankly, doing so only leads to no rudderless meandering with no strategy as you chase the number of the day. Establish KPIs, what’s important, and focus on those. KPIs should be oriented to the outcome you’re seeking individually or corporately. For NQ and DU, what’s their vision and which KPIs should they set to measure and focus. Then change, measure, change as they work to achieve their objective. This should evolve over time. You are right in that active players is anecdotal. That’s a number NQ will never share unless it is positive. I think it is pretty safe to say the metric is not going in the right direction given the latest exodus. That said, it is only anecdotal.
  7. Right or wrong is measurable, as is everything. DU is bleeding players. Worse, they are bleeding long-time, dedicated, and influential players. NQ clearly has no plan and have gone silent. There is no excuse.
  8. DU is on a bad path right now. Demeter is a flop and the silence from NQ is deafening.
  9. NQ is losing players (and money) because they have managed to make the gameplay experience worse over time and demonstrated little more than contempt toward players. NQ build the foundation of a game for which a great number of people want to play.
  10. Sorry to see you go. NQ managed to make a boring and tedious activity like mining become more boring and tedious with less reward. That almost takes skill.
  11. The beauty of DU is that there are no classes and so no real balance. There is no RNG. It is just math. The closes anyone gets to RNG is the path one might take when scanning tiles and that is just individual luck and effort (how many tiles do you scan).
  12. Completely disagree for a number of reasons, primarily based on the fact people are paying a monthly fee. Second reason being it makes no sense to reverse tile abandonment for solo-owned tiles. Why keep those around if there is an impending wipe. Your rationalization of getting to play through again is just mental gymnastics. DU is a sandbox MMO. People play these games at their own pace in their own way. There is no playing through experience. It is building up and establishing your foothold in your own way.
  13. You missed the point. It’s about trust. It is not about the lack of current roadmap. It is about NQ saying and doing something, then changing their minds with no notification. Mega is right that current actions border on deceit or stupidity. Take your pick, both are damning. Losing players like Mega is a telling loss and I hope NQ pays attention. Their communication is shit. Their wishy washy stance on everything is shit. I love DU and want it to succeed. I think NQ treats loyal players like shit and this is what kills games.
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