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  1. Its been stated that the subscriptions only begin at release. An open beta with monthly payments is not an open beta, its just a game.
  2. I wouldnt say it's a sign of desperation necessarily. EVE has always had a problem with bringing in new players who haven't played before because of the harsh nature of the game at times, and the relatively steep learning curve. To me it's them trying different strategies to bring in new blood. As far as I'm aware EVE is not in danger of failing but bringing in new players to a 10+ year old persistent universe is difficult to begin with and people quit over time.
  3. discordauth:7T6udC3F9ZTTwHok-Qbc0Re61EIuZSWNy4BD9FOrYuI=

  4. When did they say that? I don't remember seeing anything Good point, that's the way it currently works for the devs, not sure if it will stay that way or not and what the options are in your inventory
  5. First things first, you should take a look at the Builder Guide on the wiki, we've spent considerable time refining it from the information we know now. Link to Wiki I wouldn't think of it as being given creative mode, but rather that to make testing things simpler, you will be skipping the mining and refining steps of the gameplay for the Pre-Alpha. As far as how collecting resources will work, it seems that it will be more of a simple sphere, and maybe other shapes to dig into the ground, but you will have some tools like smoothing to round off edges and such whi
  6. I do not think that they have really delved into the topic in the details you are looking for unfortunately. From what we've filled in on the wiki (dualuniverse.gamepedia.com), I would say that what you should look for is to have a reasonable amount of space to keep items mined (or whatever) in your inventory as it has special compression technology. There is definitely special cargo elements that you will deposit items into as a separate inventory, rather than a physical location. In theory, there is also nothing stopping you from dropping a bunch of resources voxels on the fl
  7. I would think it would take a good deal of time to determine a method for compiling and storing all of this information, as it would be fairly extensive. It is certainly possible unless there is something weird with the procedural generation, just not simple.
  8. I think that my answer revolves around the hypothesized contracting/quest system to be implemented by NQ in coordination with the Rights & Duties Management System (RDMS). With the contracting system you should be able to set up a contract that provides for a structured interaction between players to complete tasks and provide services, allows for rewards, and offers a basic insurance policy. For example Player A offers a contract/quest to Player B who has to deliver a Ship to a specific location within a specific timeframe and without any damage. This contract offered by Pla
  9. So my question is, how do you plan on getting the topographical data from DU?
  10. I was wondering if anyone had plans/ideas to somehow survey the planets in the starter system, especially Alioth, so that we can develop GIS portals (Google maps but with more features) out-of-game?
  11. This sounds interesting, I am imagining the massive space station shown in the kickstarter campaign as a concept image. I would be interesting to help throw ideas around, and the Novark Power Corporation would be interested in helping develop, operate, and maintain the station's power/energy system.
  12. You guys should always check the official wiki at https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com first for questions like this, we have compiled a lot of information. Previously Nyzaltar has stated that importing 3D designs from third-party software is something NQ does not plan on allowing/implementing. Wiki: https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Builder_Guide#Combat_Protection Original Source:
  13. One key thing that has not been mentioned is that NQ is seriously looking at the ability to take with you blueprints of constructs you have made across wipes, either local or otherwise. Still a work in progress, but they understand that people are going to spend considerable time designing things in the alpha and beta. They are trying to balance an unfair advantage come release for those in Alpha/Beta if there was no wipe against not completely disregarding the many hours and days people will be putting into creating things during these periods. Also as mentioned
  14. We are always looking for customers to serve & contractors to work with to help us offer a wide range of services. This specific advertisement is to help find individuals who are interested in working with me one-on-one in developing ideas, and testing concepts, BUT if you are interested in working on an organization-to-organization basis, feel free to contact me about arranging an agreement or other understanding for the future!
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