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  1. Thanks for your last response and I think this would solve everyone’s issues just send out the invites no doubt it will work (:
  2. Oh ok that was my the idea I had but wasn’t sure. thanks this helps
  3. Sorry still new to this would you please be able to answer my question above
  4. So what your saying is that there will be one server but the connection shouldn’t be that bad no matter we’re in the world you are
  5. Ok this really helps thanks for answering and helping me out
  6. I was just wondering if duel universe was going to be a monthly subscription kind of thing or just a one of buy game i have heard people say both and just wanted some clarification.
  7. Hi guys, Just wondering if there is any information about Australian servers coming to the game as i know from experience that playing with high lag just doesn't make for a fun in game experience. Knowing what i hope this game will become i cant imagine playing and enjoying myself with high lag. Anyways in advance thanks for the help. P.S. are there many Australians looking into playing duel universe, just wondering.
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