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  1. GG Novaquark.. Loved being a Ruby supporter, but putting more barriers to play with nothing else to do, you killing us...
  2. discordauth:o6IltYJCM41VVuDh7y6eY-_pXO0K1vxnv_ke_5DIfoY=

  3. Well technically, you can ONLY have a space elevator BECAUSE planets rotate. The mass at the end of the elevator attached to a strong tether creates the forces that keep the tether taught....
  4. Hi, I read the LUA scripting Dev blogs, and I understand the event model and filtering approach. My question is around access to elements and attributes inside of the LUA scripts. Using the "self." mechanism to reference attributes and functions inside of the script. I was wondering if there is any object model of all the available properties and methods available in LUA. Thanks in advance!
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