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  1. I was at Jago and other updated planets and I haven't seen nothing special that could convince me to agree with Alioth wipe. No animals, no aliens, nothing dynamic. Few better looking trees, few fish sprites it's not worth another wipe.
  2. NQ the more you create the more you brake. I started this game (BETA) with group of 5 people (no alts), now I am solo player with piles of ore, ships and other stuff. So I am sitting in this game only because burned thousands of hours and keeping stuff for friends to come back. So if you make any type of wipe - I will quit and I am sure my friends will never come back too. And yes I will come back, but not to play, but to make something bad like block Market, insult NQ stuff and etc. and your BAN will not hurt me at all, because you already punished me.
  3. I disagree with option "right-click option to recycle it" if you don't have time to disassemble it then leave it - I'll take it. NQ please don't make this option, but pls make more indication tools how to find elements on construct.
  4. World is not quite dead "the world feels quite dead.", because it's dead. I haven't seen any life in it only static pointless huge constructs. The only constructs I respect is hangar and factory. The rest of buildings like towers, apartments, houses and other crap is useless, because your Avatar don't need it. Your Avatar don't sleep, eat, poop and not event TALK :D. Ideas? Wardrobe - place to change appearance (remove left menu button of avatar and add it here) Bed placed on static core gives more logout bonuses. Something like 300 000 quanta for next login after N hours. Toilets or showers - gives 6h boost to skill point learning. Add "push to talk" for people to communicate and build conference rooms, bars and other useless honycomb piles. I know NPC in DU it's only a dream, but I still have hope for this.
  5. discordauth:zKvGp2TrvVKr8D1YLMBIUISXFkbTmu9P71Ikogi1ThA=

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