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  1. My Iron founder title has completely disappeared. I think something has gone wrong with the iron founder titles in the database if it's not giving alpha access to kickstarter iron founders and removing the title from post-kickstarter iron founders.
  2. I think Hagbard meant have you checked your email, you should have an NDA email.
  3. Or we could all just move to one location and have a massive LAN party. I'll bring the snacks!
  4. It's more than enough for Dual Universe. If you can splash out on expensive CPUs though, I would go with Intel for the faster memory usage.
  5. As someone that's been playing games since he was 6, has tried everything, then studied game development for 4 years, I'd like to pitch into this. There are different kinds of audiences in the game industry like every other industry of course, in the gaming industry you have these audiences (from my perspective): Action Achievers Chill Competitive Roleplayers Action players are into fast-paced games that give you as much to do in as little time as possible. Achievers want to try and 100% the games they play or grind for everything in an MMO. Chill players just want to relax and be in the game. Competitive players want to be the best and usually master the mechanics of a game. Roleplayers try to recreate a story or character in a game from something else or their own creativity. If you look from the perspective of each one of these audience members, then what they see as "winning" in a game like this is different. Action players see winning as getting into combat and getting out of it alive, mastering the mechanics, or getting the highest score; basically short term wins. Achievers only win when they 100% a game, which is difficult if the game constantly updates adding new content. Chill players don't really care about winning a game, I guess they see winning as finding the best way to chill in a game, so if the game has constant distractions and annoyances, then they've lost. Competitive players obviously want to be the number one player, so a scoring and/or rule system that places players in a skill hierarchy is important for them to decide this, that way they can use it to find out who is truly "number one". Roleplayers usually see winning as completing their character's life I suppose, game mechanics like a progression system with skills, levels, etc. can help simulate character development, completing the development of their character and/or completing a campaign they've made or the game has made for their character is usually seen as a win. I can go even more in depth, but this is just a summary for each audience. Overall though, it depends on the kind of person you are and what you are content with being the last thing you ever need to do in a game, being that making it to the number one player spot, or just building a massive castle.
  6. https://community.dualthegame.com/organizations/ Sign in and click "Create your own organisation".
  7. It's not dead, everyone just keeps talking in the NDA sections. Also hello new player!
  8. Oh no, I've been saying it wrong this whole time! I've been saying "Can I have". :O *Slaps self for being so rude and dumb*
  9. Multiplayer games (especially MMOs) try to minimize the amount of data that's sent from a client to a server, so it's usually very small. I've downloaded games with most of my internet while playing multiplayer games before. You should worry more about ping (the time it takes for a packet of data to be sent to the server).
  10. If I remember correctly, hydrogen doesn't run a fusion reactor, it's supposed to get it started and the fireball within the reactor is supposed to last a very long time before it extinguishes. Right now in real life fusion reactors are experimental and need to be fed different gases to keep the fireball stable. Scientists and engineers are trying to find a way to make the fireball stable for longer and then they will be finding a way to mass produce fusion reactors, so we are not far off getting fusion power stations. So a fusion reactor would use very little hydrogen as fuel, if it was going to be a thing in the game, it would have to be hard to make in my opinion. Usually we extract hydrogen from water, so even if we were very active in space, farming hydrogen from a gas giant is extremely unsafe and would tear apart equipment that would be used to collect the gases. The wind speeds on Jupiter are extremely high and the sediment in the air would wear down metal very quickly, that's if it doesn't get dragged down by it's magnetic field, which would mess with electronics that aren't insulated from it too. So your idea isn't very realistic from an actual scientific point of view, but it is a good idea nonetheless.
  11. Hehe, you guys sound like plumbers talking about faucets and sinks. I think that a finite currency could be interesting, but wouldn't there have to be separate currencies for ingame item purchases and real life purchases like DACs? Having both kinds of purchases being tied together to one kind of currency would stress it a lot, the devs might struggle feeding money back into the economy. People would be trading DACs, eventually someone could just abuse it by spending tons of real life money on DACs and end up draining the finite currency. Lots of MMOs have separate currencies and having one for normal ingame purchases and a premium one for things that are purchased with real money has worked very well. What I'm saying is, long term players could maybe have a premium currency that can be harder to obtain and that they will spend more often, this could fix the issue of the finite currency running out too quickly. They could convert the ingame currency into the premium currency and then maybe get custom textures and DACs ingame that can also be purchased with real money, so it adds more value to them. This premium currency could be infinite while the ingame one is finite, and because the microtransactions wouldn't effect a veteran player's progress in the game it wouldn't make it pay to win either. An infinite currency is okay with me, but trade would be more fun with a finite currency in my opinion.
  12. This should be moved to the Arkship Pub.
  13. There are tutorials on youtube, Yamamushi recently linked it to someone on the discord: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCpzLs4vlis&list=PLA_lhIAGheMHEw4G3PTgZBwjGITCCuH17
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    He put it in his interests as well though.
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