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  1. If I understood well, damages will be voxels based. If so you can breach a hull... Here again, they were speaking about balancing mechanism where small targets will be harder to touch or more resistant against big weapons. If the damage is voxel based, fighters may be a critical way of harassing weaks points off really big ships. I'm not so sure myself about that one... It's a guess based on the fact that they take into accounts the nomadic players.
  2. It's a nice categorization. About what it may look like in really, I thing there is some really important game mechanisms that we must consider : blueprints, resurrection nodes, voxel based damaged, necessity to have player to control key-components... For large/long scales battles, I think there would be specialized ship, equipped with resurrection nodes and a s**t-ton amount of ressources and components, so defeated allies can repop, build back their ship from blueprints (at least for fighters), and go back to the front line. And I think, they will be a lot of boarding : kill the crew, you got one free ship. I imagine : Small transport ship created to breach into big one Hacking or use enemy's resurrection nodes Fire focused on areas of ships containing crew members ... Disabling opponent will also be important, so that they can't come back in the battle : Engine destruction "Jails" system Movement limitation ...
  3. Mmmh... I think NK have a really precise artistic direction, as they explain in their first podcast, and it doesn't look like they ar going that way. Being outside of NDA, I haven't seen anything fantasy like for now... No wood, brick or stone wall (not talking about voxel, but something like defense wall). I think we will be able to use the ressource as we pleased, and give our constructs a fantasy-like feeling, but component will be Sci-Fi.
  4. Yuu


    I, Yuuyake, on the behalf of Sente, as his diplomatic representative, formally sign the CONAMI, on the 1st of May 2019. Sente is now an member of INA, the Inter-Neutral Assembly.
  5. It's the first time I heard of honeycombs materials in DU, and it look important in the building process. Does this have been discussed outside of NDA section ?
  6. You now what @Geo ? Your topic make me discovered this message : Nice work !
  7. I liked their Youtube DevDiary, but I guess it became difficult to maintain it with NDA... So the podcast is a nice alternative, and this one was well done ! So another +1
  8. Or some frag-armor-piercing bullets, and have some fun !
  9. Nice ! I didn't had that in mind. Game is still in alpha, and we will already be impatient for expansion ! ^^
  10. Something like this topic of @Eternal ? It's look like a lot of players are interested by animals. Hope NQ propose something for this later.
  11. discordauth:G16qHJO2Y5wiQr52VPusmbjGFaNA2oTlF1AHsgScn7E=

  12. Hi Bolliz ! Everything you build started from a "core unit", which limit the dimension of your construct (different size exists) and define if it will be a static one (like a house), or if it can move (like a ship). As for claiming a piece of land, it will also be possible with territory unit, and right management. I advice you to look at their Youtube channel, and more especially those videos (while keeping on mind it's pre-alpha footages) : Dual Universe Pre-Alpha Tutorial: Tool & UI Basics | October 2017 => This one is really good, and you will be able to juge the possibilities of their voxel building system. Dual Universe Pre-Alpha Tutorial: Interactive Elements & Linking | October 2017 Dual Universe Pre-Alpha Tutorial: Rights Management, Outposts & Territories | October 2017 If you want to learn more, look for blueprint system and LUA scripting.
  13. Yuu


    Sente is a small group of friends, knowing each others before entering Novark, and heading for Alioth, on an 10.000 years long trip. Now out of our Cryosleep, we want to discover our new home, and the people we will share it with. Before making any big plans, we will concentrate on the task at hand : settling. It doesn’t matter if we do it on Alioth, on its moon, on another planet or asteroid, or even on a ship. We need to find a place to learn back what the cryogenic process make us forget. After that ? Who knows… It’s a new world, so we will see what it have to offer. Orientation : Sente is a small group of friends, with no define objectives for now. We will learn and watch, before making plans. At first, we will mostly look for a place to settle, and then concentrate on our mining/building skills. Application : Closed. We have no intention of expanding ourselves for now, so including new members will be a situational decision. Diplomacy : Member of INA, the Inter-Neutral Assembly (CONAMI signed). URL : DU Organization page
  14. It was really nice ! I really want to have a look at this skill tree ! Thank you NQ-Nomad !
  15. A Stellaris player ! Nice ! Be welcome among us, Alexios.
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