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  1. Even if it were awful, people would still take the time to learn it. If you don't want to learn it, just use the normal tools I have used solidworks and it wouldn't need to be nearly as complicated. what people are suggesting with a CAD system wouldn't be mandatory at all, just another way/tool to build with the same voxels. a simple addition for those who want more control over their voxels
  2. No, not really. Just like LUA. If you want to go the extra mile and learn something to improve your skills, go ahead, but don't be limited by making everything within the skills of everybody. There's no unfair advantage granted to those who learn a simple in-game CAD system... The current voxel tools will always be available to those who don't want to go the extra mile and learn something... That's like saying they should make a visual IDE for LUA so people don't feel excluded from programming
  3. If you include the 20% VAT both $180USD and €180 are almost exactly the same: Patron = $180USD and €144Euro (minus 20% VAT) USD to CAD $180USD = $230CAD Euro to CAD €144 = $226CAD Edit: If this is simply a geographical difference you can probably just use a VPN to a US IP and pay USD
  4. How it is: Patron = $180USD and €180Euro Euro to CAD €180 = $280CAD For reference: USD to CAD $180USD = $230CAD What the OP wants: Patron = $180USD and €147Euro (to make both currencies equivalent) Euro to CAD €147 = $230CAD Edit: Note, I'm not saying this is how it should be, because I don't know everything that goes into this, I'm simply clarifying what the OP is suggesting.
  5. "who go that extra mile" lol, I see what you did there....
  6. Um, that's exactly what I said.... I think it would be a better idea to just have a switch on the regular TCU that turns off protection and makes it invisible rather than whole new kind of TCU. I would probably add a spool-up/cool-down so you can't just flick it on and off when somebody decides to attack.
  7. TLDR: What the OP wants is a TCU that isn't publicly visible, but doesn't offer protection to counterbalance the stealthiness, which I think could actually be a pretty good idea assuming nothing conflicts with it. It could even be just an option on a regular TCU to turn off protection, but as a benefit makes the location of the claimed hex invisible. Protection On = Visible (Can see on map) Protection Off = Invisible (Can't see on map) In both states the territory is claimed and no other TCU can be placed on that territory.
  8. TLDR: Nobody has an excuse to not be able to pay $10-20 a month for DU.
  9. Hi, I'm LittleJoe o/ I've been here a while, but I like to say hi, so hi o/
  10. With a group of 3-15. Where I plan on going and with whom I plan on going there with no military will be necessary
  11. Particle-energy Inhibitor Matrix I was going to suggest "Particle Inhibitor System" but yeah.....
  12. I apologize for missing the link, but my point about "going with what works" is still quite valid. I do with you that this is off topic, so I'll just end it here
  13. I 100% agree with @yamamushi Email is not perfect and people lose stuff all the time in their Spam folders. He's simply suggesting that an API would provide an additional, much, much less error prone, option for people to utilize in order to create apps and such to receive notifications on. Just because you think email "Seems sufficient to me" doesn't mean notifications like this wouldn't fit well into a DU API or that an API would be a bad thing. In addition, do you really have to insult Yama by saying he must have never sent email to his phone implying he doesn't know how to use email with his phone? Really? Simply the fact that something works does not mean it cannot be improved upon and expanded... The moment you start saying "It works, stop talking about other ways to do it" is the moment you start to squelch innovation and creativity. I for one don't want to see that become the general attitude around here towards people's ideas and I'm sure you don't either. Just my 2cents and thanks NQ for this awesome update
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