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  1. This is a post to hopefully get the attention of NQ staff: You promised better communication and we’re still waiting. Most of us still with the game understand that it is a difficult task to predict timing on a developing situation. The issue at this point is a complete lack of even a guess. It’s okay to give us a date and be wrong about it. No one has been walking away from the game because of a “wrong time estimate.” People are leaving the game because we’re being left hanging. We see the great features coming such as the mission system, new Lua screen tech, and long awaited docking changes. They’re exciting. The problem is we have no idea if we’ll ever see any of it at this point. The constant answers of “we’re not 100% sure” isn’t good enough and is the wrong approach. It’s fine if there are currently issues with the features you’re working on. However, you need to inform us what you’re looking at. Main Point: Give us an estimate. We know it might end up wrong. Fine. That’s the life of game developing. Tell us a range of when we can look to new features such as “within the next few weeks,” “in about a month,” “maybe in 3-4 months.” Again, if you end up needing more time, that’s fine. Just TELL US how much you need. We can’t help you keep the game alive if you don’t give us estimates to work with.
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