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  1. Well, I will focus on the most exciting changes for me. The "24" is even number and I like even numbers more than odd numbers, because numbers like "23" are odd and I always avoid them when adjusting the volume on my devices.
  2. Right, that is a good example that shows they actually can do it. I will try to remember that, because when I log in from time to time, in my limited perspective, I got this impression that nothing really changed for the better. However, I still can't wrap my head around this strange emptiness. I guess I expected that there will be some kind of continous tweaks and exciting updates to check out at least every 2-3 months. I mean, it's supposed to be a really cool space game and, are there like 50 people working on this? In 2 locations? I think that I was more excited about what I heard a few years ago in JC's interviews than after "release".
  3. Can you recall some examples when NQ implemented something new, then the community feedback was mostly negative, then NQ changed it (once or many times) and then the feedback transitioned to mostly positive? The question is especially directed at people that follow DU for a long time. Most of the new ideas are really bad, but with continual improvement, they can evolve into something not that bad or even great. So I was wondering how well this process works in DU.
  4. Hello, how is the whole space game thing going?
  5. The "If you can't make it good, at least make it look good" strategy do not impress me.
  6. "Sell order of 1 Container fulfilled on Market market." Thanks! What container? S, M, L? Which market? (this info was there before infamous 0.23) What price?
  7. [v] Emergent mining experience [v] Well-crafted, logical systems [v] Amazing UI design of the "why did you quit" survey [v] No bugs [v] Definitely not pre-alpha [v] Fun
  8. Update: It seems that my problem is solved, but I can't say why exactly. I did a quick PC format, installed DU, tried it and it was still crashing. But then I decided: f**k it and did a second format, but a little bit more carefully. Started with cleaning my PC and reconnecting every part again. Then I installed every possible driver by hand (NOT automatically by WIndows 10), updated BIOS etc. And now it seems to work! I relogged many times, played a bit and not a single crash or disconnect. In the meantime, I switched to a new 1440p monitor, but I don't think it is a factor in here. Anyway, whatever helped, it made a huge difference, because now the game works waaay smoother (despite increased resolution!).
  9. Wait what again? Why would I want any of this to be changed? The current poor implementation of LOD switching is one of the most immersion breaking issues for me. When I fly a few hundred meters above the ground, doing the same route over and over again, every time I see different planet scenery. Sometimes trees pop in all the way to the horizon, sometimes they show only after I landed. Sometimes they show randomly in different places in almost a chessboard pattern. I fly over strange single-color triangle and suddenly it morphs into full detail mountain. And yesterday I destroyed my ship, because the game did not show the building right before me, but the buildings ~10km away were looking fine.
  10. Wait what? I can't have my cake (smooth LOD rendering) and LOD? How that makes sense? Anyway, I was just loosely pointing out, that before fancy graphics improvements, it would be good to focus on the basic issues with unstable voxels rendering first.
  11. Since beta launch I have frustrating problem with losing connection and frequent game crashing. I sent a lot of reports, but I guess that I'm in minority with this issue and nobody cares. So, is there someone, who also had a problem with constant game crasing, but found a way to fix it? How? These are some of the typical cases: - First login of the day - instant crash after Loading. - Second login of the day - crash after a few seconds after Loading. With third attempt it is usually ok. - Using instant transport between Alioth and Sanctuary - crash every 2-3 uses right after Loading. - Flying above the surface of planets (0-2000m range) - random (every 1-15 minutes) crashes. It seems to not correlate with any obvius situation or action. - Flying in space - random crashes roughly once every 20 minutes. The issue persist on 2 different machines, first one around minimal specs, second one 1 tier above recommended.
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