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  1. This right here. We were promised only Sanc and 20km of safe zone around ark ship. Until that is deliverd dont see how I can give them any money. I dont want some PVE builder game, if I do id play space engineers or another game. Voxels suck for the most part its not like they support anything, shit just magically floats in the air no physics. StarBase at least actually have to plan to hold proper weight and build for function. The selling point of DU was single shard where the players make the content and choose. You cant have that if everything is in the safe zone.
  2. 100% this. its way better to stick with only 5 planets, and Haven, and i guess alioth a safe zone. then you can do a new solar system expansion. that could add to some exploration. Only increase as needed 12 planets, 30+ moons and 1mil tiles....for maybe 10k players (if your lucky) is just wasted space. This is an MMO you want to encourage player interaction.
  3. The interdiction mechanic in SC is amazing too. Allows people to pull people from warp, pirate, create conflict. But it's not OP and smart people can get around it at times, it's very balanced atm on SC.
  4. The wipe has no bearing on me leaving or staying. I left a long time ago, and by the looks of how the game is going won't be returning. But I keep an eye on it out of curiosity to see how far they can stray from what was pitched during alpha. It's damn near a bait and switch at this point. Almost as bad as telling people you are making a FPS ww2 game, but then when it's time to deliver you give people a go-kart racing game.....almost.
  5. Ya and you gotta take chances when you are a small indie studio with a niche game if you want to be seen.
  6. Or you know, everything should be in a pvp zone like other successful space games. EvE and Star Citizen. SC if you mine, you can be shot. In EvE if you mine you can be shot. Funny how those games have such a strong backing, and one has been alive for decades. Surely that cant have anything to do with it right?
  7. Honestly, as the game stands I dont really see why the game should be a "single shard". It makes more sense for DU financially to go the route of Space Engineers and Minecraft. Make the players pay for servers, mod them, and dictate how they want them to be. In no way shape or form does it show that NQ is utilizing their only strength, having everyone on 1 server shard.
  8. this right here. IF there was actually good and challenging PVE then ok, like other games like WoW or other such games. But it doesn't. It was always billed as player driven. This game needs PVP pretty much everywhere, at least the threat of it, and it desperately needs some more survival aspects and an Avatar that can die, ya know, from falling. Maybe throw in some hostile enviroments, oxygen needed, whatever. Make it a game. There is a reason that EvE online and Star Citizen has soooo much more money, way way way more money being given to them by players than DU does. Its because for 1, it has pve. But even more importantly, that PVE is in a pvp zone. There are tools for player interactions. DU wants to enable everyone to play a single player game in their own corner of alioth, and push pvpers to the outer reaches of space. That hardly sounds like a cool single shard MMO to me. It sounds like desperation from a game company that knows it cant scale and must push people away from each other,
  9. Yes it was. They literally said that the only safe space would be Sanc and 20km around the ark ship. The rest was in the pvp zone. You could have temp safe zones. "protection bubbles" as they put it, that could provide for people and cities to grow, and then try to defend their home. But PVP was always the focus in the original pitch. Watch all the old alpha videos they say it plain as day. JC even mentions EvE over and over which is about as pvp as it gets....ie. the whole gameworld has some sort of pvp in it.
  10. Ya, I mean I accepted the risk backing in alpha. But it really has been a bait and switch. And they dont even have the gall to look us in the eye and say "ya our server tech didnt perform how we wanted and this is what its gotta be" but continue on this bullshit path. WE backed a game that was suppose to be heavily in PVP and PLAYER DRIVEN. Its not player driven with alphelia, bots, and safe zones. This is some broke ass theme park mascaraing around as some "revolutionary mmo technology". Remove safe zones, put some better tools in place. Make a better radar system. Expand how orgs are ran and how they can utilize planets/moons to form nations. Let the players figure the rest out.
  11. Exactly, its become boring universe. Yes in real life people want to be safe. But when i log into a video game im looking for adventure because "death" is just a respawn away. I have quit DU and dont plan on coming back because of complete boredom. I'll might come back, but only if they drop all the safe zones except Haven/scan and then also limit the industry you can do on those starter moons.
  12. the whole game should be gated behind pvp. I dont see this last past 1 year after release if the game is as it stands now.
  13. Bro, the 30k cap for all ships before was "arbitrary". Now it's tied to mass. That's the opposite of arbitrary.
  14. Sad thing is this has been shouted to NQ for at least 5 years. They don't care about making a fun game anymore.
  15. They are going for that 1 wave but I think even that will be small. Pretty much everyone I use to play with is completely over DU and said they won't be playing release. Maybe if the game doesn't die they will check back in 5 years. But as it stands I get the feeling that most who would be the type to be interested in DU have already heard of it. It always has and will always be niche.
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