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  1. i understand what you saying, but that would also need complete rework of element HP. Its out of whack compared to L guns and stuff. Taking some voxel dmg to tank is all fine in theory, if i also dont lose 90% of my guns, a large portion of adjusters, and 3 engines after 10 seconds of being shot. Not to mention radars on the outside? 1 bullet and BAM im flying blind now. Kinda ruins the gameplay. So there is a ton of work that would need to be prepped before you begin to think about making shields tied to their size and core.
  2. Just a good reminder that in most of DU aspects, it has gotten progressively worse. We now have 3 iterations of a sky box in DU and the first one was BY FAR the best. Its not cartoony, and it works. And it looks like space. You immediately get the immersion. Not talking about realism, but just pure immersion and this one just makes feel right at home in a space game to log in and see this wonderful sky. I know since they recently just released the new one its about 0 chance to change it again, but god dammitt who is in charge at NQ. Amazing how they just go backwards on so many things.
  3. ok that works then, as i looked up my package and am owed 7 more DACs. obv doesnt matter as long as they are there for release.
  4. i paid the $120 on one of my alpha accounds back in alpha 1. but when i log in the website it says i only get 1 DAC, but im sure it was promised more. because in alpha 1 the min to even log in and play under NDA was the 120 package. Are we getting screwed on our DACS owed?
  5. This needs to be answered. What about the people who paid in during alpha, that were promised DAC? Are we getting ours too?
  6. I think it would be interesting if weapon types did different base damage against shields then voxels. So for instance lasers would do amazing dmg against shields. But then do piss poor vs voxels and elements. You could still core a ship with only lasers but if they had any decent or even minimal voxel protection it would take a lot to kill. Maybe even a ship could get a vent off. Same thing reverse with cannons. Very low shield dps, but crazy insane voxel dps. Once shields go down if someone puts cannons on you in range you might be toast, even with decent voxel protection. Stuff of that nature would mean rounding out your fleets more. And how you focus targets would matter, etc.
  7. Stasis weapons needs to be redone too. 1 stasis per gunner seat. Take out the calculation based on mass of your target. It's completely ass backwards. It's easier to hit bigger target but that target is already going slow or even at min speed of 20km. So make It hit anything the same, with some cross section calculation for hit chance. Make the cone really small and range small like 15km. But if it hits the effect lasts 20 seconds, and you Fire it every 10. Lets reduce server calculations where they aren't needed. This makes them effective, but you also loose a whole gunner seat of dps. But it could also add lots of DPS allowing M and L to apply dmg to smaller cores. Gives way more options to form fleets.
  8. I wish cross section wasn't the be all end all of hit probabilities. That would also make stasis weapons more important and we could keep things how they are with S cores using L shields even if they want. And would create more diversity. Like railguns and such would also factor in faster you going, more miss chances. But if you have L rail and that S core is slowing down to reverse burn, BAM he gets hit hard. Stuff like that. And missiles are pretty weak now, so maybe since missiles can be seen as "computer guided" they aren't really effected by speed. This tweaks of how hit chance is calculated and how different guns effect that could add greater diversity and planning. A few L cores could be viable if proper use of stasis webs or timing.
  9. Exactly, that's a good point. I was around the whole alpha and there was so many more big orgs ready for the game that was promised, pvp and only sanc as safe zone. Sure the game can fluctuate as it develops, but it can fluctuate in the wrong direction.
  10. This is a game not a simulation. I'm talking gameplay. And if you want a building civilization you need pvp gameplay. And don't act like I'm talking nonsense, the kickstarter literally said only Sanctuary was safe zone and that would be severely limited on what you can do. So if you wanted to progress you had to go out in the world where pvp was. The gameplay was people grouping up for "temp" safe zones and protection bubbles. Similar to how EvE does. You've been around long enough here you should know better, and know I'm not talking about some hyper simulation. But the reality is, if we can't attack and defend other people's tile, the game will be stale as [filtered] and boring, not to mention that also means NQ lied about what features they were putting in to build a civilization building game.
  11. Also, every civilization has been forged by violence, and the threat of violence. That means if this is a civilization building game you need to remove all the safe zones. People group up for protection and convenience.
  12. I disagree. Game will not survive long because it's not in a good state at all. It's bare bones. People will sub if the game is good, and has content.
  13. Don't worry most of that 6 weeks will be AFK gameplay.
  14. thats the issue. It needs to be active, and could add to exploration. Miners need to actively go explore, and find random types of asteroids, PVPers need to go actively fly and hunt.
  15. 100% they just dont understand basic game design. they could put ALL the asteroids in pvp zone, but make them relatively safe with proper game mechanics, yet still knowing danger could be lurking.
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