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  1. Scroll up dude, second line of my first post on this thread. The question now is incentive... what reward would provide sufficient draw to pvp players without destroying the game's economy. Better hexes would obviously draw large orgs with the manpower to maintain control over them, but how do we entice the medium and small guys to make what is likely to be an at least mildly expensive trip in to an area where they'd need to be self-sustaining? My first thought would be sizeable surface-rocks, at least t2 stuff so the small guys could ninja-mine to maintain their fuel and ammo supplies they'd be using in their inevitable raids on larger orgs...
  2. That section called "job forum" in the missions window seems exactly like what you are asking for already minus the third party adjudication... something people could easily just use an alt for to circumvent if they want to abuse the system... Perhaps you could be more specific in what you want to do with contracts so we could work out how it could work?
  3. Missed the part about gain rate. Gottchar's idea was to have the same number of miners with less frequent calibrations, this update will instead encourage the placement of additional MU.
  4. Much appreciated in all areas. I must however ask, will mining units be capable of operating on un-paid HQ hexes like all other industry units?
  5. To be fair, the suggestions I typically got after you for in the past were all either ones you quite blatantly made in the hopes of entirely driving pirates and/or pvp players from the game, or ones you quite blatantly made in the hopes of entirely driving pirates and/or pvp players from anywhere pve players would conceivably want to go. It also didn't help that your counter-argument to anyone poking holes in your ideas was almost always just insults, trolling, and blind accusations (like calling anyone that disagrees with you a pvp player/pirate) instead of trying to come up with solutions to the problems they'd point out. Make no mistake, pirates will always go after easy prey regardless, but if a pvp system exists where they can reasonably obtain better rewards than they would by hanging around the starting system, then a sizeable portion will go there, and you'll have that many fewer to worry about everywhere else. More to the point... CoyoteNZ's idea is to give players significant warning and practice well ahead of safe-zone removal from any pre-existing planet, and while I suspect based on things I've heard that they will just add a new pvp system instead, if NQ ever decides to remove the SZ from a pre-existing planet then CoyoteNZ's idea is a good one.
  6. They have some lights, yes, but those are for seeing the runway while maneuvering when the plane is already on the ground, and for making themselves visible to other aircraft in the dark. As I said before, if ya want to land like a real plane in the dark, put lights on your runway. Deep-sea exploration and maintenance subs have lights to see, but they are not that powerful because water disperses/absorbs light too much for high-powered lights to be practical. They instead rely on a variety of other environment/location-detection hardware to navigate, and just use the lights to look at things up close. If you want some sort of terrain-detecting radar for night flights that doesn't cripple the game with lighting calculations while still providing you the vision you desire, you should make a thread for that, I'd support it.
  7. I am most definitely not a new player, so I don't exactly have a great perspective on how well the game informs them of its available features for advancement, but I was under the impression that the fastest (solo) method was: -Claim a sanct hex and throw down MU and a can bought off the market, -Run the tutorials for quanta and talent point rewards, -Run the Air Delivery Challenge in the surrogate stations (accessible at any market) for piloting practice and more quanta, -Use amassed quanta to buy or build a ship suitable for atmospheric delivery missions (pay isn't amazing, but it is more piloting practice and money), -Upgrade, build new, or buy a ship suitable for space-travel, and practice such with hauling missions to moons or between SZ planets, -Save up and obtain via method of preference a ship suitable for asteroid hunting, pvp-space hauling, or whatever other thing the player desires to do. Old players are still here, and they will continue to still be here after brakes are played with. Every time a major mechanic is updated that cripples old designs, people complain, and then they adapt, and relegate said old designs to art and history. The brake mechanic is no different. Unless I missed a post somewhere, this is still a good ways off. People want it, but NQ still needs to work out atmo-combat before this can be a thing. Tile-taxes are helping the little guys by keeping the old business-magnates and money-loophole-exploiters from just claiming land to claim land (and subsequently stopping new-guys from having anything decent). The system isn't perfect, and NQ knows and is working on it. Agreed. Asteroids need improvement (more rocks, shorter spawn cycle, search system that isn't just picking off a list of everything in the universe and following the waypoints, ect...), and the old org-site stuff is barely functional on a good day and needs to either be reworked on or shut down so interested players can replace it.
  8. Such mining would need to be instanced rather than just a km down, as the tunnels load in to some degree from several km away. In so far as instanced mining goes, there'd be an eventual buildup of useless data again in the servers. It wouldn't bother most players because they wouldn't be loading it, but NQ would still need to save it somewhere, so it would be diverting money away from other areas that could use it more. Probably better if they just improve the asteroid system since they can wipe that clean whenever they cycle the asteroids.
  9. I recognize that the idea of pvp players getting any reward/loot/income at all while playing the same game as pve players is abhorrent to you, but you may wish to consider the fact that if they have a pvp only planet/system, then they are more likely to be there and less likely to be anywhere else you want to be.
  10. You may find it worth noting that in real life, large vehicles don't typically use a spotlight to see far ahead, they just put lights on the runway and each-other. Use luminescent glass to make landing-lights on your runway and warning lights on your buildings so you don't hit them. As far as the inevitable "But what if I am landing in an empty hex for the first time in the dark like a helicopter in real life?" argument, helicopters can hover and descend slowly. Build to do the same and throw a mix of headlights and L vertical lights on the underside of your craft and you will be fine.
  11. Last I heard, this was already the plan for when they add a new solar-system (along with atmo pvp). As for incentive (seeing as you could lose statics to pvp in this scenario), moderately better ore and no taxes would probably work. Players couldn't exactly go ninja-mine now that sub-surface ore is gone and you can see claimed hexes on the map, so they'd probably have to add some major surface rocks if they want said planets to be anything other than major faction only. Or they could come up with a system where by hex-taxes are paid to a faction that has somehow claimed the planet, with the implication that said faction will defend hexes that are up to date from pirates (perhaps they get notifications when a static is attacked on a planet they own?).
  12. Large vertical lights put out a lot of light, but spotlights that illuminate "for miles" is just asking to cause excessive lighting calculations and subsequently lag. If you wrap your piloting seat in luminescent glass, you'll find you can oddly see a fair ways in 3rd person (I don't fly in 1st, so I don't know if it works there too).
  13. How odd... I suppose it could be for issues involving item duplication via latency? So to circumvent it you'd need some transfer units and a second container... possibly a programming board with a script to control the transfer units so as to keep the containers' contents roughly equally divided between the two cans...
  14. To put it simply, it would be nice if there were different options for shield colors and effects (one of them making the bubble totally invisible when it isn't suffering weapon impacts) as it is more difficult to clearly see and enjoy designs people come up with when trying to look through a visual effect that may clash with the construct's color or geometry.
  15. I would suspect the primary use of such an element would be to give quanta in exchange for an item, but one that gives one item for another is also an idea. You could always just set up a second dispenser linked to the same container with what it gives and takes reversed if they did ever finally add in reverse-dispensers.
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