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  1. Capping how many parts people can own is a terrible idea. Items in a container are functionally just a few numbers representing the type of item, volume, stack-size, and weight, probably taking no more than a few bytes of data per item-stack. I'd be willing to guess that the sum of the data for the collective inventory-contents of every single container in game would probably easily fit on an external hard-drive, if not a thumb-drive. If NQ can't afford to keep track of a few numbers in boxes... well, we'd probably all get an e-mail amounting to "sorry, we're broke, hope you had fun, we're not liable". As for the economy, this would probably kill it by removing the ability of more well off players to stockpile materials beyond their needs. Many players collect ships or structures they don't actually use just for the sake of collecting them, others pile up things to give away to friends/newbs, or to have on hand for replacement or to follow inspiration without needing a market trip first, and others still like to amass elements and materials just for the sake of having them. If there was an element-ownership cap, then people would just collect the best things up to their cap, and then they'd stop. Wanting something new would entail getting rid of stuff they already have, so they'd have to tear down something else and would subsequently use the parts from that instead of buying new parts. Sure, they may need something new here or there, but that would be largely limited to temporarily setting up a single industry line to produce that thing in exact numbers. If you want to nerf mega-factories out of existence... well you really can't short of destroying people's ability to play cooperatively. Most if not all megas are owned by sizeable groups of people, if you cap the number of elements on a construct or owned by an entity, they can just divide the factory across multiple cores/players and use RDMS to allow the factory-specialists to still have access to everything. It may disrupt their flow a bit, but there are people can and will compensate. Relating to factory wear and tear... No. There are probably dozens threads where people have asked for this in some for or another, usually to either "counter megas" or get people to buy more stuff, and most of them end with some variant of "most people will quit if DU stops being a game and becomes a job, and adding in some arbitrary maintenance requirement to constructs will make it a job". Now on the other hand, a deployed element-cap on a single construct makes sense, as it would theoretically help reduce the loading required for any single construct, and deployed elements are generally much harder on the game than the contents of someone's pocket. As an arbitrary hard-cap would just be annoying and immersion-breaking, such a cap would be best achieved via the inclusion of a power-system, probably involving a variety of different sized power supplies for different kinds of constructs. Factories/bases would make use of very large and powerful supplies that would probably not be well suited to mobile constructs, while ships would have much smaller and more weight-efficient power supplies that would probably double as a pvp balance mechanic.
  2. You could theoretically start a service where people pay you to haul the packages, but they'd still need to be at both the start and the destination in person to pick up and drop off said packages, meaning they'd need transport to and from the area just like they already do now. Multi-crews technically need only 1 member present to fly, the rest can surrogate out to do other things, so it wouldn't make multi-package haulers all that much more viable than they already are now. Tis why I said "most". It wont nessicarily push the price above the payout for missions in any permanent way, odds are it will spike above it, then drop back below, then go back and forth a few times in smaller jumps until it settles at a point where most people don't consider it worth their time, but those that do still buy enough cells to keep the price more or less where it is. It would become a daily that most people don't think is worth their time, but still (correctly) think that they still think they are missing out on something by not doing. We agree on daily missions/quests being bad then As for shooting down ideas without providing alternatives/improvements, it is quite reasonable to dislike doing so, but on occasion it must be done.
  3. I approve of pve ships exploding via random space-lightning... but something tells me that isn't what you are asking for. If NQ wants to add in random fields of damage near asteroids or along the pipes representing things like CME, meteorite-storms, or whatever other random hazard they think would occur in DU in space, then it would make things more interesting. They could even come up with missions that require retrieving something from the middle of such areas (please do this NQ, hauling missions are boring). That said, pvp players need something to fight over. Let them have their t5/plasma, they'll sell it to you sooner or later anyways. Getting some kind of high-paying mission for flying in to a meteor-storm to recover a package from a wreck before it is completely destroyed, or having to quickly retrieve a large node of t4 from an asteroid before radiation collapses your shield and damages/destroys your ship both seem like some good pve that NQ could add in (assuming NQ is smart enough to ensure you can't circumvent all the hazards via jet-packing. Asteroids aren't abandoned, I know guys that still go after them when they need the ore. The asteroid-system needs some developer-attention to be sure, but "making them safe" would run contrary to their purpose as late-game-mining content. There needs to be challenge/risk involved in going after the late game stuff, if it isn't pvp players, then it has to be something else. Auto-miners are supposed to be basic income for causals to fuel their stuff with. They lay them out, hop in mid-week to calibrate them, and come their weekend they have enough material to build/make fuel. They are also used to provide ore for the universe at large in a way that doesn't break NQ's bank (or the player's network connections) maintaining millions of miles of mining-tunnels, and pay for tile-taxes (which are needed). I'd agree they need a nerf, but they can't be removed entirely without adding in a comparable replacement.
  4. Unless I missed something, everyone has different missions available each day. limiting it to one package per ship subsequently seems redundant. As for warping... on one hand it would make it much faster, and I would like not having to afk for several hours... on the other it would turn missions in to "daily-quests" that everyone would need to do "to keep up". Even if they nerfed the payout again, it would probably just blow a lot of quanta in to the game (small amounts at a time, but everyone would have it) short term, until the price of warp-cells went up enough to make it not worth most people's time... I agree that something needs to be done to make aphelia missions more interesting/involved as 4+hr afk seems a really poor excuse for gameplay, but making them warp-able probably wouldn't be a good solution.
  5. The space delivery challenge still can't be completed, the game does not register that the items to be delivered are in the container you need to deliver them to.
  6. Having a different explosion for the core is cool an all, but the explosions not doing any damage made it all look silly, and nobody is going to see any of those explosions unless you add a kill-cam to let the previous occupants of the now dead ship watch it blow before they respawn. As for seeing explosions from battle-fields you aren't on, that would get annoying really fast once someone decided to just dump a bunch of cores and start popping them.
  7. I'd agree with pulling t5 off planets, but you'll need either t4 or more common/larger nodes of t1-3 on outer planets to help encourage people to leave the safe-bubble. As far as preventing perma-claims on the best tiles goes, you'd probably need to rotate the ore pools periodically on said outer worlds to stop that. As for warping... you seem very certain nobody slow-boats, and I'd have to disagree with you there. I'm also not sure what you're trying to accomplish by limiting the availability of warp, as it makes interplanetary travel more accessible to a lot of players that wouldn't nessicarily have the time otherwise, and slow-boating isn't what anyone would call active or engaging. Asteroids definitely need some work (starting with something more interesting than a "follow the waypoints" game through an empty void). I know some people that go after them when they need a t4/5 they don't have, but others are more than content to find other ways to get what they need that don't involve spending tons of time pursuing relatively small amounts of ore through pvp space in what is one of the most boring mini-games anyone could think up. As far as exotics go... well... NQ obviously needs to do something to get people to actually try for the alien cores now that Legion holds them (or whoever in the future), but making the difference in power match what the sellers have decided the current difference in price to be would be taking them from a bit better to absurdly overpowered. The relatively small separation in power ensures that people are not hopelessly outgunned by whoever manages to hold the alien cores long enough to make exotics, if the power difference was as significant as the current price-difference then it would probably kill pvp altogether.
  8. I'd suspect zero's suggested nerf would be a little heavy-handed, as a 6-hr cooldown would just annoy all the pve players that enjoy warping between planets instead of slow-boating for hours on end, not that I've got a better option short of NQ both adding some manner of interdiction like they once said they were thinking about, and somehow forcing warp-choke-points to prevent easily avoiding interdiction. That said, the goal of whatever eventually gets done wouldn't be to break Legion's will to defend, it would be to limit the force-multiplication that results from warp. Legion is big enough right now that nobody can take its whole fleet, and because of warp it can put its whole fleet on any site it needs to defend functionally at the drop of a hat. Sure, Goonswarm could theoretically just decide to roll in from EVE and overrun everything, but then we'd be right back to the exact same issue against them. But I suppose I've gotten off topic now. PvE combat against NPCs would be cool, and I want it, and I want all the players such content would draw to join DU. Unfortunately I don't think the game is even remotely capable of doing that right now without major changes, so it probably wont happen for a very long time, if ever.
  9. While I am by no means an expert on how these systems work, and I can't guarantee even that what I've seen was good info, the few images I've seen when referencing their stress tests make me suspect that NQ's "stress-test bots" probably weren't all that complex by most folk's standards. If I had to guess they were either mimicking commands (one person presses w, a hundred avatars walk forward), or running exceptionally simple loops of commands/actions. I'd be surprised if they were even as complex as the SPRT scripts Keen uses for Space Engineers. I could very easily be wrong, and I'd even like to be in this instance, I want NQ to add some pve ships to get in to a shootout with (they could make it a mission, or spawn them near asteroids), but with how things run now I seriously doubt it can happen short of some fairly significant changes to how things work. As for Legion having nobody to fight, that seems like a "universe is too safe and small" problem. EVE in its prime had quite a few star-systems that would barely see more than traffic passing through, it took time to jump through all those systems if you needed to get somewhere. At the same time it wasn't at all safe, if you didn't have a cloak your opponents could scan you down no matter what part of the infinite void you were hiding in. Meanwhile in DU you can warp from near about anywhere to near about anywhere faster than you can get food delivered irl, all while being absolutely safe. And if you don't feel like warping, you get 12+ SU clear of the pipe and you may as well have a cloaking device. Legion controls all the best resources, their supply lines can't be seriously attacked, the available force-projection lets them put everything they have in to any fight near about at the drop of a hat, and the only option anyone has is functionally to try a frontal assault. Much like when a group dominates in any other persistent-universe game, nobody is going to put up much of a fight against Legion right now because they very rightly don't think they can win. So, enjoy the quiet at the top. Until NQ gives us something bigger than this kiddie-pool of a solar-system, something so big Legion can't maintain control of it all, the only decent battles you're going to get will be out of each other.
  10. Long story short, "clear the pipe and afk-drift for 4+hrs" is really boring, and there needs to be some stuff added in or changed to make Aphelia missions not be just the screen-saver someone lets run for quanta while they're off doing other stuff. To that end I'd like to propose that surrogate-station use not unload the physics of the construct to which the surrogate station is attached when it is used, thus allowing players that would otherwise be stuck afk-ing in a chair for several hours to do more interesting things while their ships drift through the void. The ability to explore other player's constructs or surrogate in to their own structures to work on a build would be a significant improvement over being stuck sitting in their mission-ship for hours on end as they are now.
  11. Mining units are supposed to be basic-income for casuals, and a post asking to change them was made 2 days ago. You'd probably get better results attempting to get MU changed by joining that thread so NQ sees it is a popular topic of discussion and pays attention to it. You'll find it here: Industry does not scale well to "alts", they can get you some small amount of extra cash and skills faster, but big factories tend to be the work of actual groups of people putting their collective resource-gathering abilities together to feed the system until things are large enough to supply said groups with all the stuff they want. Also as a lot of people currently see the system as imperfect but passable (and have yet to come up with a better idea themselves), it would be helpful if you could perhaps come up with or point out a system appropriate to a persistent-world construction/design-based mmo. Your system would need: -To not turn factory-management in to a job, as people already have jobs in real life, and making DU a job would just burn people out, -To not involve some manner of maintenance/minigame on every single element in a factory, because calibrating thousands of elements even on a monthly basis would make DU a job, -To not involve shrinking the factory-game so much as to make it in to something everyone does, because we've already had that in a previous version and while the poor implementation of the patch NQ removed it in annoyed a lot of people, things are far better without everyone owning (or needing) their own mega-factory, As for missions, they need improvements, but that topic deserves its own specific thread.
  12. <sarcasm>The dreadnought's name is "Legion", it was implemented a while ago.</sarcasm> Jokes aside, the neither of your ides work because the game runs primarily client-side, someone would need to be on the ship for it to have any physics. Players have been asking for NPC targets to shoot at about since NQ gave us weapons to shoot. No mistakes, its cool and I want it, and npc opponents in pve and pvp space would probably vastly improve things and draw a significant number of players, but they can't work with how NQ currently has things set up.
  13. To achieve this particular outcome you'd probably do better to assign the reputation to the pilots/crew and have it put a bounty on the ship said crew are on (collected via coring the ship) equal to 25% of the value of t1 ore used in the construction of the elements/voxel that were destroyed during the fight (value based on the assumption that max skills were used in the making of said elements and voxel, and the assumption that the elements destroyed were of the 3-lives variety). This would give people an incentive to shoot the pirates, but always result in a net reduction of stuff in the universe by never returning the full value of elements lost even if the pirate just has his buddies shoot him over and over to collect the bounty repeatedly. Trying to apply that reputation-system to elements wont exactly do much other than annoy people with meta-data, as pirates that for whatever reason need stealth to catch a target (this is presently rare, as most competent pirates can easily run down anything they want to attack) will manage just fine by obtaining low-cost tacklers, and those that don't probably wont be parting out their ships for sale all that often. That would be extraordinarily overpowered. The difference between a full rack of the lowest dps S weapon and a full rack of the highest dps L weapon isn't even 400% at max skills. Also, affixing combat multipliers to the reputation of a player or ship will just tick off the pvp players, especially if there isn't any kind of counter-element that levels the playing field.
  14. 6 months would probably be too long, 3 or 4 at most would be better. That said, auto-miners are supposed to be a source of basic-income for the players that aren't on but a few hours a week so as to supply them with fuel and building materials. As such, I'd think it would be best if the t1/t2 ores didn't change so that the casuals get what they need where they like to play while everyone that wants to go out scanning has something to scan after every so often. While I fully agree that the mining-side of the game needs more engaging and involved play, I'd think it would be better to apply it to asteroids than hexes. Auto-mining hexes is supposed to be what new players and casuals do for some basic cash, while asteroids are supposed to be for more involved/advanced players to work their way to. The asteroid system as it is now is painfully simple, and somehow manages to be even more boring than old-school mining was while simultaneously giving an even smaller reward. If we are to have a more advanced and involved system of mining with better payout, it should be in space where the more advanced miners play.
  15. Even if you can force this tag to stick to elements in a way that doesn't just annoy people by flooding their invo with meta-data'd elements, smart pirates will just use fresh ships (a solo pirate can get a passable t3 ship for ~6mil, a fleet will probably have org-funding and only needs to keep an even less expensive tackle-ship fresh). I'd give it maybe a month before experienced or intelligent players treat anything on radar in pvp space they weren't expecting exactly the same way they'd treat them now. Functional elements that do new things will always be interesting, but connecting their function to a tag that may be prone to permanently changing in the middle of said element's operation seems like asking for trouble. Well, you're right about people wanting to debate this one with you... In short, no. This should never happen, because it will only serve to drive players off. Not only does this fail to make even the barest logical sense (why would a criminal refuse to break the law or hack their own hardware to enable weapons somewhere they expect to be shot?), but mechanics that entirely disable a player's ability to fight back against an attacker for short periods when they cost the attacker something are annoying, making one disable their ability to fight back at no cost to an attacker that endures for the entire time someone is in a safe-zone would just make people quit. If you want pvp, there can't be an Aphelia-enforced "one side wins" zone, it would take all the fun out of it for most people. On a related note, the whole "let people shoot pirate flagged ships anywhere" thing has been suggested before. It fell apart when people pointed out that it would take players about 5 min to circumvent this system via: a) Pirate ships could get disassembled in to non-pirate-flagged carriers for protection, -and- b) PvP space is functionally an infinite void in which to set up a station to hide a flagged ship, and while a 2-SU radar may net you the ability to search a very large sounding 268,082,573 km^3 at a time, that is still an almost uselessly small detection area when you need to search an infinitely large environment. So, I don't think this is a good idea. It would take far too much work on NQ's part for what is at best next to no gain for the players/game. If you want to know what you've spotted on radar you'd do better to ask for a scanner-element that spits out data on a target's weapons, shields, maximum acceleration, and top speed.
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