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  1. New Profile: EasternGamer#0001

  2. discordauth:XB49oJnZ4cPnywmN_wMwLqk_BAXs2t4AxheJYU-NR88=

  3. Hi there. Recently got really interested in Dual Universe. I hope this becomes the next big MMO game. I have played games like Space Engineers and EVE: Online and this game looks like a mix between the 2. Thanks, not much else to say but maybe if you want to contact me do it on discord: EasternGamer#7339
  4. Hi, I am EasternGamer.
    I have played various sandbox games like Space Engineers, Arma 3 and Minecraft(I use to play it a lot...)

    Hope to do something cool in Dual Universe that will be fun.

    Not much else comes to mind. I guess send me a dm by Discord if you want to do something: EasternGamer#7339

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