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  1. Aye o7 Thank you very much for the kind feedback. To be fair we didn't have to do that much - your design was pretty good to begin with
  2. Haha, that's a funny approach to the topic, but I'll sure take a look at it to help it become airborne You can type "/w vertex hello" in the game chat to open a direct channel to me (when I'm online) and send me your coordinates (F4 = map, then click "my location" and "copy to clipboard" - paste this using ctrl+v in chat). If I'm not on, or miss your message, send them here or via private message and I'll pay you a visit
  3. Care to get a bit more into detail on that? Not sure if I've seen your name around lately... Only at the moment tho, huh? If you become one, you'll always know one
  4. Currently this is the case, yes. It might change in the future tho. We just don't know yet, which makes it even more funny that some were losing their mind about stealing being the end of the world
  5. You're welcome - no worries! On the contrary - thanks for bumping the cc0 to the top of the list. And thanks for your inquiries indeed, they help me advance as well. It's awesome to get new perspectives and inspiration this way ❤️ cc0 is merely a reaction to some people getting overly afraid of not being able to lock down everything they create. We don't even know if we will be able to lock down code and design - maybe this whole idea won't even find any application in DU. I don't speak for everyone now, but at least I don't have a desire to piss at the legs of fair trading builders. Only in the soup of those that scream "product piracy" from the top of their lungs even before they made any product or started selling. Those who claim DU will fail if we can't secure "intellectual property" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Well, I didn't give static/space cores any thought until now. As in reality - homes (usually) aren't something you mass-produce and sell from stock. If someone builds something that he doesn't intend to sell in the first place, there is no DRM in effect - it's not a proprietary "product". Hence I think this got nothing to do with our business Same for dynamic cores - unique constructs are not targeted by the cc0. The creator would first have to blueprint it and offer to sell a proprietary/protected version to other players. Then these players might fly around with their new ship and they learn that it doesn't perform as well as they hoped in certain situations. They might want to change that button position on that other screen, or remove the seat that always gets in the way when there's an emergency. That's when they'd wish for the permission to modify their construct. That's where the cc0 comes in and rescues this poor fella, who loves his construct, but can't change the things that really vex him about it. If it's a unique construct, never sold, never locked down - have fun with it - none of our business /edit/ps Of course they can always ask the original creator to change stuff for them, too. If their support/service is good, there wouldn't be much incentive to call out for copycats, I guess.
  7. Thanks for the nice feedback - I too think it's fun One thing you got wrong tho: We don't aim at cheap knock-offs. I get how that feels implied - like some dude at the australian bazar selling cheap "Roolex" - but that's far from what we would do. We're more like that tuning garage, where you drive your shiny sports car in and get it back with improved stats. Nobody would call that a cheap copy - not only because copying something will be everything but cheap, but because we'll be even more expensive than the original, because we will provide full access to everything and won't do mass-production or whatever. So far it's unclear if we even got the skills or manpower needed - or if anyone likes to do anything at all. Sadly the org news got wiped, where I said that the only serious rule in cc0 is "no obligations" - so there might as well be lots of people in our org that just want to make a statement, but will never move a finger to actually copy anything. You said it: the idea is fun. That's what it's all about - the idea. Tho if someone really puts down the coin, cc0 will most probably get active on the job. Just that nobody will call this cheap - it's the opposite - it's people wealthy enough to afford not only the original, but a dedicated group of "tuners" that take the original and create a copy from it, which will take a long time and for an exact replica we'll need access to the original. We liberate proprietary design and a liberated version of an otherwise locked-down construct will be much more expensive. That was my main argument in previous discussions - a DRM infected product should sell for way less, because the buyer gets way less for the money. For all I care you could just as well ask the original designer, if he's willing to provide you an unlocked version if you pay him just as much as you'd pay us. Given that through mass-production of locked down constructs you can sell cheaper to the masses, he might even be inclined to setup a contract and get this one-time big bonus /edit/ps Oh, I've put that "no obligations" bit into the OP too. Ha, cool. /edit/ps2 Just thought about some crazy designer may ask an incredible amount of money for his proprietary crap. In that case, well, we might be cheaper, true, but it would be an even sweeter treat if we can provide a better version at lower cost
  8. The next test session starts on February 6th. See this page for the schedule: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/ Since Alpha 3 just dropped, we currently have pretty short test sessions, but expect them to get back to 96 hours once Alpha 3 got smoothed out a bit more Ps: you can read "Alpha 3 Test 06 February 2020" on the very top of dualthegame.com which links to the page above.
  9. Yeah, great grapics, but the gameplay sucks.
  10. "Why would they have to continue living when you don't see them?" - Bernd Lehahn @Context I like that username 😃 Yeah, I'm holding on to my quanta as well - even during alpha, even if I lose it all, I just like the fact being on the liquid side of things. Plus it's fun learning about some economics. Bought stuff from the market, delivered it 35km to another market, made 50k from it. Doesn't matter if it stays - for now I count it as a success
  11. I've seen "Ready Player One" yesterday. Not about to discuss that movie tho. Watched it because JC kept referencing the book over and over and I didn't want to read it, since a friend already complained about it being a bit out there overly referencing 80's pop culture all the time. Tho seeing this topic again, I feel like adding this: when I look at the vision of "The OASIS" in Ready Player One and linking it to the vision of "emergent gameplay", I think maybe players will create challenges that you can win some day. Like what prevents us from having people to put in quanta in order to enter a race event and have them win the pot in the end? 50% goes to 1st place, 30% to second place, 10% to 3rd and the remaining 10% to the organizer? The participants would have to arrive and be registered at the starting location. Race starts once the organizer announces the destination, where containers await. These could be like the vending machines that give out the speeder parts at the markets. The first to arrive would take an item from each of three containers, where the first would contain an amount of 3, second 2 and third only 1 - plus having a cooldown, so 1st and 2nd place wouldn't just take it all. This should result in 1st winner handing in 3 tokens, second 2 and third only 1. There you have it. To win in DU means winning the CC0 race or whatever other challenges we create. DU will be another world - like Second Life. We are the ones to fill it with goals. Think Last Man Standing once pvp is solid!
  12. To win DU is to uncover The Secret. But I don't need that to be happy in DU @BiGEdge I'd hit like, but let's not unearth that topic again.
  13. Pew pew pew! I steal all yer ducks! Err... dacs! Boy, I was unable to read this inflated thread completely, but I still want to add to the front that welcomes DACs being sold ig, oog and wherever people chose to wave them around. It seems like all of this is based on the definition of pay to win. I read blablabla DACs ARE pay to win blabla that is FACT blablabla. But all I hear is... DACs are not pay to win. You should get your definition of p2w straight before even continuing the debate. One side just claiming their interpretation being "FACT" doesn't help anyone and you can't discuss a matter if your terms ain't synchronized in the slightest. To me "pay to win" is not synonymous to "pay for advantage". Pay to win implies that you need to pay in order to win. As soon as you can win without paying more than everyone else does for subscription, it's not "pay to win" anymore. You brought up the example of GTA Online? Guess what - I paid for a shark card once to gift it, because I was stupid enough to blow a friends sale worth a million bucks and I wanted to make up for it. Otherwise I'm above level 200, got everything I want, can take up any challange I like - just from doing the default gameplay. That is not pay to win, even if the conversion of real life money to in-game currency is way more direct than selling DACs in DU. As long as you don't acknowledge there's a difference between getting a (probably little) advantage with selling DAC in order to maybe speed up a win versus a title where you can only win in theory by playing, like all those "free to play - pay to win" titles out there, I consider the claim DU being p2w rather offensive. All discussion with this completely being overlooked is futile to begin with. By the way: if someone needs to get personal, I think that person should calm down, take a breath and consider the possibility of just being plain wrong. Nothing bad there - we all are at times. Just grow up Edit, post scriptum Could even think of DACs being the opposite of pay to win, because you can play to pay. Of course you'll need longer to achieve something, but do it long enough and (in theory, because we ain't there yet) you could win without paying anything. That's the opposite of the definition for "pay to win" where you can only win if you pay (more).
  14. Well, I'd expect some form of "Intellectual Property Repossession Corps" to evolve in the future as part of emergent gameplay. As I understand it players will have to set up their own police force and rules. Quite frankly I do have a slight fraction of fear that NQ might get the impression that this organization is aimed towards harrassing other players or organizations. That's definitely not the intended purpose, but if this concern should arise, I'll close the gates without resistance. Tho I hope this won't be the case and we'll be allowed to have our fun I think we'll see during Alpha/Beta how this plays out and if it creates too much discord we'll start with a blank slate on release, living within the yet to be finalized ruleset. I've just blindly accepted the first member and missed to read the application. First time I got one from somebody I didn't already know Does anyone know if I can still view the original application message again somewhere? @Kiwi well, we have a rule that no org member is allowed to work against his or her other organizations he/she is a member of - at least not on account of CC0. This one rule already excludes anarchy as organization form. Tho even "anarchy" and "organization" do somewhat exclude each other already. Then again what else but anarchy is Dual Universe in the beginning? Anarchy is prone to give birth to groups or clans, which will have their own set of rules and moral code - what else is this world but anarchy with huge clans called France, Germany, EU or USA? Apart from that I might add some anarchistic touch to the organization - I really like that idea - thank you /edit/1st Oh and another thing regarding the placement of this organization: I think it makes a great target for all the military groups to track and hunt down "counterfeit product". I don't know if we'll even get there, but don't see everyone stealing from you as a problem, when you could see it as incentive to act and prosecute instead. Something the "IPRC" can put your awesome products to good use for, eh?
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