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  1. Have you posted your list on the forums? This would be useful for people who are looking for something new to do.
  2. Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to deploy a blueprint with materials spread across your nanopack and a container. If you have elements/honeycomb that isn't part of the blueprint you can temporarily add them to your current ship to free up space. Beyond that, you'll need to sell some things or get access to a larger container.
  3. Is there enough room in your container for the core and all the materials? If you set your linked container as the active one with the core and needed materials in it, that should work.
  4. How are the new light settings in darkness?
  5. This thread is about what we can do with the current tools without admin help. Perhaps you meant to comment somewhere else?
  6. I can't remember where, but I thought I read that actually blocking the entrances was against the game rules. The current ads don't block the elevator. You have to jump over sum to get there, but it's not blocked.
  7. Are you able to collect any data about the overall health of the markets? I've noticed that some market items appear to be drying up, but it's hard to know if they are all being purchased from high demand or no longer being stocked because of low demand.
  8. Are there any rules about blocking other players advertisements on the market platforms? There is a 5 XL screen billboard at district 7 now and I haven't heard of any NQ plans to clean the markets up. Is it allowed to just place walls in front of the Ads? Hopefully if they are blacked out they'll remove them at some point.
  9. Removing the bots several weeks before the next large patch might work. It would give time for the market to stabilize before the influx of new/returning users when new content arrives. The market economy is already having a demand problem though. If many more players stop spending money at the markets then the economy will stagnate regardless of the bots. Low demand items like XL gates have largely vanished from the market already. There were no sell orders for several days and there was 1 the last time I checked. The other issue with removing bots is what to do about schematics. Previously bots were only buying/selling goods that players could make from ore if the market was empty. Now we need a new game mechanic for schematic delivery before bots can be fully removed.
  10. This is a good point. I've seen a lot of players working on designs for cities and apartments. Right now setting up on another players/orgs tile doesn't offer many benefits beyond the social interaction, but renting out space from a larger group for protection makes a lot more sense when territory warfare comes around.
  11. I have not encountered pirates yet, but I heard that if your ship is maneuverable enough you can escape by changing your vector so they cannot close distance. Is the issue that this is not possible or that it is impractical to make hauling ships that are maneuverable enough? Perhaps hauling ships with a focus on escape capabilities could be an area of ship design.
  12. Thank you for the link. I didn't realize there was a newsletter.
  13. I'm not sure I would pay much for a schematic starting service because I swap schematics depending on what I build. Maybe a few 100,000 quanta for starting refinery/smelting or intermediate parts since those don't change as much. You might get more of a markup by bundling the industry, schematics, and startup to bootstrap into selling a specific product. For example, selling a turnkey territory unit factory for a 20-30% markup over the cost of purchasing everything.
  14. Whether curated events are a waste depends on the game. There are some niche games that have GM interaction as a common element and it can be a lot of fun. Often it includes more roleplay elements like NPC interaction though. I agree that for puzzle type events procedural generation is more common and scales better. Hopefully they are building the tools through these initial events to make similar events more common. Especially in the current state of the game where injecting more content and excitement would be really beneficial.
  15. This is by far the best suggestion i've seen. I agree, even if the rewards were small, more frequent popup events would be good content drivers. They could be spread across the safe zone and pvp space as well with different rewards based on the risk.
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