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  1. Agreed, NQ Rocketman has always been kind and fast to respond to my support requests.
  2. In the safe zone, it's nice to have discovered asteroids available for new players who do not have DSATs on their ships . I like your idea a lot for the PVP space though.
  3. The equ8 faq (https://www.equ8.com/faq) still lists that it does not work on Linux . I don't follow the development or discord though, so that's great it has Linux support now. Was there a more recent NQ reference to Linux support your responding to? The comment your replying to is from 2021 and the NQ implementation was first setup around beta launch I think . Without knowing how they're using equ8 or what version they are using, it seems disingenuous to assume that they are just trying to avoid work . It's quite possible that the last time they worked on their equ8 implementation it did not work on Linux even though newer versions have support.
  4. The worst part about this change for me was all someone from NQ had to do was comment in the thread where they said calibrations were allowed. One or two lines saying that multi-calibration was generating too much ore and they were developing a fix to prevent it. That would have taken 10 minutes of someone's time. Rather than that, they were developing the fix for however many days/weeks while knowing that players were wasting their time scanning, buying and training talents to use what they claimed was a feature. If they think the capability needed to be removed, that's fine. It's just so inconsiderate of players' time to say something is allowed, give zero notice that you're going to remove it and then remove it in a standard maintenance as an 'Improvement.'
  5. You need to pay for multiple accounts and have one in the ship to alert you when something is in radar range.
  6. On this morning's stream I think they said it would be at the start of the month, Nov. 1st.
  7. Thank you very much for your work and support of ArchHud. It has made my time in DU better and more valuable.
  8. Even without containers, you can't compact static cores can you?
  9. This would be a great quality of life feature to have available on launch, a lot of people are going to be nanocrafting their initial builds.
  10. Can you elaborate on why the number of points would have been chosen based on prime factors? The devblog mentions that they chose the largest value divisible by 6 that will fit within one byte. That makes sense given the .5 overlap into neighboring voxels, but I don't see why the prime factors would influence the decision.
  11. There is a DU trello for community suggestions, but it doesn't look like it's in use any more.
  12. I disagree. I like the element and terrain changes that I've seen so far. As a small example, the new elevators look nice and I'm able to see more detail in other elements. The lighting and voxel changes are mixed for me, I'll need to update the materials on my constructs to see if there are new versions I like better. I was using vertical lights and voxels to create some simple shadow patterns before and that no longer seems to work. It's a shame if there's no longer a way to do that.
  13. I agree with your general point. Concrete is tier 2 though (uses limestone) which is why you can't make it in the nanocrafter. The ones you can make in the nanocrafter are only tier one pure and tier one product (aluminum, iron, steel, plastic, wood and carbon for example). Even then you can't make all of them, since some still require machines for some reason.
  14. I have this concern about territory warfare in general. Without a timer very little will be built on pvp territories because 24 hour defense is nearly impossible for most groups. With a timer and the most valuable resource on many tiles (the ore) can just be extracted before the timer triggers. It will be interesting to see what solution NQ comes up with.
  15. I try not to speculate on reasons or intentions behind changes, but yes interaction on the forums has gone down over the last few months. Social media posts on twitter/facebook are still fairly active. There has been a wreck event and share the love contest this year as well. It seems that the more interactive forms of communication (forums, discord/support, and interviews) have gone down while the less interactive more curated content (social media posts, events, devblogs, tutorial page) has stayed the same.
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