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  1. Can you elaborate on why the number of points would have been chosen based on prime factors? The devblog mentions that they chose the largest value divisible by 6 that will fit within one byte. That makes sense given the .5 overlap into neighboring voxels, but I don't see why the prime factors would influence the decision.
  2. There is a DU trello for community suggestions, but it doesn't look like it's in use any more.
  3. I disagree. I like the element and terrain changes that I've seen so far. As a small example, the new elevators look nice and I'm able to see more detail in other elements. The lighting and voxel changes are mixed for me, I'll need to update the materials on my constructs to see if there are new versions I like better. I was using vertical lights and voxels to create some simple shadow patterns before and that no longer seems to work. It's a shame if there's no longer a way to do that.
  4. I agree with your general point. Concrete is tier 2 though (uses limestone) which is why you can't make it in the nanocrafter. The ones you can make in the nanocrafter are only tier one pure and tier one product (aluminum, iron, steel, plastic, wood and carbon for example). Even then you can't make all of them, since some still require machines for some reason.
  5. I have this concern about territory warfare in general. Without a timer very little will be built on pvp territories because 24 hour defense is nearly impossible for most groups. With a timer and the most valuable resource on many tiles (the ore) can just be extracted before the timer triggers. It will be interesting to see what solution NQ comes up with.
  6. I try not to speculate on reasons or intentions behind changes, but yes interaction on the forums has gone down over the last few months. Social media posts on twitter/facebook are still fairly active. There has been a wreck event and share the love contest this year as well. It seems that the more interactive forms of communication (forums, discord/support, and interviews) have gone down while the less interactive more curated content (social media posts, events, devblogs, tutorial page) has stayed the same.
  7. I agree with you that schematics are flawed and should be changed. High barriers to entry generally hurt competition and limit an economy. I think that is the effect we're seeing here combined with reduced demand from the smaller player base. Producing XS and S items without the schematics is already possible through the nanocrafter. Other than space fuel, you can get fully operational atmo and space ships just using the nanocrafter. Nearly all T1 honeycombs can and decorative items can be produced as well.
  8. Do you know how this works with the schematic talents like refining and productivity? Are the talents of the character starting the unit through the programming board used or the character that initially applied the schematic in the unit?
  9. Unfortunately for XL the mass and volume do not scale in line with capacity. As mentioned in the original post the only good use for them is when you need the extra capacity connected to a single hub. On ships they are generally not worth the extra mass and on static constructs they are less space efficient. Here's how they scale: L = Large container XL container - Capacity: 2*L Volume: 2.8 * L Mass: 2.98*L Expanded XL- Capacity: 4*L Volume: 5.6 * L Mass: 5.96*L
  10. I'm not sure what you mean by the first part. Right now if you warp to any planet you land in the small safe zone area around that planet. Warp is a 100% safe method of travel currently. There are games like Eve that provide methods to pull ships out of warp. To counteract this there are ships available which bypass warp interdiction and a lot of people rely on scouting ahead with a less valuable ship.
  11. Factorio is another great example of developer communication. The Friday Facts provide a good breakdown of what's being developed and the direction of the game. Example: https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-361
  12. The forum post you're talking about is from an NQ employee, in a forum called Rules & Announcements, and titled 'Clarification regarding Bug Exploits & Griefing.' It's not an assumption to read this as a post from NQ about rules clarifications and exploits. You may not have known about the rules when you did it, but parenting constructs without permission is not allowed in the game. The rule even specifically calls out your use case of dragging ships into pvp space.
  13. There was a talent reset back in Dec/Jan. If you still want to train you'll have to redo it.
  14. Whether it's rude or not has nothing to do with the rules. If a group is playing basket ball at a park; you can run onto the court, kick the ball, and yell "Let's play soccer!" If you don't steal the ball, it's not illegal. It's still rude.
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