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  1. It's gone beyond us now. You're not going to hear anything until the end. Same as with Studio 38. Same as with Flagship.
  2. Buying tech is fine but the tech has to be packaged. Engines themselves are a perfect example of that tech. As are APIs, GUIs etc. IIRC NQ themselves use Coherent for the UI. That's the kind of tech you buy, packaged and well documented and easy to plug in to your project and saving you months of effort of deving it in house. Nothing NQ has is portable to another game without tremendous effort. NQ holds 2 patents that I'm aware of and only the one for the partitioning has any real value - https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/a7/15/87/2ec4f4e207739a/US10565785.pd
  3. Come to think of it - the only case of a major studio's code actually being taken over by somebody else and development being continued rather than going on life support that I can think of was Hellgate London. They also didn't 'buy' it - they 'owned' it as being the primary investor for Flagship studios who when going under turned over ownership to Hanbit. Even in that case, the continued development was merely a few steps away from life support. Basically a few additions and repackaging efforts to resell the game a few times.
  4. Changing the game engine is like changing the unibody of a car. You can do it. But you're basically building a whole new car from scratch - and it would cost you more to do a body swap than to just...buy a brand new car. Taking a game off one engine and putting on another is the same way in pretty much every imaginable way.
  5. We can speculate and we can also see that the previous job listings that NQ had are gone and that the number of employees on LinkedIn for NQ actually dropped. It's all guesses and speculation. As I and many others have been saying for 9 months now, this game is repeating Worlds Adrift's mistakes all over again. So grab the popcorn and hope for a cool server shut down event - but given the quality of other events, don't get your hopes up.
  6. Yeah - it runs pretty good at the menu too - but when you know actually try to play it and you know - build a giant base - like you're supposed to.... lol - you're not going to make me reinstall this that easily!
  7. Post your resolution and FPS while walking through a factory.
  8. That's all fine and good and how it should be - but the problem is that PvP is awful and forcing people who already hate the mining grind into a mining grind in no man's land isn't going to prove fruitful. Think about it - how do you envision mining in pvp space. In EVE you had local and as soon as you saw a red - you warped to saftey - or you had alts logged in neighboring systems as an early warning system. How do you do it in DU? You have someone sitting on the ship staring at the radar while someone mines? JC has refused any consideration f
  9. Is that really surprising though? Sift through 6 months of this forum. You'll see the general shift in the community from hope and optimism to frustration, disappointment and finally resignation. For the bulk of us, what the game is, what the game is turning into, pace of progress, dev responses to exploits have been unsatisfactory.
  10. If it doesn't run great for me, there is nobody it runs great for. 5950x and a 3090 doesn't get good performance out of this game. What does? A rendering farm? Either way, my personal experience is that this game runs poorly on top of the line hardware. I know of nobody who is happy with the performance of the game. There is nothing toxic about the community voicing their performance issues with the game. The fact that the game has experienced a massive player base drop-off is also simply just that - a fact. I think it's fair and honest to tell anyone cons
  11. Business as usual and you and I know it. Who still remembers this: https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/
  12. DU is the new Bad Rats game that you gift to your friends as a cruel joke. Then again...Bad Rats was $1 and feature complete...
  13. Cloud gaming services are a bit of a different thing than firing up a virtual machine on your desktop...EQU8 certainly is no fan of vmware...
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