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  1. Cloud gaming services are a bit of a different thing than firing up a virtual machine on your desktop...EQU8 certainly is no fan of vmware...
  2. I mean....semantics and all that. I have asked NQ multiple times about running DU in a VM and have been told that EQU8 cannot be run in a VM or via WINE or KVM. If you think DU can be run in a VM without ending up on the banlist - you're welcome to spin one up and report back. I still have some tiny hope that this game will stop being a complete waste of money so I'm less than eager to go testing on my own accounts.
  3. EQU8 prevent from running DU in a VM. You can try to obscure the fact that it's a VM, or bypass EQU8 - both will get you banned if you screw up. People have already been banned for using a VM to run DU. EQU8 also blocks WINE. It's not uncommon for anticheat software to block and ban VMs due to their common usage to bypass bans by being able to flip hardware IDs on the fly - which is a big deal for F2P games.
  4. Amazing hot take.... DU runs WAY worse on my PC than cyberpunk... Troll elsewhere - all your posts are moaning about how bad CP is...I've sunk 36 hours in so far and can't complain...
  5. How dare you? Cyberpunk is actually fun and I'm having a great time with it. I cannot say I ever had a great time in DU. It was a lot of mining to achieve goals that once achieved became pointless.
  6. Yesterday I made a ‘top of my head’ style post of how schematics could have been made good, achieved the goals of creating industry specialization, expanding the gameplay loop while not crippling the existing players. I’m going to expand on this now as much as I can. Goals: Maintain the ability of solo players and small groups to stay self sufficient for the basic ship building. Create a gameplay loop around schematic development that does not involve bots. Create a use for ‘damaged’ elements. Create a progression system for developing schematics. Inject a finite number of end game schematics that will allow the owners to maintain a market nice. Games we are basing the mechanics on: SWTOR Research system. Path of Exile Divination Card system. Tier 1 – Basic Technology This is current stage of human technology that is publicly known. For a contemporary example – think the “Internal Combustion Engine”. You and I may not know how to build one off the top of our head – but we can easily find full blown instructions and even schematics on google at no cost. In the game, the vast majority of elements we have currently fall in this category. We do not need to buy a schematic or research one – we know how to build space engines, we know how to build atmospheric engines and so on. Tier 2 – Advanced and Proprietary technology This is the pinnacle of human technology that goes beyond common and public knowledge. There are two categories in Tier 2 that require schematics: Propriety Technology and Advanced Technology. Propriety technology is NPC created unique items that players do not know how to build and cannot research due to licensing restricitons such as patents etc. For a contemporary example – an Internal Combustion Engine with variable compression rate – we know some companies have developed the technology, but we don’t know how to make it ourselves. We would need to license such technology to build from it. Things that fall into this category and require purchasing a schematic from the bots: AGG, Warp Drives, L cores and so on Advanced Technology is player created by ‘analyzing’ Tier 1 items. When an element is ‘analyzed’ it is pushed to it’s limits until destroyed and knowledge is gained about how it can be improved. A brand new item can be analyzed, or a partially damaged item. The difficulty of developing an item will vary on the complexity of the item being analyzed and the results are unpredictable (but can be steered, more on that later) Example of how it could work. I have a Basic Space Engine S and would like to develop and Advanced Space Engine S. The Space Engine has a complexity rating of 20. I toss a brand new Basic Space Engine S in an analyzer and the following formula is applied to identify the progress made towards a BP: ((100-<Complexity>)/50)* RNG(1 to <Analysis Skill>)*<Item Repairs Left> The Basic Space Engine S has a complexity rating of 20. My analysis skill is at 3. So the formula results in: ((100-20)/50)*RNG(1 to 3)*3 Let’s say the RNG gods bless me and I roll a 3 – the result is: 14.4 points progress. I’m sure NQ could come up with a better formula for this – but you get the idea. Once you have accumulated 100 points in the analyzer you get a schematic for a variant of Advanced Space Engine S which is 10% improved in a random trait. For example, we may get a Responsive Advanced Space Engine S which has faster warmup time. Which schematic is generated the first time is entirely random. We can further steer the direction of research to ensure that we do not get duplicates. To ensure we do not get a duplicate schematic with faster warmup time, we have to feed an engine with that trait into the analyzer – we can do this with multiple engines. For example if we are seeking more power and already have engine variants with all the other traits boosted to 10%, we can load them all in and be guaranteed to get a 10% more power engine as the end result. Finally, we can research an “Pinnacle Space Engine S” which has 5% improvement to all stats by feeding every single variant into the analyzer. The above system is not limited to just ship elements, it can be applied to all elements with stats, anything from containers that hold more, to assemblers that work faster and so on. Tier 3 – Future Tech This should be introduced with the new solar system. We are the first humans in that system, but someone was here before us. There are technology fragments that can be found when mining in asteroids, deep underground or in wrecks. Completing a full artifact and analyzing it will produce a tier 3 schematic. These cannot be further improved. Some artifacts can be extremely rare and the number of them seeded should be finite with more added as the game progresses. The number fragments that you need to complete will vary depending on the element – an XL engine could have 100 and an XS just 5 and so on. The fragments can be sold and are rare enough that it is impractical for an individual to find all the fragments to complete a set without trading for some. There is a finite number of fragments and not everyone or even every org will be able to get one. The players that can get one will have limited competition on the pricing of the final items. If any one org is able to gain a monopoly on a schematic or they exit the game via inactive players, more are injected into the system. Not all Tier 2 items have a Tier 3 counterpart. Tier 4 - Alien Tech This is ultra-rare technology that can only be acquired through in game events etc. This is the actual alien technology that we are trying to replicate in Tier 3 – except this is the real deal. These can only be acquired through events etc and are a cosmetic upgrade from Tier 3. Ultra exclusive, ultra rare, and largely a cosmetic bragging rights item.
  7. The sad thing is none of these suggestions are revolutionary - all of these are rehashes from existing mechanics in other games. Countless games had item fragments you had to collect and trade to get a complete item - path of exile cards are a prefect example of that mechanic. You will almost never complete a set of the rarer cards yourself but you would trade for them with other players to get a complete set. The scarcity can be tuned easily on the server side to inject blueprints early on or slow down the progression to create scarcity as needed. It's pretty easy for the game to have mechanics in place to keep seeding BPs until there is a set number of completed BPs and they are controlled by at least several different orgs to prevent monopolization of any one BP to maintain a healthy economy. If the goal is to force industry specialization - the only way to do this is via limited BPs. JC's argument of "You won't make your own iphone!" is silly because the reason there aren't 500,000 random factories making iPhones is patents. If they could get away with it, they'd be selling $400 Huawei 'iphones' at every corner. Limiting BPs creates the same situation where only certain entities will be able to make certain things. Mining ships are nothing new. Empyrion has them Space Engineers has them.. The fact that DU does not have mining ships continues to blow my mind. Like - how is this NOT a thing in DU?! In Empyrion you could only mount drills on a hovercraft which meant that a mining op involved flying your capital ship with some hovercraft to a planet, landing, unloading the HVs and mining with the HVs. While your capital ship was landed on the planet it was vulnerable due to capital ship weapons being less effective in atmosphere. So often you'd actually end up having to have a friend drop off some HVs, hide the capital ship in deep space, come back in a small ship and help mine in a hovercraft before going back to bring the capship to scoop everyone up and return to safety. Or you would leave the capital ship on the planet but also unload some defensive hovercraft which had strong atmospheric weapons to defend the capital ship. Handmining in Empyrion was what newbies did for the first day - and then never again. In Empyrion our 'mining' hovercraft were basically tanks that could also mine to ensure that if we did get caught by some hostile players we wouldn't get slaughtered. My luckiest mining op resulted in finding a landed capital ship while piloting my hovercraft and blowing it up. Less lucky one ended with me running into another hovercraft and taking an artillery shell to the face....but that's what made it fun.
  8. Don't worry. They have no clue either. They just said it'll be tied to a zone and will come after territory warfare which is slated to arrive...........¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Yeah but that's largely because mining in DU is terrible. It's a space ship game where you mine by hand. Make ships mine and it's a better game right away. It's absolute lunacy that we are hand mining in a space ship game.
  10. Get rid of schematics for the current schematic implementation. Warp Drives, L cores, AGG etc can be considered to be sufficiently advanced to need schematics. Add true Tier 2 elements. These do require schematics. They are flat out better than T1 things like the current silly 'military engine' - not a tradeoff in some way. Just - better but more complicated to make. Tier 2 can be bought for elements that do not have a T1 counterpart - like say AGG - or must be researched for things that do. Add Tier 3 elements - you cannot buy schematics for these. These are not elements we currently know how to make. These need to be researched from found artifacts. They are beyond current human technological level. Tier 4 element can be added later as schematics can only be acquired as finite drops in the game from events, rare wrecks etc. Call it alien tech or whatever... Researching a schematic requires you to feed an element into an analyzer which consumes the element but makes some progress towards producing a BP for the higher tier. For example: You progress your analysis for the BP based on integrity (number of repairs left before it's irreparable) times the simplicity (with some rng thrown in for lulz) of developing the BP. For example say you feed in an engine that has 1 repair left, the simplicity is rated say 5 so you roll the following: <integrity> * (RND(1,<simplicity>) - so you progress between 1-5 points out of 100 to get a BP for smashing up a busted engine. Feeding in a fresh engine could generate 3-15 points. Skills could be used to increase this. Tier 3 BPs can be analyzed from artifacts found mining asteroids or in wrecks. They should be made rare enough that it is impractical for an individual to try to find enough of a specific artifact to make progress towards a BP. Schematic are not limited to ship elements. You could research a tier 2 assembler that is faster than a tier 1 etc. The above I just pulled out of my ass......so feel free to critique, I won't cry. ---------------- Fix mining. Add construct mining elements that can be mounted on a XS or S core. They consume raw oxygen and hydrogen to run. (No I'm not going to make them run on ship fuel because that requires ore). The construct is capable of mining in much larger spheres than the hand tool and mined ore is stored inside an ore container. The ore container cannot be looted by hand - can only be jettisoned in which case the ore is lost. You must fly your ship to a static construct or an L core construct that has an ore unloader which empties the container into a linked hub. There are several goals here. 1 - Get rid of handmining beyond early game. It's not fun. You now have to pilot a ship to mine so piloting skills - both character and player skills matter. 2 - Add complexity to mining - your design actually matters as your construct has to be able to carry the ore out since you can't just empty it via link. You can't just fly your ship off somewhere and mine away by hand - you need to bring your mining ship along and you can't just have a bunch of ore crates as you will want to unload it regularly to keep your mass down or you'll burn too much fuel for it to be viable - or get too heavy and stuck underground and have to jettison ore to get out. 3 - Improves group mining ops by creating a scenario for a dedicated mining L core carrier loaded with XS mining ships and has an ore unloader that is able to empty them into it's containers. As an L core is the minimum size for a dynamic core mounted ore unloader it would be cost prohibitive to have individual players flying around in L cores just to mine (at least for now). Yes they could claim a tile, plop down a static core and an unloader but it would still expand the complexity as currently you do the same thing with dynamic s cores with a bunch of containers. Also just pulled the above out of my ass....but that's the direction I'd want mining in DU to go.
  11. I played EVE from release till 2007 - and only quit because I had moved in with my then GF and now wife and I don't think she would have appreciated me being called on my cellphone at 3am to log my capital into a fleet op... Had I retained my single neckbeard lifestyle I'd probably still be playing EVE....
  12. One would hope that industrial features and complexities would increase over the years with more complex production lines, power systems and hopefully fluids and so on. But hey - I think DU's industry is fundamentally flawed with the magical links in place of physical connections. There are so many missed opportunities with DU industry it's not even funny.
  13. Ok - but how is that all that different from the finite resources getting 'destroyed' when your elements exceed the repair counter? I'm not a fan of the bots, but I don't see how the finite nature of resources matters in this case.
  14. You're only allowed to build civilization as JC sees it. Everyone having a mega factory was too civilized. People building their own iphones from scratch?! What futuristic nonsense! Now get out of your space ship and go hand mine that ore....
  15. Discord is such a joke - every time NQ does something stupid, in slow mode - better not let the community tell us how stupid it is - if they can't talk they'll just leave....it's pathetic.
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