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  1. There are no camps on this. There is no agreeing to disagree nor can you call red green and say it's your opinion. You can literally prove it yourself with a single search that will show visible difference. Finally it has nothing to do with DU so it does not belong in a FAQ about the game. If it is opinion, why is it in the FAQ anyway?
  2. It does not really matter how bad or good you think the ED events were as they were still without a doubt better than the DU event.
  3. Dude digging into voxelmancy made me hate everything about it. The tools we have to work with feel like playing a game that has intentionally clunky controls like surgeon simulator, I am Bread or octodad. Voxelmancy as it stands is torture to me. There is nothing that feels fun about it. It infuriating and unpredictable and much of it basically comes down to hours of trial and error till you are able to get the shape that you want. There is no sane way to defend the current state of the voxel tools. It's not even fair to say that they are unfinished - they are not even tools. Making good looking ships in DU is about as frustrating as doing needlework while wearing oven mitts.
  4. I agree with everything you said except this isn't true at least in the US. You are in fact by default responsible for the death of someone while committing a crime. In the US this is called Felony Murder https://criminal.findlaw.com/criminal-charges/felony-murder.html So while I am absolutely on the side that permaban is overkill, they are still responsible for the damage to the marker orders regardless of the intent.
  5. I don't think DU needs to worry about competing for attention with GTA.
  6. December - NQ isn't going to release a content patch that competes for attention with Cyberpunk....
  7. If they fix this I'll forget all about Scoopy....
  8. Kids today - cute cute. Your posts are vastly less mature than that of the "kids" you are accusing of having some failure to grasp the real world.
  9. Very good. > How is NQ making changes to a market's RDMS any different then them making changes to yours? It's not. But if NQ changes my RDMS to be public and someone else loots my stuff, who is to blame? Even if it's part of their job, they made a mistake doing that job. They are to blame. If I make a mistake doing my job, I don't blame the clients....
  10. Why are you moving the goal posts? User error isn't a bug.
  11. Mistakes in code are not the same thing as user error. Failing to correctly set permissions isn't a bug. It's user error.
  12. What? Why? The two are not the same. When I run the wrong linux command and accidently grant users perms they shouldn't have at work, I don't get to claim "bug"!
  13. Correct. There are bugs, as in code issues, and then there are user errors, when a user fails to use the software correctly. It is not relevant if the user is a player or admin or dev. Their failure to correctly use the software does not indicate that there is a bug in the software. You can argue that the software failed to have sufficient guardrails, but you can't call it a bug.
  14. You're making it sound like the devs only had two options. Permaban - Or - Do Nothing. That's hardly the case. There are thousands of things they could have done instead of a perm ban.
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