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Alpha Roadmap AMA Questions

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I figured since an upcoming AMA was mentioned in the video that was released yesterday, I thought it would be useful to start a thread to collect questions people have for JC about Alpha, the roadmap, etc.

I suppose I'll start by listing a few questions I have...


  • The roadmap doesn't make any mention of server uptime. When can we expect the servers to be up for extended periods of time? (24/7 even) Is this something that we can expect during a specific phase of Alpha?
  • Is the NDA firm for all of Alpha, or is there a possibility that the NDA may be lifted before Beta starts?
  • Can we expect server uptime during the winter holiday season this year?  
  • Is there a clue of sorts hidden in one of the videos that were recently published? 
  • Where can we get one of those sweet Dual Universe jackets? 
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  • For some, the biggest disappointment about the roadmap announcement was the NDA being extended to cover all the Alphas. While it is clear that it was a difficult decision to make, could you elaborate on the reasons for extending the NDA?
  • Could you elaborate on the galaxy that will be available in beta? How many star systems will players have access to? Will there be faster modes of travel, such as warp engines, so that players can get there? Will the star maps be implemented by this time?
  • Will we see volumetric clouds (such as those shown in that first E3 video)? If so, will it be before release?
  • Is there any progress on rotating planets? Are these still in the works?
  • Where can community member send their user generated content, such as videos and screenshots? Are there any guidelines which may make it more likely for their content to be accepted and used as advertising for Dual Universe?
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In the February AMA I asked about the possibility of "painting" voxels (not changing the colour by swapping the material type, but by simply applying a new colour to the surface).

JC's answer was that it was something that NQ is considering.


So I'm asking about painting again, in the hope that there's some fresh info on that topic... :D

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  • How will water work? can we swim in water? can ships go under water? can we build constructs underwater.
  • Will there be exotic celestial bodies, and anomaly in space? like Black Holes, Comets, Nova/ Supernova, Exoplanets, wormholes, binary stars.
  • How will carrier ships work? can you dock smaller ships inside bigger ships? will there be a limit to how many smaller ships can be docked on a carrier?
  • Any plans for an External Docking system, like the one used by NASA, and seen in many scifi films.
  • What will Player vs Player combat be like, how will it feel like, will it be dynamic like Mass Effect, or any other FPS style game.
  • What will Construct vs Construct combat be like, how will it feel like, what will it be like to play, and be in combat.
  • What will construct damage look like? will there be smoke and explosion effects? Can damage be targeted to specific systems? like weapons, engines, power.
  • Will there be EMP type weapons in game, that disable systems, but don't deal damage?
  • Can you repair a ship during combat?


EDITED: added more questions....


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I've always enjoyed gameplay over graphical capabilities, I think some games get caught up in developing the next brightest and shiniest technology while leaving the gameplay for later dates.  Hopefully NQ won't fall down that path, and it's clear they don't intend to.  Although, I have no idea what it would take to implement the new ray technology... but if it's a considerable endeavor, I'd say they should pass it by.

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15 minutes ago, Hirachirus said:

I don't know if this question belongs here or has its tread already but here it is :


Is it possible that later,due to over population on alioth or a will to extand the population across the universe, we see more arkship spawning on further planet where new player would spawn after being discovered ?

Or will the start spawn point will remain the same for everyone until the end ?

According to some thread i have found in the past : New ArkShip must be discovery by the player themselves then it will become a new spawn point. (mean later player have 2+ choice to spawn )

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  • 3 weeks later...

Not mentioned at all in the roadmap: Creatures 

Is there anything at all you can tell us about wild creatures in DU?


Do you hope to have any wild creatures by the full version release? Is it planned as a strongly desired feature, or is it more like "maybe if we get around to it", or definitely not in release but maybe as an expansion afterwards? 


If I recall correctly, Baillie has stated that he'd like to see procedurally generated creatures make it into the game eventually; but that doesn't really tell us anything about variety. ... If there are wild creatures planned, would they be a preset selection, or might they exhibit some local variations, or might they be procedurally formed in such a way that wildly different types can be found? 


As someone who hopes to play mostly way out in unpopulated areas, I'd like to see as much variety in biomes & attendant creatures as possible. Importing foreign species to drive out pesky indigenous life-forms (or deter claimjumpers) could be great fun. Survival & PvP gameplay is all well & good, but if there isn't any motile PvE, I worry that exploration & hinterland gameplay will feel dead boring pretty quickly.

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On 8/14/2018 at 5:53 PM, supermega said:
  • What will Player vs Player combat be like, how will it feel like, will it be dynamic like Mass Effect, or any other FPS style game.

It has been stated that PvP will definitely not be FPS-style point & shoot, at least for the most part. Combat will be stat based, not twitch-reflex based. Shooting will be select target & fire, like most other MMORPGs. 


Personally, I'd hope for some specific weapons to be point & shoot, but that's because I prize variety; I'm not actually very good at FPS aiming, even though I'm a pretty competent dogfighter if you drop me in a Newtonian flight sim with no auto-assist to regulate rotational inertia. I'm actually hoping that rotational braking will both cost fuel & require an added Lua script. That way those of us who can pilot without it can derive some benefit from the vehicle's simplicity, akin to the way drifting is easier without traction control.

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@ProphetZarquon Actually, JC has stated that combat weapons will be ""Lock and Fire". Lock and fire means that the computer will identify a target and allocate damage based on stats. That doesn't mean it can't be dynamic or fast pace. Its just a difference in the way the computer handles data.

JC has also stated before that he they would explore ways to make it happen automatically, so players would not really notice to much the difference. So point and shoot is exactly what lock and fire can be.

My question is mostly just trying to get some confirmation on the direction, or goal has far as how they want player vs player combat, to be like. But, I suspect we wont truly know until its implemented.

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