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  1. Can't wait til we get closer to PvP so we can get an idea of how it's going to work. For now I'm lost for how it'll all work out with only it being "lock and fire" and each weapon needing to be manned being mentioned. Can next year hurry up and come around please!
  2. Have to side with you here. Unfortunately with what NMS did (though they have partially redeemed themselves) and then the mess going on with SC....I can imagine gamers will be brutal with yet another space game and one that is in Alpha. People in general are very short on patience and understanding and regardless of DU not doing what SC is doing.....it'll more than likely be branded as SC if they lifted NDA for Alpha Footage. With the roadmap showing PvP not even coming about until next year...I can see some very brutal thoughts against DU that would probably hurt it more than help (not strictly on the lack of PvP alone but just Alpha state in general. Unfortunately too many games lately have abused their "Alpha" state to where folks are tired of hearing, "It's in Alpha!" Though DU looks like they're not clowning around like so many other games......I can imagine folks not being willing to hear, "It's still in Alpha". Then don't even let any kind of delay happen with this new roadmap because folks will immediately paint it as SC though it's nothing alike.
  3. Found this game through a similar journey. Was constantly getting let down by other space games as they were always missing something that prevented them from being my dream space game and I've tried all the well known ones (EVE, ED, NMS, EGS, SC)....in frustration I was looking around YouTube and came across DU and it seems like it's going to have the right mix of what I feel a space game needs! Here's to hoping!
  4. Yeah, at the end of the day I'm sure the MMO aspect comes first and rightfully so over combat mechanics. Based on what I've seen and heard I'm aware of the lack of NPCs and actually am thrilled about it as NPCs and PvE stuff never really did anything for me. I like what they're going for here with everything being player. I'll just have to wait and see what they have in store here for the combat side but I'm definitely not expecting it to be ED or SC given what they've already stated.


  6. Well...I just couldn't hold it anymore; I had to jump on board this game right now! I'm having high hopes that it'll have the right mix of things that the other space games have failed to have in one aspect or another! Can't wait to participate in the next test session!
  7. Understand, hopefully they'll release their thoughts on it some time this year at least though it may not be implemented by this year. I just want an idea of what they're going to go after. The only thing I had heard in one video was a "lock n' fire" deal due to what they're going for with the single shard deal and how traditional FPS wouldn't go with what they're trying to do.
  8. This right here is my mentality as well! I currently play EGS (real close to buying the Patron Pack here) because it's the only space game out with all aspects of space that I want but the combat versus AI really adds nothing to the game. The actual fun part of the game is PvP Combat but it's very limited in EGS just given the game structure. No fleet combat, no real infantry battles, not much but a few small vessel versus small vessel battles mostly.
  9. Anyone have a good example to go by with the whole "lock and fire" when it comes to ground combat? I'm assuming the flight combat would be something similar to Star Trek where you fly the ship but you click on your weapons to fire at selected targets? How does that work on the ground...I know for me that same mechanism was garbage in Star Trek. Something was off about moving my character around but then having to click menu buttons to get the character to fire with no real "cover and concealment" tactics but instead just popping shots at each other until whoever dropped first. I'm not the combat flying type and plan on being one to gather resources, ground or aerial recon, ground combat, perhaps ship boarding defense (if that's even a thing in this game), etc. But I'm lost on how the ground combat will work and was wondering if anyone here even knows since there's not much talk about it. I'm so close to buying the Patron Pledge (I know there's no PvP of any kind taking place in the game) but that future aspect of the game is one I was curious about.
  10. Not concerned with spreadsheets for certain functions but there's a reason EVE is called "Spreadsheets In Space" The videos I've seen so far do not give me an EVE vibe outside of it being a single universe so I'll be fine. It's not even my main problem with EVE but I definitely conveyed my thoughts on that game incorrectly hidden the responses.
  11. It probably will but not with spreadsheets, pointing/clicking everything, and TPO (should have clarified better)....I don't mind deep/complex but I don't care for the spreadsheet stuff. For me DU gives me what I want with FPP, Space Legs, and I don't have to be a permanent pilot with most of my adventure happening from a ship/menus so I'll embrace however complex it is whereas EVE can't reward me with the things I want.
  12. Well new here, been watching the game from a distance (YouTube) and hoping it'll be the game I've been looking for. I wish I had more to go by but with the NDA (understandable) I can't do $180 to get into the weekly test. I can see myself getting into the Alpha 1 phase and hoping it's coming very soon. I've been dying for an open world space game but all the current ones are failing in one part or another whereas DU seems to be the one that'll have everything I've ever wanted. I've played the following: EVE: Too complex and I don't care for the "spreadsheet in space" style though it has the MMO aspect of things I want with factions, one universe, etc. NMS: Just not enough for me, more of a nice SP Space game with COOP possibilities now SE: I'm not the building type and unfortunately even with the new MP update the game strains too much to really have anything but a very LIMITED MP experience w/ empty planets SC: Well, it seems to offer everything I would want but........we all know what's currently going on over there. EGS: So far my current favorite only because I can fly ships OTHERS have built, it has a star system, it has the most people for MP that's playable and not spreadsheets. It also has space legs and planetary exploration, and factions (well limited since the max player count is 200). It also has PvP and PvE, though only problem...it's also limited player wise and it does currently strain in any decent size combat (anything over 4-5 ships fighting and the lag is bad) So here I am eagerly awaiting DU because it seems that it'll be coming with the right mix of things!
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