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  1. It should still work, but not well. There have been many DU changes since the last script update. Speed limit now varies with construct mass, construct mass is no longer relativistic, planets are different. I plan to update the script this week or next. EDIT: script update will take somewhat longer than expected.
  2. In a game that's described as "the space MMO entirely built and driven by the players", a currency issued by NPCs (quanta) should not be required for anything. Not for unlocking or changes recipes, not for territory upkeep, not for anything else. Quanta should only be used to optionally trade on NPC markets.
  3. Harvesting ore stones (that are spawned after calibrating mining units) requires players to hold the left mouse button a lot. For some players this causes wrist and/or finger pain/discomfort. Could surface ore harvesting be made more ergonomic? Mining tool had an auto-mine mode (toggled with the middle mouse button). Perhaps the harvest tool could have this mode too?
  4. A 4x4 voxel hole under the beam appears to be sufficient and does not obstruct. This works for me:
  5. Database is a wrapper around core and system functions. It doesn't return anything you couldn't get directly, and there is no function to get skills.
  6. Is there a new gameplay feature involving organization transponder tags? If I set tags aaa,bbb,ccc on a transponder on an organization's construct, how will system.getOrganizationTag decide what to return?
  7. The Lua atlas will be useful. But, is it a just a .lua file in Game/data/lua, which has to be updated manually (or with a script) by someone from NQ? It may be better (more future-proof) to have a system function that would generate the atlas at runtime from game data. system.getPlanetAtlas() could even return a JSON string, as the scripts would only need to parse it once.
  8. See what's inside the JSON string returned by weapon.getData().
  9. The Lua changes from this and previous devblogs are not in the game yet.
  10. Could radar.getConstructWorldPos(id) be extended to return position of any static (or stationary) construct in range? Popular flight scripts are already trilaterating construct positions based on distance (for collision avoidance), so it would mainly improve code efficiency/complexity.
  11. What about adding a single function that would take 3D world (or construct) coordinates and project them into 2D screen coordinates? It would cover most use cases (AR HUDs, custom location markers), and would also be faster than doing 3D projection math in Lua. Agreed. There are already at least 3 separate Lua APIs: 1) the control unit API, 2) the screen (render script) API, 3) the internal tutorial & achievement API. Adding one more (control unit API v2) shouldn't be impossible For compatibility with existing scripts (and consistency with other core.getParent* functions), could core.getWorldVelocity() always return absolute linear velocity, and velocity relative to parent be returned by a new function core.getParentRelativeWorldVelocity()? Same for core.getVelocity().
  12. There shouldn't be any skillpoint or quanta reward for the player who sent an invitation. Otherwise it's the same as buying skillpoints or quanta with real money (with an extra step).
  13. This bug happens when graphics mode is set to OpenGL instead of DirectX. If you're not on Windows 7 (which only supports OpenGL with DU), set graphics to DirectX and restart the game before using the map heavily (scanning territories, etc).
  14. @KuntChopsMcFrontButt Try this: local rgbColor = vec3(light.getRGBColor()) local r = rgbColor.x -- rgbColor["x"] would also work system.print(r) But, you don't really need vec3 here. When the codex says "vec3", it means an array-like table with 3 elements, not a cpml.vec3 instance. This should also work: local rgbColor = light.getRGBColor() local r = rgbColor[1] system.print(r)
  15. T4 and T5 schematic prices are still too high. For example, Warp Beacon schematic costs 841 292 033 quanta. Assuming an average miner can mine meganodes at 200 000 liters per hour and ore can be sold at 25 quanta per liter, it's 168 hours of non-stop mining.
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