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  1. I think having the option to logout while your in a bed element, to get temporary stat boosts when you log back in would be a good idea. A bed should only allow 1 player to logout in it at a time, so you would need more beds for multiple players. The mechanic around it would be a slowly building stat boost, until a set maximum, say 24 hours. The boost itself could range from movement speed, mining speed, crafting speed, or maybe something else. It could be something like a .5% boost per hour, for a max of 12%, that will also start falling back to nothing when you are logged back in and playing. It would encourage having the infrastructure (a place to sleep) in place, wherever you're going to be spending a lot of time, whether onboard your exploratory or transport ship, or underground mining for hours. It could also be another service space stations/markets/other public places could provide. Having an inn service, where you pay for access to a bed to logout in. This shouldn't be required at all. I think it would really hurt the experience if this was required, but just having it as an optional way to make some small amount of use out of the time when your not playing would add to the experience. It would also help those that aren't able to play as often a bit, by letting you get a little more done when you are able to play. It should be a small boost, where you'd still get much less done this way, than if you instead spent the time you were going to be logged out, in-game.
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  3. Vonboy

    Physical financial securities

    from the investors of the organization, if they would work like in the real world. An Organization that needs money to fund some project or something, would issue out a set number of stocks for a set price.
  4. Vonboy

    Alpha Roadmap AMA Questions

    What is the plan on server wipes going forward? Will there still be a final wipe right before the planned launch in 2020?
  5. Vonboy

    SHIP Ideas Box

    I don't care about making sense. I just want to build a giant space station, shaped like a T-Rex, that's a casino/bar/some kind of gladiator stadium, or even a robot wars like game, where people build small drone type ships, program them in LUA, and pit them against each other. Or, you know, a ship shaped like a T-Rex would be cool, too.
  6. Vonboy


    I heard about this game a week ago, and it looks right up my alley. I guess before this, I played EVE for a couple months before, and I've put in a few hundred hours in Space Engineers! I love that game, but a shame the Multiplayer has just recently gotten to work better, and even then, it only supports a couple dozen players on a server. I guess I'll miss the collision damage, the ships breaking apart, block by block, and the more advanced physics, but I feel that a small price to pay for a massive online server to play on! I also put in countless hours in Minecraft, with various tech mods, and I love the Civilization games. Played Civ 4, 5 ,and 6 with friends a ton, though I haven't gotten to get in a match with my small group lately. And I love Nintendo games. I now have a switch, and been enjoying a lot of games on there. Looking forward to the new smash bros game! Anyway, can't wait to play this game, like the rest of you guys!
  7. Could a special warp pad at the base of the arkship, that will teleport you to a random spot on the starting planet, help? I see something similar on some Minecraft servers, an option to send you to some untouched area of the server's map, so you can actually find resources to start out.
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  9. I'm thinking when the game get's close to release, I'll bring it up on a small online forum I'm active one, and hopefully get a few people willing to try the game out, in a small group. I just don't see myself joining a large group, though, unless it's something like my small group acting as more of a corporation, and allying with a larger group for protection. Would something like that be possible?
  10. Vonboy

    Did someone say.... Wednesday? :O

    I'm thinking this might not be that bad. Remember, this game is kind of going under the radar right now (Heck, I didn't even hear of this game till a week ago.) Most gamers still don't know that this game exists. I feel like they could get away with this, as long as they are prepared to launch a massive marketing campaign whenever they decide to drop the NDA. This way, they can reach a lot more people, who haven't heard of the game before, when the game is closer to a finished state, and actually looks good, with servers that aren't lagging anymore, with more features and less bugs. It seems like this is kind of what JC wanted, too. From all the videos and text I've read on this game, it sounds like JC didn't want to make too much of a fuss while initially funding this game. He stopped the crowdfunding for a time, when he felt he had enough funds to go ahead with the project, and he wanted to avoid adding stretch goals and feature-creep, instead wanting to focus on getting the initial game ready, with what he did promise would be able to work for the release, and then focus on other features later. Now, they will probably loose some people who already pledged, but that is only a bit over 30,000 right now, much less than the tens or hundreds of thousands they could pull in later.
  11. I just want to make sure, the DAC that you get in the different pledge packages don't need to be used till the game is formally released, right? If I buy a pledge package, and once whatever alpha I payed for starts, I'm free too play as much as I want, whenever the test servers are up of course, till the mid 2020 release, and only then I will have to use DAC to get subcription time, right? maybe a stupid question, but I just wanted to be sure.