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  1. Is there not a way to change your e-mail address? Is it because it was linked from Kickstarter? On my profile page it appears that the e-mail field is editable along with my name. My name can be edited, but the e-mail has a blocked out icon when trying to click into the e-mail field. Do I need to go through support to get this done?
  2. Yep. Final version will have a subscription. 1 DAC is 1 month play time
  3. Disagree on the pricing point. It is because people are more self conscious than they let on and games are anonymous. A custom paint job runs in the low thousands. If you go on craigslist you can probably find a decaler who will do it for less than a thousand. That is obtainable. I haven't come across a single vehicle painted with a phallus, my little pony, or any other eyesores. Heck, to further illustrate custom tshirts are like $30. Have I seen some absurd shirts before? Sure, but not nearly as many phalluses in game. Am I saying it shouldn't be allowed in DU? No. Have at it. Aesthetics have never mattered to me in a game, especially one with so much player freedom. It is literally the point of the game
  4. Oh fantastic. Allowing devs to hide behind such a narrative allows for absolutely scummy behavior. Look into the Oath MMO. So glad I dodged that bullet, I was actually pretty interested
  5. In general refunds on a crowdfunded project are scarce. The least they could do is say "we do not do refunds, sorry". Put it a little more elegantly and that is a reasonable response. Letting tickets sit for 4 months is tacky. On another game, I tried getting a refund on the difference between a kickstarter pack and the same packs being sold on their site for a smaller price. Not only does that behavior seem scummy, but the fact that they never responded to my inquiries left a terrible taste in my mouth. Customer relations are extremely important and especially so on a crowdfunded game. Doesn't mean you have to give out refunds, but having an open discussion goes a long way. If they had answered back professionally and backed up their decision to lower the cost of the packs... I probably would still be following the game.
  6. I actually disagree here, there should be no way to freeze an account for any reason whatsoever. Why should someone get a freeze for X reason, but the next person get denied for reason Y? Just muddies things is all. Also, who determines what gets a freeze? Is NQ personnel sifting through every single case? I just do not see that working tbh. I also don’t think there’s a need for a grace period more than a week...
  7. Official word in the beginning was that they were going to leave it alone. Has that changed? (Honestly hope it has, but just curious)
  8. Yeah, it can take awhile sometimes. If you don’t have it by the end of the day, contact support.
  9. Hey buddy, So during the testing period you will not have to buy gameplay time. However, after the release of the game there will be a subscription to continue playing. Every package comes with a number of DACs, these DACs are months of game time. Other players can buy and trade DACs within the game economy. Therefore, you will be able to buy DACs (and thus gametime) if you make enough in game money to buy a DAC from a player. STUs are used to make claims on moons. Moons are considered safe zones IIRC, so once you make the claim no one can contest it.
  10. DU doesn’t have 24/7 tech support, nor should they imho. It’s a small dev company, having such expectations is pretty crazy imho. Even the major AAA studios sometimes have crazy wait times when it comes to tech support. I’ve waited weeks for star citizen support before.
  11. Cloud and talent tree have to be my favorite. Pretty exciting Love the quick video on new features, easy to digest for those who are busy.
  12. If the question is whether you should wait or not, the answer is usually yes... you should wait Early development is just that, early development.
  13. If it has a 10 year old CPU, it's likely to have an older GPU as well. Besides, I think it could still power something like a 1050 TI or even a 1060 just fine.
  14. Could you tell us what the precise CPU is? Dual Universe requires AVX. I’m no help, but I’m sure that information would be useful for others. like is it an i5 6600k etc Maybe the motherboard and BIOS version would be useful as well... if it is a bios thing. However, I’m pretty sure it simply means your CPU does not support AVX Edit: Looking at this, it seems it is an i7 920 or a Xeon processor: https://www.jackcobben.nl/2012/03/27/2013/ That is one old CPU... sorry to say it buddy, but I don't think it supports AVX
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