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  1. can we get an increase to the number of charges you can hold, so we aren't forced to login every day to not waste charges? Just keep the other mechanics the same, and this shouldn't really have an affect on the amount of ore entering the economy.
  2. I'd like a higher number of charges you can store, just so you could not play for more than a day and a half and not waste charges. At least pumping it a little, so it takes 48 hours to fill up, would be a big improvement. you 'technically' have 35 hours before they fill up at max skills, but it really feels like 24 hours, because most people would be playing at around the same time on any given day, and wouldn't be able to stagger their play sessions for 35 hours like that. just keep the charge recharging rate the same, and this shouldn't really have an effect on the amount of ore entering the economy.
  3. Welcome aboard! we're getting towards the end of the current roadmap, so it'd be nice to see what the early 2022 plans are.
  4. Can't wait to see the XL weapons! XD
  5. Is there gonna be any changes to nerf using many alts with the hauling missions?
  6. Very glad that the wallets are gonna keep a little record of the transactions. XD if your personal wallet is getting this functionality as well, it'll make keeping track of your costs and profits/losses in market trading much easier.
  7. The only real reason there are so many alts in the game right now, is because you can get your hands on a beta key fairly easily, and that account you create with it isn't charged a subscription till 'release'. There are going to be a lot of alt accounts that are left dormant at release. Personally, I'm not sure if I'll be able to earn enough DAC's in-game to support all or even some of mine. I'm gonna have to wait and see on that. There's still gonna be people with alts at release, but they wont be free anymore.
  8. I'm going to assume they have industry coded, to check if that machine can actually make the item, before it starts a new batch. JC said the machines will keep running till it finishes, so it shouldn't just run forever. If, the machines do end up starting new batches without the schematics or higher tier machines, I'd consider that a massive problem, that would merit them immediately shutting the server down to fix, like that time they made changed to how industry machines do batching, and it caused some really weird and high numbers of items trying to be made, for maybe 10 minutes, before NQ shut the server down to fix.
  9. Only question I have. Is will the update break/stop the current craft that a machine is doing, or will that craft be allowed to finish, before the machine says it can't start the next craft, due to not being high enough tier or whatever the reason is. And if not, will the machines at least refund the ingredients for us?
  10. This would be a great workaround for now. Players are being punished currently, from the rampant disconnects, and surprise server maintenance. And most players can't warp, because the drives are so expensive, and warp cells are not being produced and sold on the markets in large quantities yet. It would also help the newer players, who only have the option of slow-boating to other planets for now.
  11. They haven't sent out beta keys yet anyway, so your friend would most likely miss this test, and have to wait until Beta starts. I just hope NQ sends out the keys at least a day or two before Beta starts. We don't need people scrambling on the morning of to get things set up, and downloaded/installed.
  12. You could always form a organization focused around hunting down and destroying creations you find "not Sci-Fi' or whatever.
  13. wikiauth:hFk66Mo737B3PD90uq49;

  14. The fourth point made in the Devblog kind of confuses me. Do you mean you plan on there being regular skill resets, in-between wipes, where only the skills get changed and re-specked? Will the skills we learned still be wiped along with everything else (besides blueprints) when a wipe happens? Otherwise, Can't wait to try out the skill system along with the other new toys!
  15. I'm most looking forward to the Inventory rework, myself. Really can't wait to stick my teeth in it, and see how it changes logistics, and trading.
  16. After both parties confirm, there needs to be one final confirmation screen, showing the trade that's now uneditable, and with a final confirmation button. Otherwise, I see this being open to scamming. Otherwise, I'll be happy to have direct player trading finally.
  17. Will be interesting to see how this changes the starting experience for players. Aka, how will it be now, when you start with nothing, and have to bootstrap yourself?
  18. Very interesting. sounds like we'll be able to mine for longer to fill the same container space, but I wonder how that will translate to how many voxels/elements/ect we'll be able to build from that. I'm wondering now how much finished products we'll be able to make with the ore we mine now. You mention that now weight will (mostly) be consistent though out crafting tree. Guess I'll just have to hop in after the update and see. I really wanna play DU now.
  19. I think having the option to logout while your in a bed element, to get temporary stat boosts when you log back in would be a good idea. A bed should only allow 1 player to logout in it at a time, so you would need more beds for multiple players. The mechanic around it would be a slowly building stat boost, until a set maximum, say 24 hours. The boost itself could range from movement speed, mining speed, crafting speed, or maybe something else. It could be something like a .5% boost per hour, for a max of 12%, that will also start falling back to nothing when you are logged back in and playing. It would encourage having the infrastructure (a place to sleep) in place, wherever you're going to be spending a lot of time, whether onboard your exploratory or transport ship, or underground mining for hours. It could also be another service space stations/markets/other public places could provide. Having an inn service, where you pay for access to a bed to logout in. This shouldn't be required at all. I think it would really hurt the experience if this was required, but just having it as an optional way to make some small amount of use out of the time when your not playing would add to the experience. It would also help those that aren't able to play as often a bit, by letting you get a little more done when you are able to play. It should be a small boost, where you'd still get much less done this way, than if you instead spent the time you were going to be logged out, in-game.
  20. discordauth:EQ6K4mCvwbUj3UIzZKnltn-QAWxBFxqiZ5SQ6WE623A=

  21. from the investors of the organization, if they would work like in the real world. An Organization that needs money to fund some project or something, would issue out a set number of stocks for a set price.
  22. What is the plan on server wipes going forward? Will there still be a final wipe right before the planned launch in 2020?
  23. I don't care about making sense. I just want to build a giant space station, shaped like a T-Rex, that's a casino/bar/some kind of gladiator stadium, or even a robot wars like game, where people build small drone type ships, program them in LUA, and pit them against each other. Or, you know, a ship shaped like a T-Rex would be cool, too.
  24. Vonboy


    I heard about this game a week ago, and it looks right up my alley. I guess before this, I played EVE for a couple months before, and I've put in a few hundred hours in Space Engineers! I love that game, but a shame the Multiplayer has just recently gotten to work better, and even then, it only supports a couple dozen players on a server. I guess I'll miss the collision damage, the ships breaking apart, block by block, and the more advanced physics, but I feel that a small price to pay for a massive online server to play on! I also put in countless hours in Minecraft, with various tech mods, and I love the Civilization games. Played Civ 4, 5 ,and 6 with friends a ton, though I haven't gotten to get in a match with my small group lately. And I love Nintendo games. I now have a switch, and been enjoying a lot of games on there. Looking forward to the new smash bros game! Anyway, can't wait to play this game, like the rest of you guys!
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