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  1. Welcome on DU boards @Uberraschend! Looking forward to see you online next week
  2. Sandstorms are a (deadly and beautiful) thing in Conan Exiles. (see a YT video of it here) I would love weather events in DU, according to which planet you're on!
  3. @Levi_Palmer For a really good example of automated AND complex crafting system, you should check Factorio out. I know, quite a different game. But extrapolate from this and fit it into DU, and you got your answer! (or at least what I'm expecting crafting to be in DU)
  4. Hey there, welcome! Keep in mind that technically, you'll still be "testing" the game. While testing can still be loads of fun, it's important to remember it, so you don't get disappointed/frustrated
  5. Hey there, I know it's kinda late, organisation-wise to launch that kind of suggestion, but... here it is Before getting my patron pack, I really got surprised and pleased by this december 2017 event. I guess there's plenty in NQ's plates right now, but I figured, that'd still be a good idea to discuss about the dates! If not december '18, later? haha (Oh hey, I'm willing to help at washing dishes if it actually happens)
  6. My thoughts precisely. @Anopheles : As long as there are no NQ announcement that would state otherwise, Alpha1's for the end of november!
  7. Speaking of DeviantArt... (Not intending to encourage the copy of trademarked or copyrighted creations, inspirational purpose only) Full size image can be found on it's author's page: https://www.deviantart.com/dirkloechel/art/Size-Comparison-Science-Fiction-Spaceships-398790051
  8. One huge difference between Eve and DU is the universe's endlessness! Piracy left aside, fights are mostly generated by border defence and territory contests. Border defence and territory contests, just like IRL, come down to acquiring and securing resources. Since it'll be technically feasible to travel as far as you wish to discover new, unhabited planets (which is utterly impossible in Eve), I'd expect less territorial wars (and probably more piracy?) Once we get to know how fuel is produced, we may see some very unique gameplay emerge: Ever travelling ships, aiming at uncharted territories... Hey, from what we know so far about the game, some colonies might develop during years without even meeting others! Yeah, I'm getting carried away. My point is, DU's endless map would theoretically give less reasons for large conflicts than Eve. I believe many of these players would actually look forward to DU's release. The thrill of a new challenge! The occassional fleet fight to break your nex toy, just to get a new one within hours (or minutes), ain't really exciting. Super blocks are quite stable now (since I last checked at least), there's no major turmoil. Put it plainly, boooooring....
  9. Once on your profile page, on your profile picture, at the bottom left corner is a small icon, clicking on it will open a menu to either upload one, or choose to have none.
  10. Top left corner of the forum, there's your name. Left of it, there's your profile pic, click on it to access your profile page. Welcome back
  11. Your replies to these posts got moderated. If you're not happy about it, it still doesn't change the fact that moderators deemed them as necroposting, according to the forum rules. Whatever you say, it won't change that. I would advise you to actually read those rules, necroposting definition is detailed, and your replies clearly fall into it. You affirming those posts weren't dead can only lead to 2 different conclusions: 1- You never read the rules, and therefore don't have any idea of what you're talking about. 2- You've actually read the rules, in which case you're just denying the reality, in a really hypocritical way. Either way, that's on you, stop complaining about others. The childish stubbornness you're demonstrating is what attracts other's bellicoseness. Send an MP to the moderators if you want to discuss it, arguing about it here is pointless.
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