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  1. Cal Rouvenor

    SHIP Ideas Box

    Speaking of DeviantArt... (Not intending to encourage the copy of trademarked or copyrighted creations, inspirational purpose only) Full size image can be found on it's author's page: https://www.deviantart.com/dirkloechel/art/Size-Comparison-Science-Fiction-Spaceships-398790051
  2. Cal Rouvenor

    EVE Invasion

    One huge difference between Eve and DU is the universe's endlessness! Piracy left aside, fights are mostly generated by border defence and territory contests. Border defence and territory contests, just like IRL, come down to acquiring and securing resources. Since it'll be technically feasible to travel as far as you wish to discover new, unhabited planets (which is utterly impossible in Eve), I'd expect less territorial wars (and probably more piracy?) Once we get to know how fuel is produced, we may see some very unique gameplay emerge: Ever travelling ships, aiming at uncharted territories... Hey, from what we know so far about the game, some colonies might develop during years without even meeting others! Yeah, I'm getting carried away. My point is, DU's endless map would theoretically give less reasons for large conflicts than Eve. I believe many of these players would actually look forward to DU's release. The thrill of a new challenge! The occassional fleet fight to break your nex toy, just to get a new one within hours (or minutes), ain't really exciting. Super blocks are quite stable now (since I last checked at least), there's no major turmoil. Put it plainly, boooooring....
  3. Cal Rouvenor

    I have returned...

    Once on your profile page, on your profile picture, at the bottom left corner is a small icon, clicking on it will open a menu to either upload one, or choose to have none.
  4. Cal Rouvenor

    I have returned...

    Top left corner of the forum, there's your name. Left of it, there's your profile pic, click on it to access your profile page. Welcome back
  5. Cal Rouvenor

    Please allow the ability to block others in the community

    Your replies to these posts got moderated. If you're not happy about it, it still doesn't change the fact that moderators deemed them as necroposting, according to the forum rules. Whatever you say, it won't change that. I would advise you to actually read those rules, necroposting definition is detailed, and your replies clearly fall into it. You affirming those posts weren't dead can only lead to 2 different conclusions: 1- You never read the rules, and therefore don't have any idea of what you're talking about. 2- You've actually read the rules, in which case you're just denying the reality, in a really hypocritical way. Either way, that's on you, stop complaining about others. The childish stubbornness you're demonstrating is what attracts other's bellicoseness. Send an MP to the moderators if you want to discuss it, arguing about it here is pointless.
  6. Mon bon monsieur, S'offusquer de l'absence d'une telle fonctionnalité est assez révélateur de l'idéologie xénophobe qui vous habite. En tant que francophone (et Français), j'aimerais partager avec vous quelques suggestions: Du contenu publié dans une langue autre que la vôtre (qu'il soit publié par un francophone ou pas) n'est pas à prendre comme une offense personnelle! Pas de nombrilisme linguistique, de grâce. Il s'avère qu'une infime partie de la population Française (le reste des francophones s'en tamponnant allègrement le coquillard) y accorde, en fait, de l'importance. Si si, je vous assure; les réponses à votre message initial en sont un bon exemple. Faites preuve d'originalité, soyez constructif! Les raisons invoquées sont assez claires pour ne pas tourner autour du pot. Si vous souhaitez éclairer cette nuit anglophone du phare de la francophonie, de grâce mon ami, faites! Traduisez l'intégralité du site, proposez-la à NQ, afin que comme vous, les hégémonistes de la cédille puissent y accéder! En voilà une riche idée! Allez, nous attendons vos propositions constructives, plutôt que votre indigeste logorrhée! C'est le genre de démarche à laquelle je pourrais adhérer, comptez-sur moi si vous vous engagez sur cette voie. J'apporterai ici une once de subtilité, notion si chère à notre cœur et essence même de notre belle langue. Ne pas baser sa fierté ou son identité sur sa langue maternelle n'implique pas pour autant d'en avoir honte, loin de là! (Et heureusement d'ailleurs...) A votre vision identitaire de la langue, j'y opposerai celle d'un outil de communication et de fédération. Quand on entreprend de réunir autant de nationalités que possible, l'anglais s'impose de soi-même, comme expliqué précédemment. Enfin, j'ai conscience que ces quelques lignes n'auront peut-être pas l'effet escompté. Le chien aboie, la caravane passe Bien cordialement!
  7. Cal Rouvenor

    Please allow the ability to block others in the community

    I can confirm that reporting posts does work efficiently (and swiftly, may I add). And so can you, right? Let's take a break for a minute: Calling "spammy trolls" the people who told you to respect the forum rules (as in, no necroposting, especially to recruit) are NOT spammy trolls, they're just annoyed users. You're the one getting closer to this description by necroposting 6 topics, and not even feelin sorry about it. Now, asking a user blocking functionality (which already exists) is fair. You got your answer, stop the drama here please. You're being unnecessarily toxic.
  8. Yup, quoting me out of context isn't relevant. Take my words as in "DU wise". If those orgs are extra-DU functional, fine. But it's not relevant to the OP.
  9. A lot of relevant things have been said already, so I'll just keep it to my opinion about your OP @Anopheles : - I understand the disappointment of not "discovering a brand new world" with no ties, no orgs, nothing to ordinate this experience, because so many corps would already exist on day 1. I counterbalance that disappointment by thinking that pre-release players community will be quite small compared to the massive number of players that (I hope and believe) will join the adventure on release. In the end, what makes a functional org isn't just a logo and a niche, it really is about how fun and enjoyable the game will be through it. So far, you could picture all existing orgs as "planned organisations", rather than functional ones. Only time will tell, after release, which ones will actually exist and have an impact, and which won't, for the reasons that have been discussed before. It's all good, brave new world is still on it's way
  10. Cal Rouvenor

    Random Events

    Forgot about these, nice! This one is particularly inspiring
  11. Cal Rouvenor

    Random Events

    I do like the idea of it: All RNG events could have a visual impact: Not only cool, but bothering when travelling on a planet. Some events may damage your armor, damage you, or even kill you...? Cities could take scarce to no dmg. "Conan exiles" has a sandstorm RNG event, which will slowly kill you if you don't have the proper stuff to survive it, or if you do not find any protected area. I found that pretty cool. As for EM storms, they could disable all lua functions of a ship (or just electronic stuff, just an idea really). Of course that'd be broken, so there could be a special alloy for explorer ships to avoid that.
  12. discordauth:HJ6W_lwi4zMnyeFBpo5vkOkIZJ1Fu-QxIqt80VxyASw=

  13. Cal Rouvenor

    Greetings y'all!

    Thanks for the welcome, I'll see you IG soon
  14. Cal Rouvenor

    Swap out pre coloured materials for Painting.

    A realistic approch would be to have a 1st texture, defined by the material itself, which could be then painted with whichever color you may be able to craft/buy; Texture stays visible, you only apply a RGB 50% opacity on it.