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  1. Cal Rouvenor

    Random Events

    Forgot about these, nice! This one is particularly inspiring
  2. Cal Rouvenor

    Random Events

    I do like the idea of it: All RNG events could have a visual impact: Not only cool, but bothering when travelling on a planet. Some events may damage your armor, damage you, or even kill you...? Cities could take scarce to no dmg. "Conan exiles" has a sandstorm RNG event, which will slowly kill you if you don't have the proper stuff to survive it, or if you do not find any protected area. I found that pretty cool. As for EM storms, they could disable all lua functions of a ship (or just electronic stuff, just an idea really). Of course that'd be broken, so there could be a special alloy for explorer ships to avoid that.
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  4. Cal Rouvenor

    Greetings y'all!

    Thanks for the welcome, I'll see you IG soon
  5. Cal Rouvenor

    Swap out pre coloured materials for Painting.

    A realistic approch would be to have a 1st texture, defined by the material itself, which could be then painted with whichever color you may be able to craft/buy; Texture stays visible, you only apply a RGB 50% opacity on it.
  6. Cal Rouvenor

    Greetings y'all!

    Hey there DUdes and DUdettes! I just pledged as a patron, you can call me Cal (Novean #31503). No need to say, the hype is real (and lasting). I came across a review about DU something like 6months ago, and came to check on the evolution from times to times. I spent the last 2 weeks reading, watching, listening anything and all that might be somehow related to DU. Just like you, I'm amazed and thrilled by the depth and infinite possibilites that should offer DU on release. I'm also quite positively surprised by the general feeling coming from the established community, it's been a long time I didn't read so much content without having to detox (from either saltiness or trolliness haha). A few words about me? 32, french (sh*t happens haha) Played EvE Online from 2004 to... well, last time I logged in was 2015. Also played Lineage 2 before that, on private RP/PVP servers (as a dwarf main, for those who'd wonder). About my interests in DU, they are many. I'll definitely enjoy the next pre-alpha session to finally get on the other side of that damn exciting NDA curtain! I'm planning to play solo for a few hours, to discover the basic things on my own. But rest assured, I've already checked the organizations descriptions, and already feel attracted to some (ok 1 exactly). Anyway, you'll probably hear from me on discord soon, my gut tells me I won't be able to wait until the 8th to get my classified info shoot! Take care, fly safe, o7! Cal