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  1. Well DarkHorizon "Ferry" service maybe will bloom and be a very important service in DU i think. Especially we dont know how hard to craft one FTL and fuel for FTL engine to work, also ferry can also give you a good protection than when you fly alone.
  2. ShioriStein


    No Problem, glad to help you.
  3. ShioriStein


    How about a layer outside of that act as armor plate ( of course all is voxel ). And in here we isnt using block, it is voxel building (recommend watch video on youtube to know how thing build in DU ) so it isnt help much. The damage deal to the ship hull via weapon is that , it will left "a hole" there. It calculate something like status base of weapon , skill and then the material make the ship hull.
  4. Seem like most people here, from E3 Video. When i'm scrolling my Facebook for boring article then a post with E3 Video about DU ... i have never seen anything so unique like this one. Let thinking about single one server, single shard, totally unimaginable. A game where everyone can interact and playing a same time in a same area with no loading or split or waiting to join. Dang after that vid i go to youtube about DU to watch more and more, go to main web site of DU and peek the forum (re read alot of post in the past ) but lay low for a while then i decide time to join DU community and practice in discussion on the forum and the rest like it to this day. But in DU i dont think there will be goal as you can be everything. literary i really want to see a massive battle on my ship/or my org ship ( stand from a safe place, to see the epic battle ) and enjoy other monument/grand construct or even ... DU's Wonders.
  5. ShioriStein

    How Would You Train your Armies and Fleets?

    But once the theories is prove being work, everyone will go here to read about it. Every org have to think about plan for their Org ( their commander who in charge control army/security)
  6. ShioriStein

    How Would You Train your Armies and Fleets?

    Dont you think this is a super secret thing to share ? Everyone clearly want to hold their advantage, share mean common know and able to counter it. But i think the training will something like in 2 thing : formation/communication and skill. With skill you can be specialist and with formation/communication training give you ability to control and advance your team quicker, in order and teamwork.
  7. ShioriStein

    Feedback on the Official Discord FAQ

    Well sorry seem like I misread and misunderstood your word. I dont have any problem with your Opinion as well. But this, i will still keep it for you. You didnt say a word about "why i PARANOID(hate,sceptic´╗┐,...) about this bot so we must/should have a manual process". Something you used to do before dont necessary mean it have to be there now.
  8. ShioriStein

    Feedback on the Official Discord FAQ

    @Zamarus i thought NQ have answer your question about bot already ?! It does nothing than allow people with backer to join NDA channel. And argument ''Human error is a poor reason'' for automatic process is another poor argument as well to have manual process.
  9. I think the Beta stage is where you check thing and edit stats so it not got too OP or too Weak, balance thing. But i think what NQ want to say that in release there only ONE spawn point system, not mean there only ONE SYSTEM for a long time after launch. NQ confirm there will be a very basic FTL system , more complex will come along with the stargate expansion i think. The point of StarGate isnt allow you to instant build and go to other system but to reduce the time go between 2 system and thus it need you go to the other system first to ping a location there then build a StarGate at the first system so in the end it still require FTL to build Star Gate.
  10. ShioriStein

    Alpha Roadmap AMA Questions

    Yeb NQ confirm there will be some basic wild animal at release but complex will come after as expansion.
  11. ShioriStein

    How will spacecraft be identified?

    But i hope it will go via the radio transmission - receive, which is though the LUA, to identified the name and serial number of the ship
  12. ShioriStein

    Selling Constructs based on existing IPs

    Well they say you can "some how" steal the ship but we didnt know how exactly steal ship will working.
  13. ShioriStein

    Gun Crews

    SO just let a super weapon ( Area target, charging ) xD
  14. ShioriStein

    Swap out pre coloured materials for Painting.

    Well you can paint it ... but remove the color of material i'm not so sure.
  15. ShioriStein

    Gun Crews

    I like you idea but i think all turret must be manned can be mean that it require one to function it is aiming. We using lock and fire so 3 -4 person operate one i wonder what they do when only one man aiming. But this idea can be use for SUPER WEAPON ( or super heavy weapon or just heavy weapon ) which require more than 1 person to operate like aiming, adjust energy level ( too much cause damage to weapon and maybe explode to damage crew, too low will cause little damage or miss ), calculate distance for energy to adjust, ... And it is Scific we didnt rotate only make the life of aiming guy difficult :< . P.s: Super weapon (heavy weapon ) not something OP, it just something like a Rail gun need time to charge but cause large damage but not to point broken game, Area damage , EMP and more specific like cause all ship to slow in an area or the target get slow, ...