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    Lucky lottery cryo pod which spare on Ark and they use lottery to chose who get in it. Damn my poor
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  1. ShioriStein

    RESET on release ?

    Everything reset except your blueprint of what you build in this period.
  2. ShioriStein

    Star Citizen

    I thought we can lock-on a part of the ship like choosing place to shot. And what left on the place after shoot is "a hole" . So with that we can shot each place on the ship like engine, bridge, reactor room, ... Also i hear lock-on will be make smooth as much as possible so player dont feel so annoy as it look like click to shot like any FPS.
  3. ShioriStein

    An Old Ark Ship

    It look cool. And also there is another ArkShip for us to discovery when we can go to another system. I think they can use your idea about that ArkShip get damage and life support turn off and kill all passenger and crew then player have to fix it. After fixing that ArkShip can become a spawn point.
  4. ShioriStein

    Imagining a Sandstorm

    There is sand in my pan....oght...cough ....bleh .... it in my mouth now.
  5. ShioriStein

    Inflight Mining Scanner

    It would be nice if we can general scan a planet before start mining there. Like it show you 10 type of ore available on that planet but only reveal 4-6 common to uncommon type ore, the rest you have to scan by hand on the planet or on the ground ( and of course no location, too easy if it does ). Also NQ have said they will create a tool help player to get right decision when build a star gate, i think a wide general scan will include.
  6. ShioriStein

    Light Trails for Mining

    I thought we can place some voxel without core ?
  7. ShioriStein

    Light Trails for Mining

    How about you create a voxel sign to know where to go ?
  8. ShioriStein


    That what give it value. If you cant then hire someone can.
  9. ShioriStein


    How about build a Dome with voxel instead ? Using TU (RDMs) to protect it from random edit from outsider.
  10. So much argument ... I think we need a flexible system not a complicate system. And what NQ have said is "Everything is up to player", so the more complicate system (like karma system ) , the more loop hole it can be ... Well that just my thought. About lone ship attack. I think that is "risk and reward" isnt it ? You take the risk for go alone to decrease some expense cost when go with other player in a caravan or protection fee isnt it ?! Also if i'm not wrong, NQ have said something about a reputation system ... Maybe it kinda look like Karma system ?
  11. ShioriStein

    Nuclear Weapons and Player Experience

    @0something0 Create content and create fury , unfair is 2 different thing. When you can hold back in a battle against an org and then a blast boom, everything gone, you base is now a nuclear fallout ... Do you think that is a good experience ? IT only create fury. And what do you think keep big org from nuke everything ( that small base of newbie, let's nuke them ; That guy ship look cool , nuke it; That guy just save enough to buy that, nuke him; ... ) . I dont know from EVE or anywhere you play but i play enough game to see that people will go to the point using end-game weapon to just gank newbie. I know because i'm once the victim of it, only fury and unfair feeling after all your effort being destroy by some veteran player/
  12. ShioriStein

    Nuclear Weapons and Player Experience

    @Anonymous Yes and do you know what keep people not to nuke each other right now in the world ? Public opinion, consequence so great ( everyone got nuke ), humanity (what you tell your people afterward ? You nuke million of innocent because some Oil ? ) And so glad because of that we dont have to witness Nuclear Judgement day ... for now. And DU is a game, all of the reason for holding using nuclear weapon will be non exit. IF something can, they will do it. I can imagine people nuke everything ... for fun of course or some reason.
  13. ShioriStein

    Multi level Residence areas

    Well i think it can be solve with RDM ?. Place a static core and area building of it become a plot. And so if you want to sell that plot you will using RDMs to give the right to the one buy it.
  14. If big ship have unique thing i dont see why not: 1. FTL engine, assume the basic which easy to unlock first too big or consume too much for a small ship to use, so people will go on a "ferry" to use its FTL rather than go long way alone. 2. Safe, band together always better than go alone. But also more dangerous as pirate will have a big catch anyway. 3. Fuel - If Fuel is costly in long run, then ferry will help you very much. 4. Afk traveling - I will just let my ship there , inside the long trip ( or short abit like 15 - 30 minute ) to go do something. And it will be big help if you can go pass StarGate inside a ferry rather than to pay a big fee when go alone
  15. Emergent gameplay is mean anything can happen at anywhere any time. 2 Big Safe zone is enough, a life without some tension moment will be pretty boring (well atleast it is for me). @Aaron Cain Do you have land for hire or Apartment, house, ...etc for hire or for sell on your moving city ? If then will i have insurance if anything bad happen like AirLock sudden blow up and sweep me and my ship or on the next login i see my place where should be my house is a hole after City take a full strike ?