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    Lucky lottery cryo pod which spare on Ark and they use lottery to chose who get in it. Damn my poor
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  1. Alpha Roadmap AMA Questions

    According to some thread i have found in the past : New ArkShip must be discovery by the player themselves then it will become a new spawn point. (mean later player have 2+ choice to spawn )
  2. Repair Blueprint & Repairs Tank

    WEll then my suggestion, temporary to push the limit of that part, but in the end it will damage the part more or even destroy but it would worth in the matter of death and life.
  3. Sub-territory units/city plots

    It very nice to have. But i think all the building in side territory should build by Org as they can easily city planing. *Borrow a land then build a giant Pen.... there*. But city with same define building then some unique building as HQ of some sort of thing is a good looking one ? P.s: By the way your avatar make me *bone* *cough cough* feel good @SonEasterZombie
  4. Repair Blueprint & Repairs Tank

    I think it is better that you must go outside to repair it ... All the fully repair should be handle by hand ( or at properly place not during the battle). So i think ( suggest) that your suggestion only fix a small or medium the part that got damage, not fully as you have to do either by hand or some properly place with auto repair. Also with your thread i want to add more suggestion that is 'temporary push limit' . It isnt increast or boost limit, it just a think that when part of your ship ( etc: engine ) is damage heavily so it working so low or not working, this will boost the part to run to medium or fully function for a period then when it expire it will cause heavy more damage to the part.
  5. Physical financial securities

    It didnt different from selling your account.
  6. Did someone say.... Wednesday? :O

    Damnit, it is really dissapoint as Demonneo said about NDA wont be lift in Alpha stage. I really hope to see some of the game development from people streaming Alpha stage. But well if they put more gameplay vid often then it not so bad.... But suck entire Alpha stage still NDA is so sad and dissapoint a same time.
  7. Did someone say.... Wednesday? :O

    where it say NDA wont be lift for Alpha in announcement ?!
  8. Physical financial securities

    Aside from currency ( which is non physical in DU ) everything else is physical in DU.
  9. Let's Talk: Neutrality Orgs

    Well i think Neutrality isnt complete not exit. Or i would say, only a handful of people can get them to the position of neutrality. Your choice or course of action must fit for both side so that you can still co-op with them without joining them in "agressive" situation. Like our world today, there still some country who play double move to prevent themself into some "agressive" situation but still working with both side. So i think neutral is a one for those who really really seek it (some people after stay neutral for long time they will start to think another way to gain more property faster than when they are neutral ).
  10. Imprisonment and Judicial Punishments

    It pretty fun .... to make some PRISON BREAK.
  11. Faucets and sinks

    Space Whale, Epic battle between Gigantic Space Whale vs Some poor unlucky fleet. 11/10 i would join this epic PvE battle.
  12. Mobile Bases?

    Paint your ship pitch black.....
  13. Mining

    One thing need for most successful ... Patience.
  14. Eating, drinking and breathing

    If i'm not wrong DU wont be survival game but DEV said they might will implement some survival element in DU ... after release as a survival expansion.
  15. The Dyson Sphere Initiative

    Ring World ....