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  1. DU have survival element/ aspect but that doesnt mean it is survival. You dont have to collect resource, craft tools , weapon and shelter. for example i will join DU and work for a trucking org and control a spacecraft that org give me to deliver thing, do i have to collect resource for it - nah , do i have to build it - nah, and like other thing. And about survive , is it is everything goal ? to survive as long as it can as there is penalty for dying ? (drop all your inventory item ).
  2. ShioriStein

    Org Management

    Then where the money "sink" will go ? As above have said, org will have to maintenance and buy fuel, material, food, ... And with that the bigger the org is, the more upkeep budget it is. And the money that org spend for that will follow into the global economic. Why you have store quanta as it wont be or drop in small ? I dont know but still from the dev said those quanta will be the last money for emergency situation like all your ship is gone so is your base, you can always do again not "NOOOO all my stuff is gone and i'm empty" . Well few people maybe can still do again from that with empty hand and pocket but not so many will be like that and they will simply quit, a loss for game and community.
  3. I prefer to have fauna creature to do some PvE (Farm/Hunt/Amuse) to gather resource and other thing to do. But well NPC AI as human bot with ship and weapon ,... i dont think it good with the aim of DU is a sandbox, empty world waiting for player to explore and shape it.
  4. ShioriStein

    Repercussions for players that want to respawn

    I think it will be something like drop all your inventory, gear, tool, ... It is best way i think. Quanta is your backup money and wont be lost for any other reason than you intent to give it out. So that even you lost everything, Quanta still your back up money so that you can start again. If drop the Quanta too it will be very easy to make the player to give up and never come back again, it is a loss for community, dev anyway. About what if you re gonna find and attack a player you track for so long then they log out ? Well from the leak, NQ had already had a solution for it, we just need to wait.
  5. ShioriStein

    Shockeray's Dual Universe Community Map 1.1.x

    Can you use google drive or something to export it ?, wouldnt mind download it tho.
  6. ShioriStein

    Ideas for a Balanced Black Market

    @SirWillyLongShank The thing i love in DU is that you dont have to do something you dont want, a game is mean to be fun. If they want micro manage, yes they can, if they dont want ? They dont need to. But if you compare between 2 org, one is micro manage most thing, other is not so micro manage, which org do you think will have more output and stronger ? But the 2 org still can work as fine. The bigger an org is, the more effective micro manage will be. Let's compare, you can say the loss of 10% of total profit is due to poor manage , poor personnel manage, poor optimize convoy route, ... You can see with small org, 10% of total profit wont worth so much like make 10 so you only lost 1. But what about big ORG, or MEGA ORG (which likely is umbrella org ), 10% of total is worth so much. And about craft component, yeah Dev said they will make it interesting and complex, easy to learn basic but hard to master. Industrial Player will always have better hand =]].
  7. ShioriStein

    Ideas for a Balanced Black Market

    @SirWillyLongShank I think criminal and smuggle will appear in DU even without your module. Why? well i will give some reason: First: You can steal item from org either by hacking ( This feature only say by dev and we do not know many thing about this ... yet and you can steal it as a member of that organization ) . All of these item will have organization tag so you either have to do something about it or just sell it to someone who can do something about it. And where do we sell, of course to third party, smuggler, black market,... So if an organization want to keep their stuff they have to micro manage and that will create more job, interesting heh. Second: Aside from steal item, one more thing can be interesting to smuggle is ban item. I will give you my best example i can think of ... top military gear. You see every org will have a race in military technology because ... everything can be deal with military as a tool for politic, who got big bad gun than will have more strength in politic even in our real world ( those country who dont have nuclear weapon always weak in politic than those have it ). Everyone love to have top gear military, but what happen if most of rebel and pirate also have it ? Disaster for big Org who is fighting them. After all none big Org want those fellow they are fighting have the same top military gear as them so just like real world, those top military gear or any top gear will be very limit to those org and their alliance org. And that thing can apply to embargo. If and org or alliance org that cover most space or have the only transport to a system that an org occupy and they ban all item that org produce to stress and make them follow the big alliance org what you think will happen. Smuggles will happen. ... All of it, very flexible in DU. The dev have provide a lot of very basic tool but flexible so that every thing can happen. All of it is do you want to do it ?
  8. ShioriStein

    Shockeray's Dual Universe Community Map 1.1.x

    How large can it be ?
  9. ShioriStein

    Shockeray's Dual Universe Community Map 1.1.x

    Err it just me or the image is too large too zoom ? I cant really see when zoom the image.
  10. I think it is NDA stuff ? And wonder really anyone except the dev can count the number of current player.
  11. Yes you can, you can create a lot of rank with different right like recruit rank have right to open or function some thing but dont have ability to edit or build or taking thing out of container ( that is what Dev say their idea, right now we dont have detail but it will come soon ) It will be much in RDMs : here I think you can ... a bit of it. But if you want to keep it a secret like a secret ally i think it still doing in private. You can make ally by create an umbrella org so that its member cant attack each other, the same time you guy can join hand in some project also your own org business still wont be able to be interfere by your allies. it is inside Organization: here But i think it just like RDMs, you can just give your ally org some right. I think you have to vote with all your legate fellow ( When create an org, it will ask you how many share holder you want to create, each share is resemble a vote so you can distribute it to everyone, people you want, or just you. Then after that everything important in org like delete org or change org name or change the minimum vote require for a decision to be accept, ... (All of it non mater if you are the only legate ) so that if you have other people as legate who have the share holder , you may have to make a vote for it to be accept )
  12. ShioriStein

    Territory Unit abuse ideas, maybe

    Yeah i agree that the information about where is place of hex that got claim shouldnt be view from a basic map, Intel always a critical resource to the surviving in wildness (remember before the modern a detail map used to be a military information because it show the graphic and the road of area ). That is private, it not private now day because of globalization and modern thought. And people dont shot other people (usually not ) if they have land conflict. But in the end the risk for being claim should still there because it is wildness after all but i think a solution: Instead instantly grant you the ownership of the land, it should take time to claim depend on how many construct in the area that is not own by the one place TU. So that people inside that hex will have time to prepare : 1. Move your stuff to somewhere. 2. Trade with the owner of the TU so that you can still live there. 3.FIGHT ...
  13. ShioriStein


    I wonder what shield are you talking. If on ship yes it cant protect u forever . Bubble shield the same but it give you time to prepare the offensive. And of course no planet can support entire the game lifespan so NQ already said you can discover new Ark Ship in other system then it will be come new addition spawn point.
  14. ShioriStein


    All you need is DIGGING DEEPER so you wont have to hiking xD. But seriously the planet is big (it has been bigger to 4 time since it in pre-alpha and it still huge back then ) so i doubt you will have to hiking to further away. But dont worry at the latter game when player venture to other system there might be another Ark Ship in another system and once it got discover it will be come a new addition spawn point.
  15. ShioriStein

    RESET on release ?

    Everything reset except your blueprint of what you build in this period.