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    Lucky lottery cryo pod which spare on Ark and they use lottery to chose who get in it. Damn my poor
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  1. Question about the UI: Font size / scaling

    i think most game these day now have that ability. So if it under NDA mean it got some involve in game already. Also DU is new generation game ( well single shard, no load nowhere to see) , so high chance it will got that ability.
  2. Last Post Wins

    well we all sit lonely in bedroom. Just on my pc screen, something ..
  3. Last Post Wins

    Well yeah i watch anime. It feel good to relax after a long day of playing game and lazy working. Well what is your taste , my is some loli, and little more loli, and loli also some isekai tag no ?!
  4. Last Post Wins

    First step you should read "HIGH QUALITY" LITERATURE.
  5. @Aaron_Cain you got one customer now, I got trypophobia problem .
  6. as Aaron the ''salvage man'' say, none will fill the hole if it is wildness land. Org own city may fill the hole around the city they own to make it more beautiful, not a city which just survive a war. But i think it fun to see the outcome of the ' begining of industry age' in DU, it will become history about what DU people doing in the first day of new age. I will like to see the underground tunnel become history relic of old day, a maze... who know what treasure is left inside the mine after people left in hurry to join the race about get out the planet. But maybe some people see that outcome is bad like what industry revolution age have left. And they decide to fill the hold with funding from good people to fill the land. Any thing can happen, just us the player decide to do it not NQ.
  7. Last Post Wins

    it doesnt make good conversation only if you not understand it
  8. i doubt about hole will be every where. People will usually go to the underground tunnel where old player have mined long ago. Why ? because it is easier for them to find ore than spend more time just to dig another random hole at random place and hope for some ore there. You think those mine will got nothing ? Well that right there will be some tunnel got complete nothing but not all will be same. Most people will just mineto get basic vessel and go.
  9. Last Post Wins

    i agree, we must do it....
  10. Who say mining is only activity in DU. You should search, there is a toppic about Farm and Farm also inside DU scope so waste land on Alioth mean more land for farm no? The resource inside ASA is the most basic one and you can even find it every where outside of safe zone, so inside ASA people left right after they can build their very basic vessel to find more advanced resource for more advanced vessel and inside ASA got nothing but basic ore so newbie always got their way there. And also we must consider about mining operation from medium to big org, they will recruit newbie to mine since there are no automated mining in DU. And so the people who mine in ASA is newbie, someguy do again their life and the minor who just mine because of some purpose. Also NQ not the people who open new ASA but us, player, explorer who go deep into space find it. But agree it only possible after NQ add method for us to go to other star system. But it may take long after that to find another ASA
  11. Last Post Wins

    nico nico niiiiihdhdhdushshaydhxn
  12. Last Post Wins

  13. survival mechanics?

    Okay , if that is your will mister. Yeah it will make thing easier and save the server resource.
  14. survival mechanics?

    You make me confuse. "Sir" word in english or anything write in english is something to say about customer when it is about business. You see they are very important, so as a seller or everywhere will use sir to say about customer. It not about England or what shit about it, just to honor and to say that customer is right higher than the seller and they very want to please the customer. So as you say i can called you my dear customer but it will take too long for me to say and you know in business faster mean better, and so the word "sir" is using here. Well i dont think the Quanta will be friction, i just say a random number in my mind. We might just like EvE , where it will be thousand of quanta for every m3 of anything. That mean you dont need the friction in cost because friction number will be useless with something that have so high cost.
  15. survival mechanics?

    Okay sir your bill is 99 quantas and 0.99 m3 of iron