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    Lucky lottery cryo pod which spare on Ark and they use lottery to chose who get in it. Damn my poor
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  1. Any plans on mining tools

    If im not wrong, NQ said that you dont have to be friend forever with your hand as new mining way and tool will come as expansion after the game is release. Find source on AMA and dev blog plz im too lazy (on phone ) to find for you.
  2. Politics, Government and Player Voting Power

    @dw_ace_918 It is rule of civilization. It must be and will be but i dont know how will it go since it is a game where people just stop playing or keep playing that all.
  3. Politics, Government and Player Voting Power

    Umu i can understand some of your point. You are right all the org power will be into the hand of those who create org from foundation so the people who join later will have "less" power. But i think if the need arise people , who prefer democracy, will join together to create an org where everyone is legate. But as you say we "maybe" only see it in the mid of the game when people tired of dictator so they will join together but we never know when. So you have a right point here but, truth is in long term i dont see any way better than what we know right now.
  4. Politics, Government and Player Voting Power

    Okay i will try to not misunderstand you. So you mean you want to create a democracy (which people will choose their own road ) org to vote for every matter include elect president right ? Okay basically it can.
  5. Politics, Government and Player Voting Power

    What do you mean? It isnt a "personal org" , dont wrong about create org on website and create org in game. NQ already said create org in game will subject to RDMs and different than create org on website, and future they will add it later but now it isnt. Well this everyone want include me. But first we have to have a good foundation. This part make me some confuse. Forum is a place for you to discussion, you can choose to practice or not. And about org, you dont have to, you can play solo or create your own, anything is possible Well so terrible i'm sorry, but if my tone sound like bullied you i'm sorry. Because after all i'm not native English speaker so i only choose the simple word i can use to chat. So in the end what is bothering in your mind ? Just telling here and i also with some great guy will help you to understand it.
  6. Politics, Government and Player Voting Power

    I'm using phone so cant give you link, but you can search for RDMs ,it say pretty clear there. NQ already give you tool for democracy already. It called 'legate'. If it is dictator, legate will be set for one player or only a group to vote for the way of the org to go. If you want democracy, just legate everyone in org, everyone will have vote power. Then they can vote to choose who will be President/Prime minister/Leader of the org and give specific command which only that 'tag' can give without voting (they should talk about that decision before execute because if it angry major of member they can vote to demote or exile you ). So I dont know what you want now for a system already in game.
  7. i would like some hard for the attacker with auto defense. You know grifer ( or 'so much free time' player ) will attack to activĂȘ the bubble just for fun. So auto defense well might not so optimize way to defense your base but good way to chase away those troll/griefer
  8. Cloaking Tech

    I can image it is a race of skill tree now =]] Cheapest way to hide before your enemy: paint your ship BLACK.
  9. Dual Universe Exile Mod?

    There isnt any flag should be in here i think. In lawless land you can kill anyone you want, in claim territory you have to follow the RDMs but owner of that territory basically I think still can kill you but different is you cant kill them unless declear war or raid ?!
  10. Dual Universe Exile Mod?

    there isnt any penalty in game when you kill somebody. Only consequence after that you have to deal with. Like : You and your friend kill someone that wander around but that person is some big guy in a big org. Now they will come to revenge and swarm your base. And a lot of situation will arise as a chain for each your action because we are all player in game, you cant predict the outcome. All the left is like Lethys andCoreVamore and Nanoman said.
  11. No Man's Sky NEXT

    at least it is better than when launch =]]
  12. Advanced Building - CAD blueprint

    I would like to see "prototype" in a game sandbox mmo like DU then. Trial and error will be a thing in DU, it make more sense and advanced for veteran.
  13. Last Post Wins

    Anyone notice that forum these day is sloww than months ago ? Anyway i'm sure i'm the last here, dont bother to reply me.
  14. Robotic workforce and fatorys

    Well we should have some job for new bro come in. Just like a FORCE tutorial because i think not everyone will use tutorial.