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Make the glowy rocks stop glowing


Glowing rocks  

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  1. 1. Should the glowing rocks be changed?

    • Yes, the rocks should never glow.
    • Yes, they should only glow when the harvest tool is equipped
    • No. Leave my glowey rocks. I loves them.
    • I don't care

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I like immersion.  DU's asthetic is supposed to be scifi but more on the side of realism.  The glowing rocks simply arn't realistic.  Now there are certain rocks that do glow under certain lights but not nearly to the extent depicted in DU 




Idea: These rocks should look like normal rocks except when you have the harvest tool equipped then it they look like this.  This makes them easy to find when you want to harvest but doesnt look terrible when you don't.


What say you?

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100% agree. At the very least, I'd say reduce the brightness to a fraction of what it is now, and maybe reduce the amount of rocks as well. They're so abundant it shouldn't matter if the spawn rate was limited to, say, 1/3rd for example.


They also lessen diversity and uniqueness among planets and moons in my opinion, as having such a large portion of the area around you be covered with these rocks makes all the planets feel just that little bit more the same.


Here's another gorgeous shot just to add:


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Everytime I fly around the game it looks great until I get low enough for the rocks to load in and my eyes burn. I can't emphasize how much these rocks destroy the look of the game. There are so many ways to make this not the case. Like in your pole... why do they not just glow when the tool is activated or use the same green outline mechanic as undergound mining if the desire is to make them standout from the background. Plz change this NQ. 

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Yes I am the one person who voted for the 'glowey' rocks to stay the same and I make no apologies. I quite like them at night if anything I would make the colours more vibrant in the day since they get a bit same in colour making it a tiny bit harder to tell them apart.


That said if people are not fond of them maybe make it a game setting, with options and then everyone can be happy - since why not make everyone happy on something easy :D.

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For the love of God remove the glow rocks, and remove/altar the nebula. Using the nebula for "lighting" reasons Is lazy. It's OK to have the dark side of the moon a little dark and dangerous.  Know your target audience NQ. It's 30+ we don't need all the bright shiney colors of fortnight to make our brains go Ooooooooooooooooo.

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On 12/26/2021 at 9:16 AM, Celestis said:

I like the rocks glowing because it means I can fly around my tile in my speeder and spot the clumps of big rocks from the air.

You have a point there. But I hope for strong improvement on the existing lights/lamps. That would be my first choice.

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