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  1. Here are number of things that turns me off about this game which are reasons why I want to play the game less: 1.) the build mode editor can produce extensive results but through means of voxelmancy. With how voxels behave, it is just painful to build as you will get a lot of unexpected results and commonly are permanent even if you undo the action/s--these are painful to fix/redo. And since you will voxelmance everything which is very time-consuming, it is wise that you build your own voxel library to save your reusable shapes which you spend a lot of time creating for the purpose of reusability and saving time in your future projects. The idea of having to go through voxelmancy and building your own voxel library and the time and effort that it takes, for you to access this extensiveness, is ridiculous. Let me give you a simile: instead of giving us a word editor and give us the option to choose different fonts to make our writing unique and personalized, you gave us a touch screen and a Wacom pen--now you gave us a more extensive way of styling our writing but at the cost of what? You want me to draw the fonts? You want me to use a grid and ruler to proportion my fonts? If this is the build editor we have in this game, I don't wanna play it. You must eliminate voxelmancy through having a more intuitive, flexible, and productive build mode editor. I don't want to go through voxelmancy and I don't want to build voxel libraries! 2.) you are giving away 100K (I heard it's now 150K?) quanta per account daily. As someone who is interested in the economic aspect of this game, this system is a joke! You are giving away free equity and everyday indefinitely! What kind of incentive is this for us to produce? What kind of incentive is this when you are devaluating liquidity which devaluates resources (things that you can buy with the free money). 3.) NQ wants this game to be group-based and the way it turned out is it's just like in Eve. You want to know why I was soloing the game? Every single organization in this game is a communist organization because the RDMS, organization system, and the mentality of the players are communists in nature. If you are gonna force me to communism, I'd rather not play this game! This is a communist game! You want to design a civilization-building MMO and you copied Eve which is communist by design? Do you know what a corporation is? It is a legal entity of it's own. Why would you prefer a corporation over a sole-proprietorship and partnership as an investor? So you cannot be liable, instead the corporation is liable (it is a way to protect you and your partners as individuals). You exist, a corporation does not exists physically. I don't care about dying and giving all I've got to a company like how a bee does to it's colony, all I care about is my stake in the company (you want to see the company succeed and you contribute because you are a stakeholder, that is all that there is to it, it is not loyalty and devotion). At the end of the day, we are all individuals with our own needs and wants. Stop thinking about organizations like they exists physically and it is something to die for! I'd rather not play this game if this is the system we have! 4.) terraforming in this game is very tedious. When you are building a static construct, there are 2 ways to do it: you stilt it, or you flatten the ground where you're construct will sit on. You will have to terraform most likely when you want to build a static construct. It is very tedious to develop the bloody land(tile)! Not only it is ridiculously hard and time-consuming to build in this game, it is also ridiculously hard and time-consuming to terraform. What is this game?! 5.) the talent(skill) system is a turn off! Why did we went with this kind of design?! It is unique, and at the same time, it sucks! The idea that it is time-based and you get the most points by training your talents in queue or you lose points and having to set them up is a responsibility (it is like taking care of a pet). Make this a seamless game and make us acquire points through engagement! Don't make this like a Tamagotchi where we have to monitor and maintain our talents, it is a responsibility! 6.) Aerodynamics and flight is ridiculously hard in this game! You know, I have a better chance of designing an M1-size manned fixed-wing aircraft that is airworthy and works as intended in real-life than to design something in this game that works! I do the mechanical maintenance of m2 airline planes, my colleagues are pilots, I am telling you, we can't get a dynamic construct to work in this game! In the first place, I don't know how the game works because of the lack of information. 7.) You have finite raw resources in this game which means that if you are not mining, other people are mining from the limited reserve the universe have. This is a mining simulator! You see, it forces you to think about mining when you don't want to mine! Get that out of our head and make the resources renewable! 8.) We have too many honeycombs in this game! Too many that it is not good! Look at their application? They are all applicable for everything which means they are just variety of textures! Make this less of a clutter!
  2. And this is why I quit the game! From mechanical perspective, something is designed how it is to serve a purpose, they are not there to make something look exotic unless that is the end purpose. Now what is the point of housing something if they serve no purpose? In this game, you will do with just a floor and if you run out of horizontal space, make more floors on top of it. What is the point of making columns for these floors if they provide no support and you can do without them in this game? Instead they only serve as obstructions! This game lacks mechanical mechanics for you to include mechanical designs in this game to serve no purpose but an obstruction in the end. So what are we designing for? Yes, it is all for the looks! What is worse is you have to go through voxelmancy to achieve non-basic shapes for the purpose of looks! This is a beauty contest game and a mining simulator! My job in real-life is to maintain planes. Every plane model (fixed-wing and rotary wing) has a type certificate. a type certificate tells you the specification of the plane. My job is to maintain these planes in accordance with the maintenance manual and type certificate and perform compulsory ADs/SBs. My job is not to design these planes, my job is to know how they work so I know the purpose of their components and design. The game is not like this, there is nothing mechanical in this game! People are putting static wicks on their planes like they dissipate shocks lol! They dissipate nothing so why would you put them? For the looks man! Everything here has been great while it lasted, alright! I'm moving to Starbase, atleast you got mechanical mechanics there. When you design something, they gonna serve a purpose, otherwise it is a beauty contest.
  3. I've taken a long break from the game and I'm still not returning because I'm still not motivated to play. This account is a Ruby Backer and even with a lifetime sub, I haven't logged on for 2 months now because this is about my time, not the money. I'm not sure if I will ever come back to DU given the current state of this game and the chance of them actually turning this thing around. My English is not that good, I would say that it is fair but not at your level. I agree with the points of this Blazemonger. If I can elaborate what I think without difficulty with the language, it be this! I support these points based on the presented reasons -- they are more reasonable. What I would like to add is while they announced that August 27th will be the Early Access of this game, this game even right now, is not close to an Early Access quality. If they keep our progress as it is and let the exploiters benefit from this vacuum, it will really be Early Access. Things were so easy to acquire early on and now it is becoming harder as they radically change the game as part of balancing without a wipe to follow at some time later, now tell me if this will not have any significant impact on the economy? it will! Have you heard of oligarchic system? This will be DU if you insists on wiping. My point: what would you people prefer? Keep the game as it is, I mean you can justify not wiping it because they announced the Early Access--an "Early Access" is supposed to be permanent after all--, and do what is best for yourself, or do what is best for the game and for all of us including the future potential players, go back on your word and wipe the game after it's actually ready for Early Access (which right now it is not). The game is not ready for Early Access, that is the point! What would be best for the game is to move the Early Access later, if you don't, then you are accepting the quality of this game as permanent right now and your progress as permanent right now on a game that is changing radically as part of it's balancing and development process. The game right now is screwed and you want it to be permanent? A lot of people have already left and it's very unlikely that I will come back. You want this game, at the state that it currently is right now, to be permanent? Fine, keep it permanent! Let's see how many of you would lasts!
  4. This is my vision for the game: This is the map of the world during 1000 BCE. Everything in blue are states and everything else are stateless. There were only 3 states during this period: Egypt, Rome, correct me if I'm wrong, I am not European nor North African, and Zhou Dynasty. My point: it's proven in history that a community can exists without a state. I am a libertarian ok! What I propose is possible yet it is impossible in this game! Everything that I saw in this game are solo players and communist orgs, that's it! You want to know the definition of communism? It is a command (centralized) organization which every single organization in this game is! So tell me if I will ever join an org? No one in this game have a system of a republic, no one in this game have a system of a private company. We can't even solo the game and live in a non-communist community! You don't need a state to have a community, you need an area, that's it. Within this area, community and culture develops. Traders from this community will ship their goods to other communities to trade and other foreign traders will come to this community to do the same thing. A junk ship is used to do that! There is a network of trade like Silk Road, and with this, there is not only interchanges of goods but cultural influences as well, and migration. It's not possible in this game man! The communism and lack of community outside communism man! And the 100k daily Quanta per account which is a source of free equity everyday? Oh my god, what kind of system is this? It's no good man!
  5. Four, not three. How do we communicate in the game, or perhaps we communicate outside of the game using different platforms (like Discord) because very few people are using the in-game support chat (a global chat) and nobody is using the local chat at all? We don't communicate inside the game, so that is the fourth world man! I would recommend a local chat bubble over avatar's head. The point is to make it more visible and therefore viable way to communicate in-game. Past MMORPGs have proven it's effectiveness, use it! People will congregate in one area and communicate as what happened in other MMORPGs. The game is single-shard man but nobody is communicating in the game! What is the point of the single-shard, right? This game does not look and feel "social" at all contrary to what they want this game to turn out to be!
  6. I agree! A wipe would be better--after they fully fixed the game and added the missing fundamental features--than to not wipe it at all and keep changing it radically. I don't mind at all if I have to start over again if that means starting over again on this game that has been fully fixed and developed. Right now, we are playing on a game that is at early stage of development with no more wipe, which means it is already in Early Access. A lot of people here are treating it that way--Early Access--and many of them will not agree to a wipe that you and I justifiably recommend. Many of these people don't want to start over again. Here is my rationality: the game at this point is far from being in beta state, what is better?: accept it now as Early Access or move the Early Access later on when the game reaches the development state when we can properly call it "Early Access"? They have to wipe the game WHEN the game has been fixed and developed to a point where we can call it "Early Access". Right now, it is not at that quality yet. It is their decision at the end of the day, but this is just what I recommend. What they are trying to do is add consumption to the economy because right now, at the state of this game, we don't have an industrialized economy, we don't even have a cottage industry economy because nobody trades, alright, you cannot call it an "economy"! What we currently have is self-sufficiency! That is the problem that they have to fix. An economy needs consumer, it doesn't work without consumer. You have producers and you don't have consumers, does it make any sense? Think of a food chain: if there are plants that produce their own energy from the sun and water and there is nothing that eats the plant, do we have a food chain? In order for producers to interact economically with other players, they need people to interact with--you need consumers (to trade what you have produced otherwise you will consume everything you have produced). I co-own a business in real-life that grows and sell produce, if nobody buys my produce, do I have a business? common-sense, alright! I am one of the people who is interested in the economic aspect of this game and sadly, as of right now, you got no economy.
  7. I contracted Covid from someone who tested positive but I recovered. My symptom was just a small rash and a little bit of weakness. The sh*t didn't do anything to me man, it's nothing! (I'm not old and I'm very healthy) And I lost my nails (not Covid-related) and it will take 6 months (or longer. it can take a year) for it to grow back. How am I gonna work without any nails? I've been having problems and I'm sinking to the ground! This isn't good! I'm desperate for nails man! I don't have f*cking 6 months to wait for it to grow back! Covid problem, nail problem, business problem, family problem, and now DU problem (this game is dying). I hate to be negative but I ain't doing good!
  8. We all want DU to succeed. Why did I backed it in the first place? My stake is to see it succeed and be developed as a good game for me to spend my time on. You asked for suggestion, I gave you my suggestion. It is up to them.
  9. I am not a software specialist, so feel free to correct the technicalities (if I did got them wrong): Minecraft is a voxel-based game but the vertices cannot move (unless you edit the source-code itself). Minecraft offers limited geometry of only a cube that snaps perfectly with each other, and variety of textures. This is the game without modding it. And then you have Boundless Online, it offers the same thing that Minecraft offers but more option for static shapes. These games have what you call "static vertices" (vertices that do not move). Excuse my vocabulary, alright, I am not a software specialist. And then you have Dual Universe, it offers the same thing these games offer in a single-shard environment, but with limitations such as core-bound, and it does offer dynamic vertices (editable/movable vertices), hence it is more "extensive" (as what the Building Trailer is trying to project). But what is the method of moving these vertices? Yes, it is just like the experimental Landmark (where they actually got the idea from), you have to voxelmance because there is no tool thus there is no other way. Sure, it is more extensive in the sense that it is capable of producing extensive results but it is not accessible! You love to voxelmance? You love to build your own voxel libraries from voxelmancing just to get started in building? You love how complicated and time-extensive the building editor is because there is lack of intuitive and productive tools? I do not, and the majority do not! Only few minorities are capable of producing decent-looking constructs in this game because the extensiveness of the editor is not accessible to many! I am the same as you: what I was looking for was a building game with better graphics in an MMO scale. This is not it! This editor is unproductive, too complicated, too buggy even. I just don't see myself putting up with this editor. If I need a building game (one that I will build my gallery on permanently), I need a building game that has a better editor. Dual Universe's building editor is just inaccessible to many, including myself -- it is both difficult and too time-consuming! It is an editor that is too hard to use and too hard to produce with! Maybe you love this kind of thing, I do not! I prefer to type my resume on a word editor, you people love to carve it on stone! I don't understand the people who find this editor good, I just do not! Look what people have built in Minecraft and look what people are able to build in this game and tell me which is more capable? Minecraft is not core-bound man, while people struggle with the editor of this game! call it more extensive, is it even accessible? Not many people can build in this game no matter how creative they are, it's the truth! You saying this game's building is more capable than Minecraft's? How about you google image and you tell me? We have limitations in this game and the extensiveness of being able to move the vertices is not doing me anything! It is not doing me anything if I cannot access it without putting ridiculous amount of time and going through the complicated process.
  10. And by the way, the subscription model of this game is nothing! $7/month is nothing! Even $20/month is nothing! If you have a job, you can pay that! It is not a factor why most people are quitting or aren't attracted to the game! I don't understand why they ask this on the survey! People who don't intend to pay for sub ofcourse will be unattracted by the model. There are plenty of people who are willing to pay for sub if they can call the game their permanent MMO, especially if it is only $20/month. This is about their time man! Even at the cost of free, I will not be playing this game at this current state! This is not about the monthly fee but the state of the game! Try playing it and tell me if you don't get bored? There are so many Free-to-Play MMOs already currently available in the market! Why am I not playing them? It has nothing to do with the money, they are just not worth my time! If it is worth it to dedicate on permanently, they will spend on it as they put the time enjoying the game. It is really just spending on a hobby/activity. It is not because it is Pay-to-Play why the game is dying. The biggest turn off for me is how complicated it is to content create in this game (given you already have the resources) regardless or not the editor is extensive.
  11. Well, let's go watch this building trailer: I've been testing this game since Pre-alpha. I know the current state of the building editor and terraforming (mining) tool and how it changed from back then. This trailer is just too good to be true! I do acknowledge and I know that you can produce such extensive results as shown in this trailer but you don't have good tools to do that. How is it achieved? By workarounds such as voxelmancy and spending way too much time (as for terraforming for example) because there is no easier way (which there should be! You want us to build? We will farm the resources but you will provide us a good tool). An editor needs to be intuitive! In Dual Universe, it lacks features to make it intuitive! Since I want terraforming, I put my skills in dredging, and my god, terraforming in this game is very hard. Often, it leaves little FODs of soil floating in the air that you have to point out on (carefully) and mine out, one by one. You have to mine carefully (slowly) because it will leave a lot of FOD which you have to spend more time on cleaning up afterwards. It is ridiculously hard to terraform, it is ridiculously hard to voxelmance, it is ridiculously hard to script in this game with LUA (and I am intermediate in Javascript, and LUA is easier than Javascript). Furthermore, the auto configuration script sucks in this game that you will crash and burn with it. So, you have to program, and how do I do that if I am not a Senior Software Developer that you made the programming of this game to have a prerequisite of? You are modding the flying script of this game and how do I do that if I can't understand the backend? My opinion of this game's building editor, scripting, and terraforming (mining) tool (terraforming in general) is it is capable of producing extensive results but the means to achieve those results is way too time-extensive and too difficult. I've already spent a lot of time, alright! I know what I'm talking about! I've been trying to build since Pre-Alpha! This is not the building game (building MMO) that I want to dedicate on permanently! It is too hard and it takes too much time to produce with the editor of this game! (and that is with you already having the required resources!) I don't care about the extensiveness of this building editor, with terraforming, and with lua scripting if those are not achievable anyway without going through the complicated workarounds, the time-extensiveness, and in the case of LUA, understanding the backend. I can program with LUA but look at how complicated you made the programming to be! This is not a good building game for me! If I cannot produce with it, there is a good chance that I will quit! Make it easier to produce (given you have the resources) and leave it to the creativity of the players! let them spend more time putting thoughts to their designs rather than spending that time on the process. This comment of mine took time because I put my thought in it, not because I carved it on stone using a chisel and a hammer!
  12. I was thinking of angling the wings as well. If you don't angle it, how are you gonna get relative wind? In real-life, wings are angled for more A.O.A (enough that you can take-off with it). I don't know what will happen unless I test it in the game. Does it really increase your A.O.A? (more lift coefficient?) I don't know! Things like this has to be tested. It's not about the comparison to real-life but the lack of info. This is the problem: lack of info. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't program in this game (yet), I use the default flight configuration, and my god, the ship is uncontrollable. It is too hard! And another problem in this game is the programming: you are modding with LUA and flight in this game is programmed in Lua so you have to understand the flight modules. Too hard man! If I'm not good at programming (and I can program), I can delegate the work, sure I will delegate that through collaboration. What am I gonna do? I will design the airframe, and here is the problem here. You have to voxelmance if you are working with voxels. Too hard and everything in this game is too hard!
  13. this is an attitude indicator. There is a limit to pitch angle before you stall and crash. This is how it works in this game: you will crash test experimental planes to figure out this critical pitch angle and you will put this information on the aircraft's operations manual. The "stall angle" information on elements means nothing to me since I cannot use that information.
  14. Then they give me "stall angle". what is the significance of this to me?
  15. Angle of Incidence is fixed by design (so this number does not change and it is given by design). Angle of Incidence is the chord line of the wing and the longitudinal axis of the aircraft. Longitudinal axis of aircraft can change as aircraft changes pitch, but the wing will move with it because the wing is fixed to the aircraft and the chord line does not change relative to this axis. It is a fixed number because the wing is fixed (it doesn't tilt and no Wing Element in this game can tilt). There are few aircrafts (rare) in real-life which can tilt their wings (variable wings). If it can tilt, you can vary your angle of incidence, otherwise it is fixed. Almost all aircrafts have a fixed wing, that's why they call it fixed-wing (they don't tilt). Pitch Angle will change as you vary your pitch and you can use this to calculate the A.O.A. using Lua! It is simple man!
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