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  1. "Birds of the same feather flock together". If an NGO for example has an opinion, it doesn't mean people must agree! Reason is the basis of debate, not values. When you have to put food in the table, you have to be pragmatic! When you make practical decision for yourself, you have no right to reprimand people of values! Cancel culture is nothing more than a double standard and hypocrisy! "Don't be mad at the mirror if you are ugly!" Reddit has an opinion? A bunch of hypocritical racist supremacist gaslighting pieces of sh*t! Contradicting opinions are instantly cancelled and opposition are instantly banned in their site/community. How do I know this? I used their site and I met a Reddit user in real-life! Do you know the type of people that like to use Reddit? They are narcissistic competitive people that express themselves to be concerned for society and the poor! They are gaslighting us! When you are bias, you have no right to deceive people that you are unbias! If you think the world works unfairly and power is the only way to have influence, we will no longer play the victim! Imagine playing World of Warcraft and calling the Alliance the "moral" faction and the protagonist side lol! You see how hypocritical that is? Cancel culture is unnatural and artificially engineered and employed for them to remain in power!
  2. Since you are asking a subjective question, I will answer it personally. What I use for mouse, keyboard, and headset are Logitech products because their products are well-designed for intuitiveness, conventionality, and simplicity (even the software that comes with their products is so). In terms of costs, the price of their products are competitive in a way that they are priced the same as the competition while offering one of the best design for usability. In terms of durability, many of the competition beats Logitech as Logitech is not known for durable products based on my experience. I've been a user of Logitech products for long and I highly trust their products based on usability. When you are buying accessories, usability is the most important factor. For mouse, I'm using G502 Hero. It costs $200 but the competition also sell their mouse at the same price. Sure, based on my experience, this mouse is not the most durable but what mouse are you gonna find in the market that feels as easy to use while offering extensiveness (many buttons) and with an easy to use software? For MMO mouse, for $50, G600 is easier to use than the competition because the side buttons are curved. By feeling the curves, you can distinguish the buttons better. If you need keyboard with programmable keys, Logitech sells them with the keys grouped. If 6 of the programmable keys are together vertically, it's hard to distinguish them than grouping them into two's vertically. Again, their keyboards are more easier to use with an easy to use software. Invest in usability! Xbox controller is more useable than a Playstation controller, it boils down to the design!
  3. You guys are complaining about the 5% transaction fee when Paypal charges up to 4% transaction fee (including fixed fee)? Well, if you would compare Xsolla to Paypal, Xsolla is secured, and Paypal is vulnerable to fraud. I've used Xsolla for a long time and I have no problem with them, while I have problems with their competition regarding security and service. I believe cancel culture is behind the reason why you people want to avoid Xsolla. I've been using the platform for a long time and I just find it hard to relate with your complaints. It is indeed a fact, and here is my question to you: what does this have to do with the quality of their service? Cancel culture indeed! We are not going to discuss politics here as it's not even relevant to the topic. If you take all of it out, you'll see that they provide a satisfactory service as per my experience. Without politics involved, what is the problem with Xsolla?
  4. Sanctuary is a waste man! Alioth and Sanctuary are the same, except there were more abundant resources in Alioth! How is the game right now, do we still have Sanctuary? When Beta started, I invested in my Sanc, and whatever I mined outside of it, I brought them to the Sanc, and then I ended up quitting the game! It was a trap man!
  5. There is a mining unit that is automatic according to what I heard, but does the territory run out of ore?
  6. Do we still have finite mineable resources in the universe? I'm talking about ores that don't renew, like how this game began. Yes or no? If not, how is it right now? What was so bad before is if you are not mining, you are losing the game.
  7. Fix the game and wipe it out! Not wiping it out only maintains the terrible imbalance that is created by the broken game! I am always open to coming back to DU, but that is only after they fixed it! I can say that this game have a potential to be a viable game after assessing the available and upcoming MMOs! Right now, I am playing nothing because I am disappointed on the quality of MMOs (especially on their lack of contents). Due to the terrible and deteriorating state of our genre, DU stands a chance in the market, only if they will get the game fixed! A game that is fixed is worth a second go!
  8. I'm the person who proposed having a system of accountability when it comes to working in a group to make it equitable to stakeholders. You wanna know what the people here said? They don't want to go through that work, they just want to structure and operate with no bureaucratic process. I agree with them, it is a lot of work and it can be complicated! Nobody wants to have a system of accountability in a game! The problem is organizations need it for equitability to stakeholders. You don't want to go through that process? Then you can't have an organization that is equitable! What you want is to just physically plan like the far left! Solution is to remove the corporate gameplay and make it a putting-out game like all MMORPGs where you work for your own equity on your own! Make the game non group-based! If you can't follow a corporate process, if it is too hard and tedious for a game, then remove it! The problem is you wanna keep it and it is not equitable! Imagine working with people and contributing to the organization as a stakeholder while not having any system of accountability, how do I know if the organization is being fair to me? The real-life model doesn't work in the game because it is missing components in real-life that makes it work. How about we look at conventional typical model that already works and is common in MMORPGs? How about the putting-out system? How about the character-centric gameplay? All MMOs are like that! It's like you want to put the power lines underground and you can't maintain them! There are things in life that is conventional, what is wrong with that? If you have to walk to get to somewhere that is 2 blocks away, the best solution is the conventional solution which is to walk there, not build an LRT just to get there! What is wrong with you people?! Lockheed Martin has this concept of a robotic spider leg to mobilize their SAMs. There are things already that we call wheels and tracks that is so conventional and they work effectively. Buy a Tatra truck and put the SAM in there! Are you finding this complicated? You will build a Metal Gear robot that will carry the SAM?
  9. That's not even how real-life works! In real-life, you contribute to a company because you are a stakeholder. Employees get paid = they are stakeholders. Applicants and employers negotiate the term of employment and both has to sign the contract of agreement before one becomes an employee. And you cannot just fire stakeholders (contributors) for no reason without negotiating the severance. If you want to terminate their employment (which has been signed into contract) without reason of misconduct, you have to negotiate their severance which they are entitled to. Individuals have their own equity and nobody will assert it but themselves. In this world, you do not get what you deserve; you get what you negotiated for and asserted for! Nobody will represent yourself but yourself! It is an equitable system, not a collective system! A person has to take into account their own equity! You do not contribute to an org all for the benefit of the org (which does not physically exists) benefiting only the people in power within that org! Employees do not get paid = they are slaves. This is what I meant when I called this a communist socialist game! It is a collective system rather than an equitable one! Look at what I proposed--damn it NQ!--about formalizing contracts. It's not perfect, but it's better than nothing! The truth is--aside from Eve Online--I have never seen an MMORPG like this where you are forced to work together with other people and share your resources. You cannot protect equity without judiciary. It is the same as a corporate system in real-life but with no way to protect equity. The least we can do is to formalize the irrevocable MoU/MoA in the game itself. The best thing we can do is to make the game a putting-out economy (cottage economy) like every typical MMO like Runescape. You want a corporate economy (factory system/industry system) with no way to protect equity? How does that work? It is a f*cking communist socialist game! It is a free market, so what?! How do I protect my equity if I am going to share my resources and contribute to the group? I have no problem cooperating! How do I protect my equity? That is the question! You contribute with no personal stake, are you serious? You contribute because you have personal stake! This game has nothing to protect personal equity and it forces you to trust other people and work together! Just make this a putting-out game like every other game, it is as simple as that! That works and it's been proven to work for MMOs and this concept that you took from Eve does not work! Look at Eve! Just f*cking look at it! It is a far left game! You want free market capitalism? "Capital" means "equity"! How do I protect my equity? If you can't reinforce that, you can't call this a "capitalist game"! It is a far left game!
  10. This game doesn't seem to want to introduce a PVE and/or PVP progression system, so what is driving this laggard economy besides vanity (cosmetics)? The PVP! The PVP has nothing! It doesn't have any progression system unlike in Revelation Online where your participation in PVP contributes to a PVP progression system giving you something to work for! PVP in this game is about raiding and looting. It is about who has the most stuff and those who have the most stuff are recognized by the community to be of greatest social status. These stuff has no intrinsic value at all but for cosmetics and social status. Stuff in this game are poker chips for PVP! You will bet chips to take chips from your opponents and those chips you took will be used as a bet in order to take more as you cannot stake without betting anything! The game is about mammonism! The PVP gameplay is already shallow (and MMORPGs are supposed to be deep) and what makes it worse is it has too much protectionism for you to enjoy what little of gameplay this game has! If what you intend to do is to make this a gambling game, make it a competitive game! If not, then listen to what I proposed and introduce a progression system! A progression system allows for players to play the game on their own pace of progression! A PVP game without a progression system should be competitive! You gonna make a choice! The game--as it is right now--is a mammonist PVP game with a lot of protectionism. Let us gamble and mammonite, and if you fall, you will work for your equity through PVE activities and gamble your way back up. You can always recover, so remove the protectionism in the PVP areas, increase the PVP areas, and enjoy this gameplay because this is all we have right now!
  11. We need an official platform for non-legally binding MOU or MOA (memorandum of understanding/agreement) in-game which will help establish trust between parties by formalizing their agreement through the game itself therefore encourage more business activities. Parties will negotiate with each other and they will craft an MOU/MOA document outlining the terms and details of the mutual understanding/agreement stating each party's requirements and responsibilities. A delegate from one of the party will type the document in the in-game platform making it non-confidential, and in order to fully ratify this document, all participants--may it be players or respective officials of organization--must agree to the document in-game, and once they agreed, they cannot take it back. All this is intended to do is formalize an understanding/agreement without legal obligations so when a participant fail to comply with what they agreed, there is a formal MOU/MOA document that was crafted in an official platform as a permanent record. If you fail to comply, you will settle with co-participants or lose credibility in the international community. Trust is the foundation of business. In this game, you only do business with people that you know well (meaning through relationship) because of the absence of judiciary. We don't need any judiciary but we need a framework and an official platform to upload the framework to establish a merit system within the game for us to do business outside of relationship (cronyism/nepotism) and promote a competitive business environment. What I proposed is not hard and costly to implement, it's very feasible, and it has a great impact in improving this game! What else is missing? You don't have any active progression system so where will the demand come from in order for us to do something? An economy/activity is driven by demand in which we have none but vanity (cosmetics)! My economic proposal above is useless without an in-game economy!
  12. NQ wants to regulate the economy and now it wants to do the job of the IRS (CRA in Canada)! Are you trying to reinvent the f*cking wheel? These are unnecessary work for the developers! All you got to do is look at conventional economic and monetary design that was already implemented in existing MMOs! Plain, simple, and equitable! Why don't the NPC just buy your security/s and then sell them back for the same price? It eases and destroys the money in a conventional way without any regulation/intervention. It solves everything. The NPC will end up regulating the price for everything? Then let the NPC just buy/sell oxygen/hydrogen (which is fundamental material for crafting) and nothing else! The point of easing is for you to have liquidity to use for transactions. This problem have already been solved, don't reinvent the wheel with these unconventional non-sense that are not even equitable!
  13. I was ranting on NQ. Giving free money is not fair! As I already explained, it is stealing! If the system is not fair, will you play the game? Nobody will, and certainly not myself! They aren't even willing to do anything about the exploits so this is a very inequitable game! They should reward you for that, and they should reward you for that by making the game fair! You reap what you sow.
  14. What they need to do is to make this game equitable where you reap what you sow! To make a game like that, you have to design it with nothing but conventional economics and monetary policy to make the game fair! This is a game, a game is supposed to be competitive, and it means nothing if that game is not equitable! What is conventional economics? Everything is free market and all NQ has to do is to regulate the fairness of the game! What is conventional monetary policy? The NPC will buy security/s and will put them back for sale at the same price it was bought for, therefore the money is backed with a reserve! As you spend the money in the NPC to buy back the reserve, the money is retracted, so you don't need to tax at all, and you don't need to regulate the economy at all! You worry that the NPC will end up regulating the price for everything? Then limit what it will buy/sell! (my recommendation is to limit it to oxygen/hydrogen which is fundamental material for crafting) It's as simple as that! Trading is trading value for value! Does giving us 150k Quanta everyday per account create any value? Does doing missions create any value? The answer is they do not create anything and those money will be traded for something! How do you expect us to be productive in this rent-seeking game? A simple question: will you play a game that is not fair? The money in this game has no value because they are backed with nothing! You will trade nothing for something without introducing value to the marketplace at all! If that is not stealing then you have got to be stupid!
  15. The mission system is rent-seeking as well because you didn't introduced any value to the market but generated cash for you to spend on the market (where you offered nothing to)! That is stealing!
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