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  1. @TheonlyLoki The point is, you are presenting expectations here that are very irrational / illogical. You cannot compete without putting the required effort and time! You cannot expect to be in par with the hardcores while you casually dedicate and play the game! You cannot expect to match the output of groups while you solo the game! The reason why I brought real-life is the principles are exactly the same. How can you be oblivious to common sense? And also, you expect an MMO to cater to your solo playstyle? The game will have solo things to do, the game will have things for the casuals, but it doesn't mean the game must cater to your needs! You can still enjoy the game without having to compete! I came from Korean MMOs, and if you think about it, the reason why they are designed the way they are, is because of how majority of the now-saturated audience want it to be. They make the most illogical arguments ever and it mirrors every single illogical Modern MMO-design specifically created for them! They don't want the idea of Play-to-Win because they have limited time because of real-life commitments. They want the MMO to be fully skill-based, yet they don't play MOBAs and Battle Royales which are fully skill-based that evolved from MMOs. Here is the logical answer to that: Play a genre that is fully skill-based. You know that MMO is a genre that requires the most commitment. If you have limited time, why are you playing that genre? If you want to play that genre, don't expect that it will cater to your time limitations. You cannot compete if you cannot put the required effort and time. You can still enjoy the game though, but don't ask for it to cater to your needs. You want me to self reflect? How about you reflect on your own expectations?
  2. Your expectations and perspective in an MMO-game (a shared online world) with the existence of competition that we players systematically structure, are just flawed! Those are the problems, not this game! If you do have the same outlook towards real-life, you need to seek some help! Ask yourself these basic questions: How can you expect to compete against organizations by yourself? Are you out of your mind? They work together in groups/teams to divide the workload required to produce higher output that no individuals can produce alone. If you can do all of those as an individual, why aren't you living in solitude in real-life away from society as a hermit because you do possess that reclusive mentality? Life is easier and we can achieve more because we work together collectively as a civilization. Can you do the same in real-life? I'm also an Entrepreneur in real-life aside from being a Licensed Aircraft Mechanic. I own a small supplier business in real-life. Can you operate a business alone? Can you ever succeed in your career without a network in which you should be building? Before I even graduated from school in real-life, I already have connections in the Industry even outside of the school (one of it is a President of Aircraft Parts Manufacturing Company). Connections is something you acquire and build. Also, in workplace and any business operation, you work in groups and you communicate. Even the richest and most successful people in the world are nothing without their team! The fact is, you as an individual have limited resources such as time, effort, etc., and so, what you can achieve is only limited to what you as an individual can provide! There is an easier way, but you still want to be a dumb ***! And do I have a background in Programming? I have a background in Aviation and Entrepreneurship, nothing related to Software! If you can't do that type of work or specific task, then let the people who are more qualified handle and do it! The problem with you is you want to micromanage instead of dividing the responsibilities! Try running a business and tell me if micromanagement works! How can I be useful without being able to Program? By working in groups because I know I can't operate alone knowing that I am limited! If I can't program, I will coordinate to the Programmers what I want programmed, and how. You want to function on your own, and at the same time, be able to compete? Wow! Can you tell me some of your experiences in real-life? How the f*** did you developed these kinds of backward mentality? Maybe lack of experience or role-model? Go find a mentor man! You also have way too high of expectations for an MMO game (not a single-player game) that it will cater to your needs and hand everything to you instantly! Don't expect to be able to compete! With these kinds of traits, you cannot ever become competent! Not even as an individual in this game or real-life! You are asking for everything to be handed to you instantly on an MMO-game! Did it ever occur to you that this is an MMO and not a single-player like Minecraft? The multiplayer in Minecraft does not have a competitive gameplay system. The only purpose there, is to enjoy the multiplayer experience. Same with Second Life. They are more like an online social platform and not a game, that's it! Let me inform you that this is an MMO-game with a competitive gameplay and progression system. This is not your Minecraft! First impression at all times is followed with personal opinions. Let me ask you this question: What kind of expectations do you have on MMOs? This game is not preferably only for Programmers, but working in groups is an expected situation in this genre.
  3. Eternal

    Pharmaceutical Industry and the benefits from it!

    Your writing-style is almost identical to mine After reading it, it reminded me of my consistent writing-style. My spoken English is not that good (it takes me time to formulate my verbal-speech. In terms of listening-comprehension, I understand everything I hear initially). In regards to writing, we can both write very good in quality (I can write way better than I can verbally speak). It takes me a lot of time to write (way longer than a native English speaker), and I use Google Dictionary (for English) very often for word-choices all the time. I actually find it hard to write because of the mental-effort and time required for me to write even a simple paragraph. The same case I experience with Chinese, Filipino, Korean. I know these languages almost like English! I have good grasps of their grammar, I can comprehend them instantly both from reading and listening, but I speak and write in snail's pace using these languages. I write too formal as well, and I can't write without using a Dictionary for word-choices.
  4. Eternal

    "Reserve Your Name" -- How to?

    Email them using the email that you used to buy the Patron Pack. Email support@dualthegame.com stating that you are qualified for 1 Name Reservation and want to reserve a chosen in-game name (and do state that name). They will get back to you with a reply and it won't take them many business days to respond back (with me, they responded back within the next day). I am planning to buy the Patron Pack using this same Account before the offer is gone (and I already backed the game before as a Founder), which again, will make me be qualified for another Name Reservation on the same Account, in which I will have to email them again after the purchase. That purchase is not made yet, but it is my plan for later on. That is how you reserve a name after a purchase.
  5. Eternal

    Repercussions for players that want to respawn

    I read about the Many Worlds of Quantum Immortality / Quantum Branching, and this is how the Resurrection Node works - In parallel universes of outcomes and not time, each reality is different because of different events that took place. If you died 10 years ago, you wouldn't exist today - your existence is the reality in your universe, one of the parallel universe is you died 10 years ago. They are different universes, not the same! Now, what can happen if you died in Dual Universe and somebody looted you? That is the reality! But there is a parallel universe where you didn't died, and instead, you are in a Resurrection Node at that given time. Tell me, do you lose your Inventory to someone if you didn't died? Did somebody looted you for them to possess that loots now in that universe where they didn't killed and looted you in the first place? We need to make adjustments! The Resurrection Nodes exist in the universe that you are observing (by that, I meant the universe of the one who just died). What it does is bring your parallel self where you didn't died to that universe that you are observing now where you died. In this universe with the presence of Resurrection Nodes, you both died and still exist now in the reality of yourself and to everyone who are playing this game. There are 2 you's - your corpse that just died and your parallel self that is brought by the Resurrection Node from another universe to this universe. That way, you lost your loot to someone in order for them to still possess them. Does that mean that you lost your loot? If the Resurrection Node can only bring your parallel self to this universe physically, just the body, and not the material possessions, then the lore works! Make it so that the Resurrection Node is incapable of bringing parallel possessions to this world for technical reasons such as energy intensiveness. "As this process (the Resurrection Node) is energy intensive, it switches only the body of the person that died and nothing more." (source: https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Resurrection_Node ) They came up with this story for the lore to work! What happens if the Resurrection Node can also bring parallel Inventory to this universe, is you gave someone $1000 and you still have $1000 while they still have it at the same time in the same universe! This is the best solution! It makes sense for the gameplay and for the lore. I found this quote from the source https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Resurrection_Node "When you re-spawn your inventory will have randomly lost most items." Please reconsider that one as these plans are not even final yet. I know that they already have a plan for the Death and Respawn System. All you have to do is read the entirety of this https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Resurrection_Node and this https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Arkship The system that they have in plan is very good! Only that very one thing didn't made sense to me which is parallel Items. And they have to retell the lore to something like what I suggested (there is only 1 universe which is this game - the observed universe. What you are doing is bringing the parallel person from another universe to that same universe of the game that we are all playing now where that person died. Therefore the Corpse exists in co-existence while he is still alive now. And that person can die again, and there will be more Corpses while he can keep respawning to life). I think those 2 things will bring improvements! Call this game Dual Universe because we have the observed universe and a bunch of parallel universes to it. There is a duality that you can bring somebody from a parallel world to this world that we are observing now. After you died and respawn, you came from your own observed world to this game which is parallel to yours. This game is parallel to you (you are not from this world originally). From your own universe to another one which is this game - "Dual Universe"! That will make for a pretty sick story!
  6. Eternal

    Automated object movement

    What I meant by basic is fundamental or to the core. An example is having an Engine Element that functions (exhaust thrust and idle) vs having parts such as dovetail blades, a disk to put those things in, a shaft to rotate, etc. to create an engine yourself, therefore more calculations. When you speak about pistons (and piston rod connected to it), a cylinder where that piston is in, etc., do you know how basic these things are? They are basic mechanical parts! An actuator is a component composed of parts, piston itself is a part! An assembly is composed of components and parts. The more basic, the more calculations. In terms of game development technicalities such as server and client, I don't know anything about it. I would say piston is very basic, it is not a component, it is a part. These things are not for display, these parts must function individually. A piston must move inside it's cylinder, therefore it moves it's connected rod. just have an Actuator Element that has a function of retracting and extending in which you will animate! It is the same thing and it calculates less than doing it part-by-part. Voxel technology, I don't know anything about it. I don't know the technicalities. An MMO with both linear and rotational motion (with or without the ability of conversion) will be sick, but like I said, I don't know the technicalities, and these could probably be not technically possible or have technical implications.
  7. Eternal

    Automated object movement

    The thing about Actuators and such, is they are too "low-level" for this MMO to function technically. Let's look at the larger Landing Gears in this game. Fundamentally, they work Hydraulically (they retract and fold hydraulically, they extend hydraulically, even the landing gear doors work hydraulically). Give me Actuators(linear motion) and Bearings(to convert it to rotational motion) and I can create my own Landing Gear System or whatever Hydraulic System. It's more for the game to calculate than having dedicated Elements that already have their functions (such as Landing Gear Elements with functions of retracting and extending. That is high level!). Dedicated Elements with their high level functions vs basic Elements for creating a dedicated low-level system. The Actuators are too basic for this game meaning the game will have more to calculate. They cannot give us something that are too low-level (basic, core, and fundamental). The game will not work if you can build things mechanically and electrically on that low-level of degree. Give us Actuators (and Bearings) and you can mechanically make a Robot in this game.
  8. Eternal

    Automated object movement

    What is a piston? In mechanical terms, inside the cylinder of a reciprocating engine, it is a part on the bore that moves up and down in cycle of it's 4 strokes. This linear movement of the piston inside the cylinder is converted to rotational movement by the piston rod (the piston is turning the shaft rotationally). We also have linear actuators that retracts and extends. What's moving the piston inside it is hydraulics (fluids). There are also electrical actuators that converts electrical rotational motion from the motor to the threaded shaft (the spindle) into linear motion. Electrical actuators do not have a piston, they have a nut that moves in linear motion on the spindle, connected on the nut is the piston-rod (the arm). A piston is just this. It goes inside the bore of the cylinder. It has rings to prevent fluid/heat from escaping on one side (or both sides in the case of hydraulic actuators). You cannot move it without the pressure, that's what the sealings/rings are for. if you want something that extends and retracts in linear motion, it is hydraulic actuators that you are talking about. Their linear motion(extending and retracting) have many mechanical applications in real life! An example is this: So many applications! Give us a Bearing as well and this linear motion can be translated to rotational movement, such as that missile launcher pointing almost 90 degrees forward to pointing 0 degrees (or whatever degrees) vertically up to launch the missile.
  9. Eternal

    Maglev technology

    Yes, the things that I'm covering are all already publicly available information (they are all already available information from Devblogs and Videos). I am keeping the NDA in mind, as always. Thanks for double reminder!
  10. Eternal

    Maglev technology

    Yes, that could probably work! This is how you are gonna do it; You will build the rails using static cores. in order for them to span for great lengths (and cores are like only hundreds of meters long, for now, as per videos, and is always subject to change), you will place static cores beside each other, linking/connecting the static rails together (use the new Construct Deployment/Moving Tool to align them perfectly). You will use a dynamic core on the train and you will build it on the fixed already-deployed static rails themselves (you will go on build-mode on that dynamic core placed near or on the already-deployed rail. You are building the train on the rail to make sure you are building it with the right measurements in relation to the track and to lock it instantly on the track ofcourse). The track will be composed of multiple static cores (it has to be, because of it's great length!), the train will be on a single dynamic core that is locked on the track.
  11. Eternal

    Maglev technology

    How about this so it will never derail? Then put Athmospheric Engines facing aft and fore for the forward and backward thrust (once it arrived on the last stop, it will travel to the backward direction and then repeat the process). That will work for a straight trip. Unless we can solve turning, our rail-transportation will have to be configured only for straight trips. For temporary solution till we can solve the turning problems, we have something called "connecting lines". you get off on your stop and you take another train going on a straight trip to another direction. Picture below is just an example illustration of the concept. Reds are the stops. A lot more can be improved on the mapping to make commuting traffic faster and more efficient, but this is just an illustration example of the concept. 1 straight line is 1 train line. you have to take a connecting line (a different train) once you arrived on your stop if you want to go somewhere else. Tracks (each train line) are configured for straight trip, unless we can solve the turning, then only then current configuration can be reconfigured and modernized.
  12. Eternal

    Maglev technology

    Discuss how Maglev-like Trains can be possible and what will be the player-made configuration/s for it! Straight-tracks will definitely be possible.
  13. Eternal

    Maglev technology

    Since it's already confirmed that they will not be implementing my idea of Bogie and Track Elements (or Guidance Magnet and Levitation Rail Elements) to the game where they are both integral components that work together for their function, I guess we the players have to build our own rail technology ourselves using what will be available in the game. What I proposed before was similar to Minecraft's Cart(the Bogie) and Rail(the Track) Elements. My idea behind this, was since the Bogies and the Tracks are both Elements that already functions together and have their functions, we can go on Build-Mode and build the Cabs (Cars) of the Train on top of those Bogies that functions and moves on the Tracks. There you go, you have a Train! But since we will not be implementing these, I propose Player-made Maglev-like Trains without Wheels. It will levitate on it's own player-made Track and can never be de-railed and has it's own auto-pilot script! It will levitate because underneath the Train are our so-called wheels in the game, the "Hover Engines"! With LUA, Sensor-Elements such as Laser Detection for example, do you still think a player-made auto-piloted Maglev-like Train(with no wheels) that follows the direction of it's own Track is still impossible? I propose that the Hover Engines will be possible to maintain non-varrying distance to the ground even if we have to resort to LUA. Picture below is non-varrying distance of Hovering to ground. Make this possible even if we have to resort to LUA.
  14. Eternal

    Offline voxel editor?

    It's not probable because it's not reasonable. It's not about their allocation of limited resources.
  15. Eternal

    Offline voxel editor?

    Suppose that it will require your materials that you have physically in the MMO game. The Build-mode gameplay still draws you away from the game, that's the problem! We don't want to outsource that gameplay to offline just to break the MMO immersively, socially, and consistently. We already have the system where it is done technically in the MMO itself, why should we dumb it down and add an option to do it offline so people can play the game offline whenever they want to build? Ofcourse it is different! Let's not stray away from the game when we are playing the game! The thing about Second Life where development is done offline, is it's an Online Social Simulation game. Dual Universe however is not just a Simulation, it is an MMORPG with a gameplay system (whether that be in-game or player-driven), that's something Second Life do not have! (If things shall break, does it affect their gameplay when the game have no system of gameplay?) Since this is an MMORPG that is supposed to be played persistently and has a system, let's not break it by outsourcing some parts of the gameplay offline!