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  1. I think it's going to be delayed most likely because we are still in Alpha 2.1 and that Winter Space Station Building Contest will span to January 13. They can't just change the build without affecting this contest. And Alpha 3 is supposed to include PVP Lite. Do you think they have the PVP done right now and do you think they can get it done in less than 2 months or so? Call this a speculation but I just stated my basis. No one knows if it's going to be delayed, we can only come up with our own probability, and base on how I see it, highly likely. If you see 3 tiny Chinese girls (the baifumei type) and the task is to load 400 bags into a narrow-bodied aircraft like 737--1 girl is gonna throw the bags into the belt, 1 girl is gonna grab the bags from the belt and slide it to another girl who is stacking them on the baggage compartment where you have to kneel--are you crazy to think in the first place that they'll be able to do the job? It's common sense man and I have them! I'm not making claims that this is an official information, I'm stating my common sense!
  2. This Corporation(as a quality-oriented one) will focus on one industry first. This is not a Conglomerate! One step at a time and work on what's achievable before even thinking of diversifying! If one wants to diversify, all they have to do is buy Stocks of another company themselves and their own investment is diversified.
  3. So here is what we're going to do: We wait for the game to come out because Dual Universe still has a long way till release, not to mention that I think Alpha 3 is facing delays, so relax for now! When the game comes out, we buy DACs, we grind for resources, and pool them all together to form the Corporation's Total Equity. We will evaluate the value of how much each contributed to determine how much their Share is. We are gonna become the Co-founders, Co-owners, and Board Members of this Corporation given everyone is a Shareholder. We must have a Voting System among the Board that will determine what gets implemented or not. Since this is a Corporation (a Limited-liable Company), this Company can borrow money under it's own entity to increase it's Capital and pay the Balance of Payment per period for the whole term. We will build a positive Credit Rating, and by building the Company's Credit History, it contributes to that. This is a Company that will leverage Debt if it's available. The Board can hire a CEO who will manage the Company and report to the Board. We pay this CEO and give him compensation based on performance. We call this "delegation" meaning you will hand over the management of the operation to him. It has to be a good CEO who is quality-oriented. Board Members in real-life focus on their investments, not the operation -- we are not gonna do that! We as a Board will make decisions on the development as we are quality-oriented and delegate everything that has nothing to do with development. This Private Company will have a fair distribution of Financial Stakes (according to a proper metric) and Equity. Before one becomes a member of the organization, they will sign a contract agreeing on what their entitlements on the company are. As a Private Organization, we want a proper Private structure that is fair and it can be done through proper Accounting! Would you put your own Equity to an Organization that can't do proper Accounting as a Private individual? Here are the principles of this corporation: Building a good brand through quality-orientation based on modern design and innovation according to function and in-game's mechanics. Good quality control on product designs. Good organization and communication among the development team to achieve quality output. This is a quality-oriented(or product-oriented) corporation, not production-oriented, not sales-oriented, not market-oriented. Our marketing strategy is nothing but based on that! This means we don't rush development and sacrifice quality! By maintaining a good brand based on quality, Shareholders are gonna be proud of their Stocks as well as the Stocks are gonna be valued more intrinsically because the company has good branding (after all, common stocks are based on intrinsic value, not market value). We don't care about the total manpower of the organization if that organization cannot organize itself which results to poor performance. We'd rather have a small but well-coordinated team to achieve the Corporation's development goals. Our end goal is to build a good company that is well-branded with products that are well-branded that Board Members(Investors) will be proud of owning an Equity of that Company and Employees will be proud of their engagement. About myself: Mechanically-inclined with basic Electrical Works in the Aviation Industry Good understanding of Aircraft Systems Good Copywriting Skills in English and Chinese Owns a Cintiq Pro 16 for Graphics Design which is useful for Digital Marketing Have passion for Marketing Understanding of Finance Introduction to Programming (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Lua) If you are interested, let me know.
  4. Eternal


    Hoarding money -- who does that in real life? The most successful people grows their assets and not piles of money. Money to the rich is cash flow that they reinvest to grow their assets (not money which is the liquidity of assets). Assets = Equity + Liabilities ---> it's basically all tangible and intangible assets that you control (you don't even have to own them)
  5. Eternal


    That's not how I think man. I think assets and not Quantas. Even if the game is not like the US, assets are still far more valuable than Quantas which are used to acquire the valuable. Intrinsically Quantas are worthless!
  6. Eternal


    You wanna know the problem with the mindset of most people? Because the majority lacks financial and economic education, they think that the main purpose of trading is to keep accumulating money endlessly when really it's only the goods and services in the end that matters. A piece of paper doesn't yield anything and has little use but to wipe it out of my *ss after I'm done taking a sh*t. A 100 US Dollar bill has no intrinsic value but how much you can exchange it for which is dependent on supply and demand for the currency and the market's trust on the monetary system. Without trust on the system, none of these will work and a piece of paper will only afford a piece of paper or anything equivalent. Do you wanna know how the monetary system works? The government sells bonds to institutions(including the central bank) and auctions in exchange for money that came from this whole system previously saved up by these buyers. What is a bond? It's a loan that has to be paid back principal including the interest at some point. When the central bank prints reserve notes(currencies) and spends them on these bonds (which all came from the treasury), their liabilities will be how much they printed to buy those bonds, and those reserve notes(currencies) that are transferred becomes new money. Now that the central bank is the new bondholder, treasury owes them and this is how the central bank grows their balance from equity of nothing and whatever profit they make, they turn back to treasury -- so basically, they are buying back the bonds for literally nothing that they printed out of thin air! If the Fed is really independent, why does it transfer back the profit to the treasury? This is how the monetary system works and if you think about it, it's a scam! The reason this whole system works is all based on faith on the national treasury! This is how money gets their value! Without your faith, I'll use it as a tissue to blow my nose. If you think hard enough, who is really paying for this debt (if they will really pay it off)? Isn't it you tax payers? lol! Who is "they"? It's you, the same people the government borrowed from! You are paying your own loan! Money has no other function but for just a medium of exchange and the reason they work is because of faith and ignorance. It has no worth and use other than that. Instead, learn how to evaluate assets intrinsically and invest in that! Think assets and not money! That's how successful people think! They build their assets and not stock pile of money. Things that "really" have value and yield. Money has yield only because you are able to exchange it for assets which itself has the yield -- so technically money has no yield.
  7. If you're looking for an organization with a corporatist state structure, Pantheon Jumpworks is currently the second biggest corporatist state that has English as official language and has the best structure for a corporatist state out there. Sign up now!
  8. Hello, fellow Canadian!
  9. Here is the problem: even in real-life, they don't exist! They are "Consensus Standards" that are crafted by participating party/s and any external group have the choice whether or not to adopt that certain standard. That's how it works in real-life as I already stated. These external groups think — they will always choose to adopt an existing Consensus Standard that best meet their requirements over another. Ofcourse, a group's set-standards can change over time as better Consensus Standards get created to become available or because of the dynamics (change in situation over time) — they will make the choice to replace a current set-standard of theirs that they think is now obsolete (they need to do that in order to continue competing against other groups, as the standards that they are using can affect their performance). These standards that you're talking about are not Universal, they are Consensus. The only thing Universal is what are set by the game (such as Hangar Door Elements' doorway dimensions, Liter as unit for Volume, etc.). If you want the community to create standards, it has to work this way.
  10. No way! I'm from Toronto as well! Where in Toronto? I'm from Scarborough (in Guildwood).
  11. I'm Canadian here as well from Toronto.
  12. @Aaron Cain Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm glad to have a friend like you!
  13. I guess Asians really are a small minority in this game! It really sucks for me!
  14. A "Market" is the sum of all Buyers and Sellers in the considered area. A "Marketplace" is a platform or place where transactions / trading occur. The game will have a Bartering System (Player-to-Player Trading System) which was announced for the upcoming r0.15. You can't take data out of that! What you described is a "Promotional technique" in which the community can do it themselves in-game on their own, directly and/or indirectly (we have Screen-Elements in the game). To increase or create interaction between Potential Customers and Sales, Promotional techniques are used. The aim is to increase or create awareness, create interest, generate Sales, or create Brand Loyalty. Let the Sales Team handle them! If you are looking to buy a specific Item in real-life, how do you know where to start looking for them? The answer is, you might already know because of word-of-mouth and these Companies are paying a lot to Promote their Products! All you have to do is go to nearest Retailers that sell them (in which the Retailers are also paying to Promote themselves). Retailers, Wholesalers, and Distributors are Distribution Channels for getting a Product to the Market (the Buyers). There is a Supply Chain to this! I wanna see the cities in DU full of Promotions! It just looks more bustling, lively, and commercialized!
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