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  1. I am not a fan of complicated voxelmancy and in my honest opinion, it has to be simplified. Display the vertices and give us the control to be able to move them. Instead of wasting the time creating shapes in such a complicated process, we can allocate that time in the technical design of the construct instead. That's what matters in construct-design! A complicated voxel editor is an unnecessary burden.
  2. I prefer to use a yoke system over a side stick or helicopter cyclic stick because you can control the aircraft better with it. It feels more natural. You can steer the yoke to control the ailerons and push and pull it out to control the pitch and both can be done together, while you have to control the roll and the pitch with a stick that has these axes overlapping while using the pedals for the yaw. The stick works great for a helicopter because all it does is tilt the swashplate, while for fix-wing, it's not good. Why not use a control that feels more natural like a yoke for a fix-wing? For throttle lever, I prefer to have a turbine engine throttle lever that has 1 speed brake lever, 1 flap lever, and 4 throttle levers for 4 engines (if you have less engines, you can always use less of the available levers). What if you have more engines, where are the additional levers to control all the engines manually if you only have 2? Common sense. For rudder pedals, it doesn't matter -- a pedal is a pedal (configuration are the same). Just get one that feels the most comfortable to put your feet on. The equipment that I prefer (if they should all work for this game) are: Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Yoke Logitech G Pro Throttle with Airbus A340 Handles Set LITE CH Pro Rudder Pedals And then I will use the keyboard to assign the inputs that you will otherwise have on a cockpit panel. This is the setup that I prefer. Would they all work for this game? I wonder as well.
  3. We have many Landing Gear Elements in this game of various sizes and they all have the same function: retract and extend, that's it. The variety of sizes and how you pick the most appropriate Landing Gear type for your construct and how many of them to put, are just for the looks. Add a load capacity to these Landing Gear Elements and make them take damage when you land with them extended with the total load capacity of all the Landing Gears exceeded by the construct. This will make construct-designing more function-based.
  4. Here is my opinion: it is a waste of resources. Why would you waste an already limited resources on porting this game to consoles when consoles are just dumbed-down computers. Sure, their specs got better -- it's still far from being on par--in terms of performance and controls--to a budget computer that costs the same to build. A budget computer is a JF-17 or an Su-30 being used as multi-role acquired for a price of $35m/unit. A console is an FA-50 (Korean FA-50) being used as multi-role acquired for the same price of $35m/unit. Do you see what I'm saying? It's not capable as a multi-role and never will it be no matter how much "facelift" you throw at it! You want to waste resources "modifying" a trainer and acquiring more units only to still get sub-par multi-role capability in the end? Stop wasting resources on this non-sense when DU doesn't even have HOTAS support in the first place. Prioritize those because those are actually practical! A computer is purpose-built for a game like DU and MMORPGs generally. It's like you wanna convert a trainer to a fighter jet! It doesn't work man!
  5. In order to stimulate economic growth, you need QE to increase consumer spending. Like you said, QE causes rise in prices and drop in purchasing power. The government has an inflation rate target every year for controlled inflation and that is what you want (not hyperinflation). How do you control inflation? Interest rate because whatever the bank profits is a "sink". Increase the interest rate and their reserve grows (they took more money out). But people do not borrow when interest rates are high and in order to incentivize them to borrow, you lower the interest rate (if people do not borrow = less economic activity). They play around with the interest rate to control the inflation. That's how it works. When production increased and more and more goods are produced, prices drop (deflation and an increase in purchasing power). If prices should continue to drop, are you stupid to spend now when you know that they will continue to drop and you can get it for cheaper in the future? and are you stupid to invest in stocks at all when you know that they will continue to lose value? People horde money when prices are continuing to drop. So deflation is not a good thing. You need moderate inflation (not deflation) for a healthy economy. To do that, you QE while your economy is continuing to grow. That's what people do when prices go down. What people do not understand is it will go back up again (like they always do) because government will do something to get the prices back up. It's rigged man! Right now stocks plunged low as an effect of this Coronavirus. Go to stores right now and line up and you'll see that things are cheap because they are trying to clear up their inventory to generate liquidity. Now is the perfect time to invest on the correct stocks and that's what I'm doing because I know that the market is rigged and this is a bubble. Prices will go back up again because of government intervention or Canada will be forever screwed economically.
  6. When their reserve is low and fails to meet the minimum requirement, they borrow from the central bank. If the central bank bails them out because of default, the same thing happens to the central bank: the liabilities grow while the loan is wiped (government becomes more indebted). They bailed them out because the economic activity will be affected if these banks are to close (they will do a rate cut first; bailout is like a last resort). We have the Coronavirus right now and because of people getting laid off and unable to make loan payments because they lost their livelihood, banks become more indebted because of defaults and lack of revenue (because of this, the banks do not have enough reserve). Government needs to do something to save the economy on a crisis such as this.
  7. A bank is considered bankrupt (or insolvent) when it cannot meet withdrawal demands of it's customers in terms of liquid asset and fail to raise it. Commercial banks can also issue credits (IOUs) in the form of deposits like a central bank issuing bank notes (currency) out of nothing and loan them to borrowers or acquire physical or financial assets. Commercial banks are the biggest source of credits and next to it is the central bank. Did you know that 90% of the money in the world that we use today are in the form of electronic deposits and only about 10% are cash? If the commercial bank keeps generating IOUs electronically out of nothing, their liabilities will grow while their assets will remain the same (supposed if the loan is not paid) -- this is why they cannot abuse this too much (they will get too indebted, and like I said, bankruptcy is when they fail to meet withdrawal demands of customers when they want to withdraw cash). All assets must be deposited to the bank in the form of liquid asset. A loan is an asset to the bank (they are called "illiquid asset" and when the borrower defaults, that bad loan is wiped and that asset disappears. If they are paid, then the bank managed to convert it to liquid asset). A bank is not bankrupt yet when they have negative shareholder's equity. You have to understand that the way the economy and the financial system are designed is not based on equity (fairness) but to sustain production in order to meet demands and for development also. Cash and bank deposits are just IOUs. Commercial banks can generate IOUs too and that becomes new money when they loan them (in fact, they are the biggest credit source, not the central bank). Commercial banks help keep the economy running by advancing loans to the public (they do not loan only the assets that they have on their reserve such as customers' cash deposits, they can generate electronic IOUs out of nothing and loan them. Borrow from a bank and that is what you're borrowing). Ofcourse the government needs these banks, without them the economy will be worse.
  8. You want collateral, and at the same time, the customer is needed to make a bailment (a deposit) in order for this to work. If the private bank is the one holding the collateral to guarantee your withdrawal demands, would you trust them? That is why you need a third-party involved -- the government. Let them hold the collateral so in the case of default, customers can go to the government for recourse. This collateral is the insurance. I invented this system. And then just practice fractional-reserve banking because the purpose of a bank is to make money and that's what makes the most money. The problem with fractional-reserve banking is meeting the withdrawal demands of customers that exceed the fractional reserve. If customers make huge withdrawal demand that can't be met with the fractional reserve, take from your insurance reserve in the central bank to give to the customer (this can be processed electronically without having to travel. the central government will buy the private bank's garbage in the marketplace machine element with the insurance money for a quick transfer so there can be no delay to the customer). according to the regulation: insurance reserve needs to be equal to the total deposit made by all customers combined. In other words, you are required by law to insure all their deposits. This is the system I designed. Two birds, one stone. You get to make the most money while insuring your customers, and they are really insured because they can go to the government that has the collateral.
  9. The purpose of a private bank is to generate income for the institution for it's stakeholders by providing credits. What are your bank's sources of income (revenue)? For example, do you do net interest income? How about the organization's structure? Do you have a good private structure since this is a private institution? And most importantly, do you have people who know some finance and accounting for the operation to work and sustain it since this is banking?
  10. Here is the problem: when a player barters something for something equivalent, it's like exchanging $100 worth of value for the same value. It is not a deposit but a barter for the same value, or a transaction (if quanta is involved) for the same value, only to literally get the same thing in return. The system doesn't work if there is no deposit process -- "deposit" is a transfer of money or physical asset (if that is what you want) to an institution, get a collateral involved and that is not a "transfer". This is a possible implication of a banking service such as this, thus organizations that want to run a bank need to invent a solution to gain the confidence of potential clients because this is too risky for them. Commercial banks in real-life are regulated anyway. There are so many government organizations in this game and yet they lack purpose! Why can't they accept registry of these private banks and regulate them? Private banks can register themselves under the jurisdiction of the government in order to operate in that country, thus they will be subject to it's regulations, then private banks can practice what is called a "fractional-reserve banking". Here is how it works: private banks need to deposit quantas to their balance on the central bank (a "central bank" is a government institution). This money is the private bank's "reserve" currently held by the central bank. What is this "reserve"? This reserve is how much liquid asset the private bank is allowed to hold, in other words this is how much total deposit they can accept from clients according to the regulation. When this private bank defaults, clients can dispute their quantas with the central bank which holds the private bank's reserve. If this government turns out as a fraud as well, then they have no integrity and they will lose their credibility and reputation. Establishing trust between participating individuals is essential to business activities and making relationships. Just like real-life, there are risks, and so we just have to be smart and trust only the people and organizations that have credibility without bad records.
  11. Congratulations Mr. Yamamushi! I hope that you will be able to make significant contributions for the betterment of this game as part of the team now! Quality of this game and it's service have always been--since the start--the interests of the community and I believe that you will represent our interests in your new workplace given the passion you have for this game. Thank you for all your contributions to the community and I hope that you will be able to do more for the community as a new NQ staff now! All we want as a community is a game that truly represents the genre and maintain it as it is without dumbing-down the features with business-model that doesn't break the gameplay. Thank you sir and take pride of your new work and organization!
  12. And what? Turn this game into a casino like your Entropia or a real-life online business like SL? DACs--which are tradeable in-game securities--is the only thing paid that we have in this game. That is for, 1.) to gain advantage in the game by being able to purchase securities that can be traded. These securities are 1 month subscriptions in the form of tokens, it's intrinsic value. ; 2.) to financially support the developer and publisher NQ so they can deliver us a great MMO, and maintain it's service, continued development, and updates for long-term, even at the cost of a little Pay-to-Win (being able to buy securities). The purpose of DACs is to financially support NQ and I will never hesitate to support them as long as they continue to hold on to their development principles which got me involved in this game in the first place. They cannot do it without our financial support as this is still a business, hence I support the idea of DACs. You want to turn this game into a real-life trading platform for players by incorporating something like SL/Sansar Dollar into the game? If you can cash out SL/Sansar Dollars for real-life money, most of that money goes back to players, not to NQ. What is the point? To turn this into a trading platform and shift our attention to real-life, away from the virtual world, while at the same time, it does not support the devs? Why would people sell their equities in the game and cash out their SL/Sansar Dollars? To make money in real-life in contrast to making progress in the game! Ofcourse, it's a f*cking casino! I do not support trashing this game in exchange of a casino for players to make real-life money! What do you want? Turn this into a job? lol
  13. Oh man, I gave up learning Japanese! I studied it for about a year 12 years ago. I can still read Hiragana proficiently, I know some Kanjis (some are the same as Chinese in meaning), and I can't read Katakana still (it looks like a mess). I acquired some basic vocabulary (some I still remember today; some I forgot). I can count perfectly to 億; I still remember the numbers (the system and kanji are the same as Chinese). First things you learn in Japanese: はじめまして = "nice to meet you". ___と申します = "my name is ____". どうぞよろしくお願いします = nice to meet you (please treat me kindly). それでは、また会いましょう!= well then, see you again soon. How can I forget lol. I still remember these ones. If you know Chinese, you can guess the meaning of these kanjis (even though you cannot read some of them): 東京の中心部に住 = live in tokyo downtown area 日本 = japan (nihon) 英語 = english (eigo) 時差 = time difference 我 = I or me (it is not watashi which is 私) 質問 = question 何 = what (nani) 苦手 = holding difficulty That's about it.
  14. Because some people have sense of equity and individuality. We are an individual, am I right? We have self-interest, am I right? We want an equitable system, not a system of ants, right? If I'm paying for this game (and I will be paying for DACs) and putting my time and effort in it, and then at the same time working with others, we need an equitable system where we members are regarded as individuals. An organization is a group of people, it isn't conscious! (in other words, it doesn't physically exists!) If I'm gonna be part of an org, I will think of myself as independent of my org. You contribute because you are a stakeholder and stakes must be distributed fairly to contributors! This is where the community fails badly! It's a joke man! They wanna run a corporation and they don't have this concept? If you own 51% or more of the company, you have controlling interest over it (it's called a "buyout"). Vote is based on ownership, not number of people. If you own 90% of the company, and 10 other people own 10% of it, it doesn't matter how many of them exists, you own 90% of the risks (the majority of the equity), your vote is worth 90 points! That is a proper voting system! If I'm gonna contribute resources, I want fairness man! There has to be proper accounting and metric to properly divide shares and stakes! (use Excel)
  15. Give us both the options to trade scripts locked or unlocked. locked = uneditable and unviewable ---> no technology transfer is included on trade unlocked = editable and viewable ---> technology transfer is included on trade You can also give the same options for construct design itself. Whatever they can manage to imitate from locked, it's not gonna be exactly the same replica but shares some similar feature/s. I'm sorry to tell you this, but you have no trademark (protection) over that concept (innovation)! Look at Boundless, Hytale, Dual Universe, Camelot Unchained C.U.B.E, Trove, and countless other games that bear that same concept: they imitated Minecraft which first came up with the 3D sandbox building concept in a game. Mojang sold Minecraft to Microsoft, they only own that game and it's source-code (it's formula), they have no monopoly over the idea of it! You don't have a trademark over an idea/concept! As long as you don't take directly from the formula, you are not infringing on anything! You can take inspiration from something as no one has monopoly over a concept/idea, it's not the same replica! If you imitate anything from locked, you violated nothing! It is an intangible asset. Intangible asset is still an asset. I agree, it must be protected! That is why I proposed the options to trade them locked or unlocked and that's it! The rest, leave it to the players!
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