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  1. While thats true it would be good enough to only have visual immersion. The gameplay effects can come later. I sign up for every idea related weather and visual immersion. ?
  2. Yes! Please unglow the glowy rocks!
  3. All those are some great ideas. Was wondering why i should use the filter for the inventory if it resets anyway. Would love to hide all my hundrets of blueprints and tool icons, but since the filters do not save i have been quicker with just scrolling down in the inventory instead of setup the filter everytime. In terms of the Element highlight system in Build mode i would prever it like so: There is a mode you can turn and which makes all voxels transparent while elements will have priority at the selection if you look at them through voxels. A quick way to dismantle a whole structure would be great, but i think it could cause performance issues at large structures as DU seems to move items tick by tick. (I actually have no clue)
  4. True. I get called "Over positive player who destroys the game" when i express that i have zero problems to be a builder in my solo-run without ever really have touched Territory mining and mostly just haul to buy parts i need. And say game is still easy.
  5. Well. I put in some of my ships quite alot oftime since some sort of voxelmancy is done and fixing naughty corners. I would prefer to only have collect the resources again instead collecting the resources again AND put 10 hours back into building. Besides that i would rather create new designs to re-create lost designs. So alot would be just lost forever. Also some pieces are made that i couldnt repeat it 1:1 again. (Unpredicted voxel behaviour = Mistake Feature!) If you have just a flat plane its obviously not neccessary to have a Blueprint for that. If there is a way to easily align blueprints it might be also super useful for bigger bases. But i guess you are trolling anyway.
  6. Would be fine to reset Talent points. But Blueprints? oof... Some structures i see as serious artworks, if they would be lost it would be a shame. And this balance would also only last for a few weeks as creative people will again build outstanding designs which will dominate the market again anyway. But probably the costs of blueprint would be alot lower as it has to fit the corrected economy.
  7. Some good points in the Video. Survival aspects would definetly give a purpose like in reallife where you also work/workout/socialize mostly so you survive as long as possible which should be enough motivation to keep up. In a game like "Sims" it shows that if this aspects of life are simulated in a videogame it can be indeed very addicting and fun. And with more restriction/problems to solve at building it would expand the fun of building into a longterm challenge. Stuff to explore? Everyone wants that. Just hire some Voxel builders spending thousends of hours into building giant structures (Trust me i know how time consuming huge buildings are) to explore just so player have a shortterm experience which is satisfying for a few minutes? Not worth it from a developingtime/playersatisfaction ration. BUT DU is still developing so we might get this features anyway, all it needs is time. Time and money factor cant be skipped. At this point i probably just sound like a fanboy try to defense NQ. (trueeee) But i also see it realistic. Just to develop proper physics for ships and planet voxels would probably take a year to make it right. So should it have priority right now? I dont think so.
  8. Yeap. If i would put money on it and choose one i would say it tends to "wipe" as well. If they play their cards right in 2022 and have some solid updates a wipe probably wont hurt as much as some people believe right now.
  9. Seems to me like a 50/50 % Chance. Depending on what updates will come 2022 it will be more likely or not.
  10. The current nebula is pretty good designed since its evenly without some spots which are too penetrant or something. It basically fits in every scene. I just would prefer to have less of a cyan tone and make it more "neutral" so to say. At the screenshot i have attached (After and before) i reduced the cyan tone by 70% and made it a bit darker. If i would make a spacegame i would make it like that. The glowing stones are a whole different story tho.
  11. If you elobrate your points in more detail we might can discuss it here. But to say "sustainable economy" or "Stuff to explore" is like saying "We need to do something about the climatic problem on earth" and then claim to found the problem of the climatic change just by pointing at it. I totally agree that we need a sustainable economy in DU, and i totally agree it would be cool to have stuff to explore. But this stuff to explore need to fit the DevelopmentTime/PlayerSatisfaction ration which is worth it. And to make such a system is not that easy. They could just place some structures here and there in space you can explore, then you explore them and then what? Probably could be easy if you have a team of 10 Heads just dedicated to build stuff to explore and systems for it which makes it fun in the long term. The thing is to say what NQ already knows is no valueable help if you dont keep factors like budget in mind. Its like if you have 2 kids and booth want a car from you. But you only have 1k Dollar, so you get them booth a bicycle. And that is what NQ is doing right now. They find compromises. PS: Just readed your "DU is BORING" post The points at "Easy" (VoIP is not really a easy thing in Uni engine i think) are more like personal taste things. I like the slow paste of crafting and traveling. Mining tho has been replaced now anyway. "Moderate" and "Hard" are still some very expensive features to add while i also disagree that a creative mode would make DU greater as it kills a bit the immersion i think. But why not. If it gets more new player in DU it might be cool.
  12. That is very honorable of you. You might want to write a application to NQ. (And now i leave that consveration otherwise i will spam/troll too much )
  13. *Masochistic me giggles* You might want to stop waste your time in this Forum if you truely believe DU is doomed.
  14. I would also like to have so many things. - UberTextures - Custom designed planets - Power systems for ships etc. But its not that easy in a small budget studio. I am sure they have discussed about NPCs and i am sure they have a reason why they dont work on it right now. So the question is what can be changed to the good with the lowest amount of afford. The alternative would be to shut down DU, which nobody wants. PS: "-Remove the 100 variations of the same voxe" Here i truely agree. Would be great to simply swap voxel colors of the same material around without having all the variations laying around somewhere. But even that costs time to develop and i think there are other prioritys
  15. Well, Thats true. With a small player base the system will never really turn out in the long term as the possibility to create elements in the current rate will not fit with the demand of a small player base. To counter that it could get alot slower or expensive to craft elements, to fit a small playerbase, which is not a good choice either. So if the solution is to have more player it will need some more AAA features like NPCs and such which is not easy to design and create in a small studio like NQ. I do think DU can really only be developed towards players who really enjoy to create, which are probably not enough to keep DU financial stable over a long period of time. So even more resources have to be cut like with the dementer update and its server costs reduction, which potencially pushes even more AAA-Players away. I am pretty sure if NQ reads this conservation they be like "Go tell me something new, we are thinking every day every night for a solution"
  16. Its not a fight about getting on top or something. Its about having a balance back again so even as small trader economy is fun. But if missions caused such a inflation as well its even more worth it to wipe it all. Eventually it would be good to wait with a wipe tho since there could appear some more economy braking bugs as they are changing the game.
  17. Its not about keeping the balance up forever. Of course there will be huge groups dominating DU in a way. But right now like everyone is dominating who started before the demeter Update, and aspecially before the industry change.
  18. Its more like: "They have too much, so i have too much as well" I have mined in the first weeks of beta almost 100 Million quanta. Havent recovered from that until today. Large containers full of elements i hodl and will never be able to use because its too much. If i wouldnt force myself to start a new game by discipline i would never ever have to earn money in one way or another. Could inflate the market right now with the elements i hide. ? Yea, i think we need a wipe.
  19. Kinda disagree. Currently i do a completly new start (Besides pilot talents) on jago. In one Weekend i already got with Missions enough money to get everything i need to build my first solid ship. Indeed i would say its way too easy at the moment as there are so many warp drives and it cost me almost nothing to hire a hauler from allioth to jago. But it depents on the expectations you have. Mining is difficulty now. But do i really need 50k Ore per day for what i want to do? No. And if you have a ambitious project which needs more then 50k Ore per day then you arent playing alone anyway which will make things easier.
  20. This! Its really a shame of how "flat" the planets look at the moment. Sure there are some nice places but overall everything is very flat. It looks like the default landscape when you load "WorldCreator". If i remember right there has been a devblog of DU where they show what is possible with new Landscape generators and some handwork like placing rivers which are bending their way through epic mountains. And some unique Craters here and there. I was so hyped about that. I am not sure about the technical background of DU-Worlds. But i wonder if they could just use a third party program like "World creator 3" to shape cool Planets and then get the data they could use in DU. And yes i know the planets are HUGE and it will take some time even if most of it could be semi-randomly generated. But i mean they could take their time for it.
  21. The latest design descision in terms of the materials in DU made me a bit nervous since it tends to highlight the repeating pattern issues way more then before in some cases. But i have read a blog a while ago about "Uber texture" Since Uber texture can contain alot things i wonder if it will be the solution for that problem: - Worn edges - Dirt corners - detail layers - Randomize the texture mapping Since i heared about it it was one of my most awaited features, but sadly it got quite around it. So my question is if NQ is still working on that feature?
  22. Yea! I was also very happy to see that. Would be great if NQ give her some insider infos about whats going on right now. "Project zomboid", which is a indie game, does a Devblog every week for years now. Sometimes they dont have much interesting to report so they just write that they are working on bugs etc. but even that is enough to stay motivated about the future. I would love if DU could do something like that.
  23. At first i was just curious about the technic behind the server. So i subscibted to the DU youtube and followed it a bit at the very begin of DU. But i never really expected that it will be more then a "minecraft-creative mode" in space. But then a bit later i realized that it actually becomes a quite complex game so i joined alpha 3. And now its alot more then i ever have expected a game could be.
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