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  1. There are already some ship related sounds in game like `Shield activated` and so on. I would suggest moving them to the audio folder and use your new audio framework to call those sounds from default script. Or at least the ability to disable the default ship voice sounds. This would allow us to make fully customizable "Ship Voice Assistants".
  2. About a month if playing solo with only 1 account? Let me provide some calculations to you. One mining unit provides 230 l/h with maxed handling talents. With good recharging talents 1 player can maintain around 30 mining units running simultaneously. That being said, that's 165kl daily, so it's around 23 days to fill 20L containers. So if you are playing in an org with, let's say, 3 players, you would need to use such a hauler once a week.
  3. Have you done any calculations on this topic? Currently if you are using tier 5 alloy, they have more than x5 multiplier on CCS per HP, you would need at least 120mil of voxels HP to even have a chance to hit your CCS limit and not die by the core explosion. That is around 30,000m^3 of voxels. How is that limiting your creativeness? Elements HP are negligible compared to voxels if you have at least 20-30 mils of HP, and with current curve and multipliers you will have much more CCS than that HP amount, so I don't really get your point here, why would you want to increase your CCS if it's hardly noticable before 120-150+ mil of HP, and that's what it's main reason, to make invicible ships not possible to make. There are already counterplays and fleet compositions, if you don't see a counter to your ship, that doesn't mean that there is none. If you have low cross-section L laser ship, it will die to low cross-section M rail ship. If you have low cross-section M rail ship, it will die to 50mil+ CCS L laser/Cannon ship. 3Lasers+2Missiles+M radar are viable too (will have 4 types of damage and very hight DPS, but not very long range), And there is more, that's just an on-surface example. Weapon percs depending only on size? I strongly agains this. Addition of other percs in current `heavy`, `precision` etc.. I'm ok with. This is a good one, but not based on weapon type, or size. Just make it 80% shield, 20% to ship, this will return the mid-fight repairing gameplay
  4. Aren't you able to add quanta to territory only from territory owner wallet? So you would still need to transfer money to org wallet first.
  5. I don't understand why do even have a territory balance and a 13 weeks cap. Why just don't make a checkbox `pay taxes for this territory` and make it autopay for itself from personal/org wallet. I see that cap can be a reason for territories to abandon at some point if player stops playing, but I don't think it's perfect solution and there should be other ways of territories circulation, e.g. territory wars. It's very annoying to fill every individual territory balance when you have 100+ of them.
  6. Current starting planet is Alioth/Sanctuary, and they both have a 1g gravity. All other planets/moon have less gravity so if you have built a ship that can leave Alioth, you can safely land on any planet. There is no challenge in that. How about adding a higher-G planet, even something like 10g gravity planet, with some Ion\plasma storm that disables AGG. With big ore pools, but only of heavy metals, hematite, chromite, etc. I think we need some challenges in this game.
  7. The only possible issue I see here, is that if was much less MUs that one person could operate, or much larger ore pools. E.g. there was ore pool enough to feed 100 MUs, and one person can handle only 10 at a time. Than giving rights to mine only to one person (even you gave the rights to deploy core units) he should be able to only manage 10 MUs on your territory. With current RDMS he would be able to give use element right to his org and manage all 100 MUs. But that's not the case currently, so I don't see a problem either.
  8. I don't see why this is incorrect. The person who own a static core also own any mining unit placed on it, as well as any ore in containers at that core. If he would like to share any of his commodities he is able to do so via RDMS. Technically, when a third person activates the mining unit, ore ownership still goes to a person you were given rights too. I get why you want this to be changed tho (So it to be consistent with previous mining/harversting rights), and maybe it should be changed as you are saying. Maybe it should be brought to NQ's attention in some QnAs, but i doubt this would be changed.
  9. Can you please provide more information of how your RDMS is set up. Who is owner of hex tile, who is owner of the static construct and who is activating a mining unit. From what I understand you are saying that person A owns a tile, and set up RMDS policy to allow person B activation of mining units on his territory? Or does he allow person B to deploy static constructs on his tile? If second, and person B deployed a static core, and gave rights to build and use elements on it to person C, then yes, person C would be allowed to place and activate mining unit on person's B core on person's A tile. As the owner of static core is person B and he is allowed to mine on that territory, and technically, he is the one who is mining. Sounds like intended.
  10. Every weapon type is limited to only 2 different ammo type, and you are chosing weapon type and amounts of each ammo type you carry ahead of time. You can't hit all damage types at every range, you are limited to weapon stats. Your point is wrong. If you chose to fly only on one type of ship, doesn't mean everyone is flying same ship as you. There are many pvp ship design out there: 5 laser light ship 10 laser more heavy ship with a lot of CCS 6 cannon high-G no-CCS kamikaze-type ship 12 cannon low cross-section medium CCS 3 M rails very small ship (have you tried to aim at a ship with only 80 m^2 cross section with an L weapon?) Each of these ships have it's own pros and cons, and should be treated differently in combat encounter. And that's only ships at our shipyard, not counting what other people can use. (I saw some succesfuly used an M laser ship agains L cores) These are some nice ideas, and they kind of corelate with my ideas in topic: Again, I am not saying PvP is as good as it should or can be, I am just saying that your point is a bit off what is really happining in the open space out there.
  11. Actually, right before that well, cross-section, which defines hit-probability is stopping you from increasing your acceleration. Also fuel-consumption, engine and fuel mass which increasing your warp cost. So, not for free, and not that nothing is stopping you. As I said already, NQ mentioned this would change, why pointing again at that? Yes, we use L weapons in most pvp encounters, because bigger guns deal more damage, that sounds ok for me. But there is some cases where we actually use M core ships and M rails, considering cross-section, mass, and total cost of combat mission. No need to be rude here, if you want something to change better be calm and constructive.
  12. I totally agree with you. I also crashed a lot due to lags at market when doing ore hauls. But demand problem can strike big with all the taxes now... People simply have no needs to buy elements, and even won't have any quanta to buy extra just in case. I hope someday they will fix all performance issues and will bring ement destruction back.
  13. This IS exactly what I want to see as DU PvP, thank you guys for sharing this, this reminded me good old times with Lineage 2 sieges and clan-wars. Too bad we don't see interactions like this often now. I hope with addition of Territory Warfare we will see them more often.
  14. You are trying to imply one game experience to other which have other mechanics. In CS:GO every player can move with same speed and acceleration, that's not the case with DU. You can have a ship with much higher acceleration than your opponent to be able to get in close range for more damage. That's also not true, we use cannons, and successfuly cored few Legion laser ships, without losing any of our ships. And we use cannons because they have much higher in CLOSE range btw (So no, we don't choose sniper rifles). They already told in latest QnA that this will be changed. There IS already a basic RPS mechanics, called shield resistances vs ammo type. Have you calculated how much more damage a fleet would do if they balance their ships with cannons/missiles instead of using only two types of ammo? But yes, I agree this can be addressed more. Basically the PvP in this game is not fine, I would not called it even "acceptable", but not because of points you have raised here.
  15. For me It's an 8. Not 10 because it's missing too many qol features, but that will be refined i hope. Some of the negatives I can point out is lack of demand on products, I will be very happy if they return element destruction in safezone. Because It's not very profitable to produce items if there is no demand, so the demand on ore itself goes down. What I see, is that Demeter is very good basement for territory wars in future, and that is what I really love about it, now we have points of iterest (t4-t5 ore pools for ex) to fight for. I am looking forward to see space territories with some kind of gas-mining there.
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