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  1. That's some awesome news. Looking forward for these updates!
  2. Base Shield Generator doesn't protect any docked dynamic construct. So, no, you can't protect a fleet with it.
  3. While I agree that we need a better UI, I don't think E:D radar ripoff will work for DU. let's try to get an answer for these questions: - Why E:D have this kind of radar? and - Would this work for DU? E:D is a an immersive First-Person view game. Again, First-Person. And this radar is your only way of knowing your surrounding. Also the combat in E:D is at much lower distances In DU you can just wiggle your mouse a bit and see what's going on. I think we actually need some fleet markers, and better UI for already existing system. Not a ripoff from other game with different mechanics...
  4. I think you don't see full pictures here. Mission runners who do mission with 50 alts don't pay for their alts with real money. They buy DACs from other players for quanta, increasing their overall alt army, and making even more quanta progressively. Everyone can do that with an investment for about 300 mil quanta. That's not a very large amount. And the amount of quanta you can generate that way if absolutely absurd, that's hunders of millions daily.
  5. Current mission system is pretty low profit for solo players for very long and boring afk gameplay, while it's a huge quanta generator for people with 50+ alts This is exactly what is happening right now with people running 50+ missions with alts. My idea is to make mission not dependent on alts at all, while making the system balanced for everyone.
  6. Make missions reward dynamic. E.g. lower the reward for specific mission for everyone, when someone delivered it, and make the reward grow slowly by time when no one does them. Also with this you can remove the hard cap of 1 package per account to make big hauls accessible by everyone. They will balance themselves out very quickly this way.
  7. Personally, I think even with current pools it's still to much t3-5 ore generated out of nowhere. The major problem, is that there is no TW on the planets yet, and ore pools are basically uncontested once claimed.
  8. actually it's more like one every 36th tile, because the surface is 2d
  9. Change my mind: Stasis effect should depend on yours ship mass, or the ratio between your ship mass and target mass, Not only on the target mass Currently the stasis weapons are basically useless, because their optimal range depends on target mass. It's useless against very light S-cores (current meta), because optimal range is only ~25km and it's basically impossible for heavier ship to maintain such close distance It's useless against a heavy ship, because it's max speed already very low, and you don't need stasis to catch it. So I can't find any real purpose for using stasis weapons with this mechanics. On the other hand, if stasis weapons worked based on your ship mass, that would allow for heavier ship to remove the ability of a smaller ship to run away. But as stasis weapons have zero effect on max angular speed, this would still allow for a smaller ship to orbit a big one and try outperform big ship's tracking and turning capabilities.
  10. It's still kinda screwed for high-tier ore. I don't think this can't be considered as a trade-off if you only have 1 hex of 1 l/h tier 5 ore. you would get only 24 liters per day in normal circumstances. But if you have 10 accounts, you can have around 70,000 liters per day considering harvesting talents from this single hex with a single mining unit. So you gain 3000 times more ore doing it this way instead of intended way
  11. Why do we we have so many time inconviniences in the game? 1) in-game time in UTC, but roid publish time in local timezone please, either do them in one timezone, or make publish time relative (ex. "1 day 12 hours ago" or something) 2) Yes, we can calculate that `24 - 10 = 14`, but seriusly, fo you think than `negative 10 UTC` is an ok time to display? Why not just show us 14:00 UTC?
  12. I'd add one thing that I miss a lot: multicrew gameplay For me it seems like it will be pretty easy to return the onboard mechanics in play, and also remove voxel-less meta: Add shield bleed, even if it's very small percentage, it will drastically change pvp gameplay.
  13. With linear honeycomb HP based on mass what's the reason to use lighter materials? They have same HP for mass added on ship, but adds much more cross-section, which results in less total ship's survivability. I think with hit-prob based on cross-section only viable option of voxels on ships with linear HP are heaviest possible materials with as much res as possible Haven't run any calculations yet, but it could be possible that Niobium (pure) is better than Mangalloy (product) just because of lower cross-section
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