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  1. this is in Star Citizen and is by far the funnest mechanic for me. I use it all the time.
  2. You missed the point. I was merely talking about the community in Discord was under NDA. And that community was pretty small, but overwhelmingly positive towards pvp back in alpha. Thats all I said.
  3. Ya you just put down a mining unit and visit it like once every 3 days to calibrate or something. The only "hand mining" is if u visit asteroids. Their database couldnt handle all the digging or whatever, too expensive.
  4. How long have you been gone? Because NQ did a terrain wipe and reset, and then removed planet mining completely. Its all auto-miners that afk put ore into containers.
  5. Well im just done with Voxel building stuff, I dont see the appeal. Maybe sometime down the road when things get better with technology. But as i see DU and Starbase think that the building is the main part of the game, and that just seems to bring out a niche amount of people. And forget to make an actual game around it. Then on top of that I hear arguments from people tell me "then just buy a ship from someone!". Ok thats great in all, but then what do i do with those bought ships in DU. As nothing looks appealing. And AND AND, if that is your suggestion (which ive been told by multiple people) then maybe building shouldn't be the main part of the game. I would love to be proven wrong and have DU go to release and launch and have a healthy player base and continue to grow, but the reality is I dont see that. They dont focus on fun, and their tech really doesnt work. Yes pop is low because of the wipe talk, but reality is it was bad even before that. now its just 'really bad'.
  6. NQ wasnt under NDA thats not how it works. NQ can say what they want it was the backers who were under NDA. Thats why you couldnt stream, post screen shots, youtube, etc. And it was hubris of NQ thinking they could then separate the community and it would work. YES lets take 2 of the most different playstyles ever, and place them in the same game world. Thats why we are where we are right now and the game will continue to be worse and worse.
  7. NQ is actively trying to destroy any reason to be a single shard game, with every new "patch" they put out. Its a rather amazing accomplishment when you think about it.
  8. Exactly, and think about the sheer [filtered]ing hubris of them going live for "beta" 2 years ago. Its not beta then and its still not beta now when you cant figure out to do with FOUNDATION gameplay like industry, or whether or not to wipe. The only people left are hardcore nerds and people that are suffering from sunken cost fallacy. The titanic is sinking, get off before there are no more lifeboats left.
  9. Its [filtered]ing crazy man. Everything is AFK timers. I know SC has its own problems but at least it calls itself alpha, and have you seen the mining in SC? For starters its in the pvp zone. Second its active. Actively searching for it, and actively breaking rocks then mining the good part. Then to top it off the high tier ore quantanium has a 15min timer in your cargo until it literally explodes your ship because its a volatile material so you have to race against time to get it to a safe refinery. Actual engaging gameplay that has some risk with high rewards. What a concept right?
  10. LOL its amazing how far they have strayed from what was pitched to us. Most pvpers prolly have 20 rez nodes. And bounce all over in times to get somewhere quick for action. Back in the multi crew days, we would have people mine but have active rez nodes on pvp ships so they could just force respawn to be repair men when a fight broke out. Resurrection nodes, and a players "home" could have been great things to help the MMO and civilization part. Suggestions made in past include only having 1 rez node ever activated at one time. If you activate another one it will deactivate your current. Another was declaring a "home" tile or static/space contstuct. That couldnt be changed lightly, tho could. This would tie in to residence/population and expanding tiles. Could help for further mechanics of elections, and how orgs grow. Also this ties in to only ONE org per character. Make people make choices, choices are fun, and then can create divide, then conflict and further the interaction part of the game. Also by having a "home" or residence you can enact some small buffs, like if you log out in your bed at home, you get 100 rate of skills increase instead of 90 or something. Just a small nudge. CARE about where you live and your choices. Also rez nodes only on static/space constructs. But alas....what we are left with is a game that is a shell of what it dreamed to be. Not even a shell, a broken shattered collection of pieces that once resembled a shell.
  11. Its as if almost the industry gameplay is kinda shit even before schematics. Interesting gameplay could have been introduced like Power systems tied to cores. That make you pick and choose what you wanna run on your core. Also having 2000 machines to produce all these batches of 10 screws and what not just seems tedius. The whole thing needs a ground up rework....kinda like they did with mining....oh im starting to see a trend here. They dont know what the fvck they doing and this game isnt gonna make it 12 months after release.
  12. sure, if there is adequate power supply so you cant stack 300 adjusters, 50 engines, 100 brakes, and...you get the idea.
  13. I agree with that. The population is laughably low right now. 30+ people I use to play with all quit ages ago. They need to make a splash and get new players. 50k subs I'd say minimum but probably closer to 100k like you said is needed.
  14. I do agree with you on some of that. A lot of it stems from separating pvp from non pvp players and content. In EVE non-pvp players exist in the same pvp game world as everyone else. If you undock, you are never safe. As CCP has stated, once you undock in eve, you consent to pvp. NQ's biggest problem is they have no idea or way to marry these 2 vastly different gameplay types. Like you said common goals and reasons for the non pvper to BE IN and risk pvp space. NQ's approach to saying "if you dont want to pvp thats ok you can have and do everything else in the game" doesnt work when you also try to tack on a hardcore full loot open world pvp system next to it.
  15. True, but if NQ decides to make shields only go to their current Core size, that would automatically make L cores tankier, with LOW development. its the same thing they did to guns. That right there would give L cores a leg up in Alien core defense. Where the objective isnt to kill everyone, its to "hold the grid and win". Just saying that could happen quick, if NQ so choose to. Not saying they will but it could happen easy and fast if they wanted.
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