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  1. They should nerf it a lot more. Still too high people dont need all those cores. we are suppose to build civilization and that means people living together. Need to get rid of this solo universe they have created and make it a true MMO.
  2. Agreed. That's why NQ needs to continue to fix pvp, and add it the speed changes so we can test that. Then work on a better balance system for CCS vs shield HP. Then develop more elements or mechanics such as electronic warfare and better radar gameplay.
  3. Ya I don't understand these people. When someone says survival mechanics I do not think about eating,drinking. I'm thinking about an environment that can kill you, ya know if you fall a long distance. Or need special suits for certain extreme temperatures of planets, etc. Stuff that gives some challenge and diversity to planets.
  4. Well said. Looking good but serving no function is what is killing this game. Its why you see all these empty cities. Literally no point to them. Everyone runs their own hexes, their own factories, their own tiles, and their own orgs. Oh you shaped the front of you ship like a skull? WOWWWWW. You are so [filtered]ing amazing.
  5. hell ya, in the end I just care about an engaging pvp system that can scale at least a bit for somewhat bigger fleet battles/war and also have some rock/paper/scissors to it. Voxel dmg really does nothing, but [filtered] the server up. If you seen one hole in a ship you seen em all. And its not like we arent immortal, you dont need a pressurized space ship or you die. Do away with voxels as any tank whatsoever im total on board with.
  6. Element destruction sure. I'd even say the way things are going we don't even need 3 lives. More destruction more people have to buy new parts, etc. Th voxel dmg should be minimal AT BEST like it is now. The game literally can't handle it, as shown by the year plus testing it.
  7. Hard disagree. There is a reason in the past pvp engagements lagged even in 1v1, and that's voxels. You will never get big battles with voxels as the main tank. Just the way it is. You can tweak other things first before you do something so stupid as shield bleed. Terrible idea.
  8. At least they can be seen on the radar. A small step in the right direction. Now is there a continuous spawn of them? I hope so and we don't have to know the spawn rate, some mystery is good. But I'd like this to be "ongoing" as just being out and flying can net some loots that isn't ore. A step in the right direction if so.
  9. Yes I agree with what you are saying, it has never proved to scale. And building,mining, lua all those things cause problems as NQ has said ou right. This game is probably a lost cause honestly because the current form of building won't attract many people (otherwise we already had those people) and they have gone panic survival mode so been forever to get actual content gameplay developed. But if they did want to still be single shard removing lua and removing building would be the best chance they have at getting at least some higher player counts in same area for cities and battles. Make the building prefab stuff you put together or something that has less strain.
  10. 3 years this has been discussed. If NQ could of done it would have by now.
  11. Im not a fanboi but it's my opinion they need to remove the building of the game, or make it completely on the back burner. Building won't attract thousands and hopefully 10s of thousands to play, not in the context of how NQ had built this game. The only real uniqueness of DU is supposed to be the single shard. But it is vastly under used. The "game" and I use that term loosely needs actual gameplay and content. Where is the politics promised? Where is some sort of exploration, NPC spawns that drop something other than ore, where is the massive orgs controlling planets and going to war or making alliances, etc etc. If building is to be the main focus they coulda scraped the whole single shard, and make players pay for their own servers then NQ maybe coulda eeeked out a small profit.
  12. Rockets need some love imo. Probably need dbl the current thrust, and half the consumption rate. But tbh I think it would have been WAY better if space engines didn't turn on until you actually out in space, not the 3.5km above surface area. If would lead to more interesting gameplay. And a usefulness to Rockets. Either use a slow AGG or use Rockets to punch up into space to turn your space engines on. Missed opportunity by NQ.
  13. Good, now you might need a convoy and protection for those, OR do multiple ships that are smaller going together. Good riddance to the people who make hundreds of millions a day flying ships like that solo and AFK.
  14. Gameplay > realism It's always cringe putting realism up to video games. You add things for immersion when you can, but it's a game. The flights already are stupid with designs don't add lift in atmo, Magic "space fuel" and warp drive. Shooting a railgun projectile while flying 30k speed onto another ship also doing 30k. The speed changes are desperately needed, and they are coming.
  15. It's happening regardless as they have said. One way or another bigger ships will be going slower. We just don't know yet if it's tied to core size or ties to mass.
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