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  1. Eve online's safe zones is called insurance. Addendum: I will stipulate its not actually like real insurance since it never covers the full amount of the ship or even close to it but I certain that particular safe zone is never going to be a part of Dual Universe.
  2. The PVP planets might still have safe zones on them but as I understand it these are temporary until planet warfare is added (I thought it was part of the PVP updated). Anyway the safe zone actually consists of about four planets and a few moons (count dependant on sanctuary planets being included) beyond that is all PVP space, which includes most of the planets and I assume moons. With the speed changes made recently makes travelling between the planets (meaningfully with a ship moving goods) in PVP space (regardless of planet sanctuary still being in place) really dangerous, so there really is no issue with the safe zone in the centre of the solar system. Not sure why its even been brought up as a point to be honest.
  3. To be honest its their first one so it was always going to be hard to make it a good one. I think it would probably have been better to wait until release for this kind communications though. As for not answering the wipe / no wipe question I am not as fussed over that so much has what I will get to keep, since for me the main thing is my core blueprints. These let me make my ships again, which I spent months making, just by having the parts. To be clear I really liked the challenge of making them but challenges like that are only really fun once - you cannot go back and enjoy it the same way a second time round. So I not saying I would not play but it likely would kill the enjoyment of that game aspect for me until I get to something new and this aspect is a big part of the game at present. I'd also like a 'magic blueprint' in what ever form is require to make it fair since that's going to make me enjoy other aspects of the game to unlock it (I assume an unlock barrier of some kind), instead of spending ages acquiring all the parts needed, which is not a grind I'd like to face again for something I have already done. This would keep me playing with a slightly different goal in mind and keeping things fresh. As for Skill points, my main issue with loosing the skill points is I'll never remember what I trained and in what order so it will be a faff choosing what to train in what order. I feel like I would like to keep them but part of me also feels like I would be happy with loosing them and simply having a list of skills E-mailed to me stating what skills I had and what order I trained them. I have no issue with them using pod casts to answer the not as important questions to the community since the other questions will be done to death (and are) during two way communications between NQ and the community.
  4. When you are piloting a ship the default interface has it in the bottom right of the screen (A section for docking). You have to use the tab key to allow the mouse to move over to change the options.
  5. Never mind - If you change the docking settings to auto dock with your own ships it works fine 👍, glad its not taken me days to figure it out though
  6. So I know docking was added to the game to prevent unauthorised pirating, as opposed to people actually pirating by shooting weapons however, I am trying to make a ship that will allow other ships to dock and all the small ship does is bounce off the larger ship. This is a bit of a problem since I would like the ship to rest on there later on and I am trying to make the landing pad a better size to match the ship I am trying to land. I would also like to make entrances to allow extra small ships inside this medium ship and I am guess they are just going to bounce off too. So Anyone know what I am doing wrong? Or is this a suggestion to update the docking to allow these activities to work without allowing the unauthorised pirating? Thanks for any help in advance (I have tried putting forcefields around the landing area to keep the ship bouncing inside that area however, it does manage to bounce out again)
  7. I believe I have found a problem with speed reduction (I would certainly want it fixing if I was making the game). The issues is when the ship reaches the max speed that its going to travel at, it will keep burning space fuel trying to reach the speed you thought it was going to reach. While I am sure the system is working as intended its going to cause people to get stuck in space (I was luck to notice) and could actually become "the meme" for DU first time player start, from finding out the hard way. My argument for fixing this is simply that at no point dose this mechanic happen when flying except for this one (that I have noticed). As a result please can this be fixed so the ship stops using fuel when it reaches the arbitrary max speed now imposed upon the ship just like it used to do when ships reached the actual max speed before this update? Also I have 'tested' this mechanic myself now and I still do not like it. Due to it being unrealistic and it adds 30 minutes each way just flying in safe space - sanctuary to one of the moons of Thades so it must be adding many hours to every other destination never mind a journey with a return trip. To end on a positive note I have liked all the visual changes I have noticed - space engines, retro-rockets, clever on and off for the ore colours depending on the tool being in hand, etc.
  8. Thank you Elevators underwater are working again. It would still be nice to drain water but I am certain it is now bottom of the pile of things to add give you can see really well under the water with the update so good job there too. 👍
  9. Not sure if this is intentional but All the bonus ore from the mining unit mini games is spawning right on top of the MUs, which seems like its a bug since it makes them much easier. If its intentional I think its a good change but I might have chosen to place some of my MUs differently. I also notice that the default view when you pilot a ship is now third person view is there any way to make it again start with first person view instead? (Hopefully some lua)
  10. It seems elevators do not work underwater anymore, which makes my suggestion found below about water drainage in structures more pertinent, rather than a suggestion.
  11. Thank you for the clarification - I'll still have to move the adjusters again though.
  12. Also 100% appreciate the visual change underwater its so much easier to see But I am not so fond of the adjuster changes that I have noticed: 1) My ship turns much slower 2) My ship is not turning as flat as before so it angles up or down depending weather I am turning left or right and I'd spent about an hour the other week adjusting them so it would stay flat... Yet to test the speed changes but looking at the video it seems painful (hope that was just the acceleration shown and not top speed comparisons).
  13. Can any one go through the first time player experience or just actual new players? (I'd like to take a look at the free structures)
  14. How is keeping your blueprint unfair? If you put the time into making it and are allowed to keep it blueprints on their own are not an advantage in any real sense since I made all my own Blueprints from scratch and keeping them simply allows me to make my favourite creations (all four of them! - about 10 ish if you count the buildings). Or are you specifically referring to people who want to keep the thousands of copies they have to sell? Seems to me that keeping a blueprint original for a ship I already invented is no advantage, since I spent the time in game creating it in the first place. Is this simply something being stated to allow people to try an make other peoples creations first and claim it as their own (plagiarise them)? It seem a very strange thing to object to people keeping their own blueprints. As for magic blueprints I seen no advantage if they are on time release to allow new players to catch up (different sizes releasing at different times). Advantages are only viewed as advantages when you cannot determine a fair way to do things for everyone to be happy and this kind of thing (for blue prints) should be easy.
  15. So from reading the options: The no wipe is what I really want since I will certainly keep my stuff. The full wipe sounds like the best option for the game based on how you word it. However, I would like to know more about keeping my blueprints and what are these methods to make recreate my creations quickly, before I commit to that as my personal opinion. [Added: I would also be more committed to the full wipe if the talent points were kept since I have a talent queue of over 700 days at present and I am not doing anything fancy, so wiping them just seems unnecessary. Also how would you justify saying a months play time for the people who sub is actually a month and not a month of time when they are actually in game, since the argument for it being a monthly sub is based upon the fact the character is always active for the month gaining talent points? (No I do not have a sub since I am an Alpha backer)] The dual servers option sounds like the safest option in terms of keeping all our things but also sounds like the most risky for things to go wrong. So not so sure about this one. The partial wipe does nothing for me since I am not rich and not poor so the economy is not a factor for me in game. So I guess that is the only one I am not interested in see at all. (Especially when you consider you would need to find your taxes in the first 1 to 6 days for all your extra territories)
  16. I believe that is the current update being tested on the PTS. The game is still in beta so you cannot really says its broken because its not actually finished. You could say 'its not quite finished' or 'something is not done yet'. Once its actually version 1 of the game that is when you could talk about something being broken because its at the point NQ says its how they want it to work. I do as a rule really like most changes they made based on how it changed the way I play the game. All I was doing before was mining and now I am out and about doing things so its better than it was before in my opinion. It is just a case of NQ bringing it over the line for everyone.
  17. Just an observation but I just visited Market 7 and it looks like a wipe happened there - no ships are present at all. I do wonder if we really need a wipe if its like that everywhere else too.
  18. Everyone payed to play so everyone is paying but now I think about it the only people who did not pay were the people who received a free beta key so you can have them if you like but I certainly payed money to play and the notion that only subs payed to play is incorrect. Sorry to the original poster this thread seems to be turning into a lot of off topic arguments and I hope you get the answer you are after sooner rather than later.
  19. Sorry to Nit pick but no one plays the game for free - The people who are not paying monthly subscriptions payed up front far over the cost of monthly subscriptions as described by the original details of being an alpha backer. Though I do agree its turned into a bargain in terms of initial cost versus subscriptions for myself, when considering how long Beta has been going on for (I think I get a year of subs when it releases too but I would have to check that and the T-Shirt etc) and I assume this is true for other people also on that package. If I had found the game earlier (and had the money) I would love to have paid for unlimited access I have enjoyed the building of ships etc that much but I guess I'll have to pay subs when that time comes. As for notions that the game will disappear - I doubt it based on how far it has come and the fact people enjoy playing it even with the 'limited' activities. I do hope the PVP update adds some more for PVP's to do - though I am dead set against reducing speed of large vessels for no physical (as in scientific) reason why. Anyway I am certain adding activities is not as difficult as making the playable, which it certainly is at present. Addendum: Forgot to mention the topic of the thread - I an not fond of the idea of a wipe I think it would be waste of the content made. That said I like the idea of giving new players on release the vision of a blank canvas, I kind of like the idea of a new system instead of a wipe. If they do wipe then I would say I am for the 'magic' blue prints that are time locked to allow new players to catch up since I really want to keep my designs especially the ships because they took ages to make and a lot of effort. I am even starting to like the look of the new ships I am building - looking less like boxes with engines (so much so I'd like to get a 3D printer to print them out for my desk). It would be fair that I am very please with them even though they have not been peer reviewed and I can see other ships that look outstanding in game too.
  20. Thank you for reply, my only issue is I did say I do not do any missions - I tried one or two (I cannot remember if actually took the second one) and its not really my thing just now, mainly because I prefer making ships. I might use missions to test the ships later on because I found out the cargo can be very heavy. I think that we agree more than we disagree since I too would have preferred another solution and mentioned this in one of my previous posts
  21. You have misunderstood - I do not do missions and space flight as it is currently is not broken, so breaking is not a good idea. But I take it this means there was no testing done for flying hours compared to normal, I know you can use a calculator but I do not remember the last time I did a perfect flight and would surmise that no has actually done a textbook flight in this game at all. Which means a calculator job is not really an accurate measure. Also it occurred to me today that if they do a wipe and slow down of ships is going to hurt PVP'ers mainly since no one is going to willingly fly the extra time (at least for a long time). So it will all turn into pure warp flights (assuming we can buy the ships and fuel for it). Though I suppose some new players might do it. To be perfectly clear I do not like the slow down of ships currently because I like the challenges involved in over coming atmosphere to space and back again within 1G planets and low gravity no atmosphere moons, with high cargo volumes and across large distances. I have been making my own ships and (two finished and a third on the way) and slowing down the max speed of the ships will drastically reduce the difficulties when slowing down a massive ship in order to enter an atmosphere and then land at a market to sell the goods. Simply put I like space flight to be as realistic as possible since it makes the achievements more satisfying and I am little surprised more PVP'ers are not of a similar mind set.
  22. How many extra hours of flight time did you have to do at slower speeds, when you were moving cargo - or was that ignored and not tested? (I do mean cargo not missions)
  23. I do not see why the speed needs to be reduced for larger ships at all, it seems more like a PVP insanity chose. IMO The ship speed should be entirely based on realistic physics: The factors from the mass, engines, fuel and gravity combining to be the only features that affect how quickly a ship accelerates, with no limit on the max speed just an equation based on these four factors that determine how quickly the ship accelerates in a given direction. It just makes no sense to limit the max speed based on how heavy a ship is, its simply a change that seems to be taking some of the challenges away from space flight and like all things that are arbitrarily decided its going to be controversial, where no controversy was needed. As for the suggestion slower ships will benefit PVP, they are surely going to just have carrier ships with warp drives making this change redundant anyway. So I really see no point to this change from a PVP standpoint and with the mention of stasis weapons there would be no need for this change to even be considered in addition anyway. Note: I have not actually tried PVP yet so just commenting on what the changes suggest based on the details provided. Anyway from the blog update the reducing ship speed based on mass is the only item that seems like a bad idea and I am certainly not a fan of this just from reading what they said about it. Addendum: Also, if the speed changes are purely due to the mission's system and alts (I assume the alts and main avatar are all traveling in the same ship), then I would suggest as an alternative to breaking space flight in an attempt to try and fix something else that is broken (and not going to work) that instead the mission packages are 'made' into stasis weapons in their own right with a max speed / reduction on the ship they are on. When more than one player character is on a ship this stacks exponentially. I think this would be a far better solution and would only affect the broken aspects of the game without affecting working aspects.
  24. I think it would be handy to have info boxes round planets when you look at them in game, far off they would just say the name and distance (to the closest side) but close up as the boxes get bigger because the planets are bigger it could have info like ores found on that planet, indicating mined or on surface and potentially the book mark points you have for the planet too or just territories since some people might have a lot of book marks - might have to limit to closest territory for those with a lot or territories. Also the box for a particular planet should disappear for that specific planet once you get in the planets 'height from surface' indicator, or it would get confusing.
  25. Just read this, and it sounds depressing but I agree they need more payment methods and I only use PayPal online to pay for services so they will kind of need more in the end. (To be clear I do not have a credit card - I had one when I was a student but lets say I overused it and my overdraft and after they were taken away from me and I did pay it all back in the end - I have not gone back since and never looked back either)
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